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The alternator belt, commonly referred to as a serpentine belt, drives various accessories, including the alternator, that recharges the battery and powers all electrical components. The alternator belt must be properly tensed, and there is a need to maintain it frequently. These belts tend to wear out or get cracked over time, and dealing with the problems as soon as possible will help avoid breakdowns. So, such an alternator belt tensioner tool will be replaced by simple steps such as losing the side tension bolts, discarding the old belt, and fixing the new belt after tightening it up with proper care for the tension setting. You should also check out your alternator belt tool after the car manual or seek assistance from an auto mechanic where strange sounds are detected or low power.

Let’s check out some of the best options for alternator belts by AUTODOC. 

Amazing collection of alternator belt at AUTODOC

1. Master-sport 2PJ845-PCS-MS V-ribbed belt 

Master-sport 2PJ845-PCS-MS V-ribbed belt 
Master-sport 2PJ845-PCS-MS V-ribbed belt

Master-sport 2PJ845-PCS MS V-ribbed belt is a particular kind of serpentine belt or v-ribbed belt used for vehicles and industry applications. Mostly, “2PJ845” at the end of the part number means the width or diameter of the band. The context suggests that it probably means how long and wide the belt is in this scenario. The “PCS-MS” could be the name of the manufacturer or the product line but without any extra contextual information and details, it’s impossible to give more specific meaning. The serpentine belts often form part of the automobile’s engine system that drives the alternator, AC compressor, power steering pump, and other essential elements. It is important to note that when changing an equivalent-sized V-ribbed belt, you need to make sure that there are no wrong sizes or types. This information may be located in your vehicle’s manual or through a reliable car part vendor, or repair services provider.

2. Master-sport 4PK545-PCS-MS V-ribbed belt 

Master-sport 4PK545-PCS-MS V-ribbed belt is a particular kind of serpentine belt that is commonly applied in both automotive and industry. Let’s break down the part number:

“4PK545”: The dimensions of the belt are shown in this section of the code. “4PK545” in this context indicates that the belt is four-rib and its distance equals 545 mm. In the “4PK” terminology that is commonly used for automotive serpentine belts, the number of ribs (4 in this context) denotes the number of grooves internally on the belt, and “545” is the measure of the belt in millimeters.

“PSC-MS” would possibly represent a production line number or an identification that could differ based on either the manufacturer or the supplier.

A common type of V-ribbed belt is used on cars to move accessories such as the alternator, air conditioning compressor, or power steering pump. Whenever you are changing a V-ribbed belt, it’s vital that you choose an appropriate size as well as type for your particular vehicle/equipment. Vehicle manuals and other sources such as auto parts suppliers and mechanics can assist you in finding the requisite belt size most of the time. 

3. Mapco 220786 V-ribbed belt for VW PASSAT 

Mapco 220786 V-ribbed belt for VW PASSAT 
Mapco 220786 V-ribbed belt for VW PASSAT

A particular serpentine or v-ribbed belt known as Mapco 220786 is suitable for some Volkswagen Passat models. This kind of belt is a crucial element of the car’s engine because it drives several auxiliaries such as the alternator, AC compressor, and power steering pump.

When searching for a replacement snaked belt for a VW Passat always remember about the proper size and brand. It is possible that “220786” in the part number is a reference number of the manufacturer concerning this specific belt.

4. Denckermann 4PK685 V-ribbed belt for FIAT Siena (178, 172)

One of the alternate belts is the Denckermann 4PK685 V-ribbed belt meant for some models of Fiat Siena bearing chassis number 1. This belt is paramount in the car’s engine because it drives other accessories like the alternator, the air-conditioning, and the power pump steerer.

In most cases, the “4PK685” in the part number usually indicates the size of the belt. This implies that the belt consists of 4 ribs of 685 mm in length. The “4PK” is typically used by automotive manufacturers for denoting serpentine belts having a total of four ribs on the inside of the belt and a length of 685 mm.

You should always choose the appropriate serpentine belt size and type that matches your model of Fiat Siena whenever you need to replace it


The use of an alternator belt, which is otherwise known as a serpentine or V-ribbed belt, comes with many benefits to a motor’s performance. Additionally, it effectively transmits the power generated by the crankshaft of an engine into the alternator, AC compressor, as well as a PS pump that must work without fail. The process enables the alternator to charge the battery to provide power to the necessary electric systems. Secondly, the lifespan of these belts is quite long as they require minimal upkeep and are also economical to purchase. You need to check the belt for signs of wearing off and replacement periodically based on the manufacturer’s guide or by hiring a professional mechanic. Optimal performance with respect to tension plus reliability of the electrical system as well as longevity of the belt depends on maintaining the belt tight at all times. 

There are many good belts available in the market but AUTODOC ensures to provide the best belts like the Miata alternator belt, Mabco V-ribbed belt, Master sport V-ribbed belt, alternator belt Honda CRV, and many such types of alternator belts.

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What is an alternator belt?
The alternator belt, also known as serpentine or V-ribbed belt, is responsible for transferring power from the engine to accessories such as the alternator which is charged by the battery and then used to power electrical systems in a vehicle.
How much does it cost to replace the alternator belt?
A new belt for an alternator can be anywhere between $75 and $200 depending on make, model, labor, and belt charge.
What are the signs of a bad alternator belt?
Such symptoms as a squealing noise or weakened headlamps can indicate a problem with an alternator belt. Another evident manifestation includes visible wear or cracking of the belt.

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