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Loose Leg Fits Still Turn Heads – The Coolest Relaxed Jeans of 2023 

Innovators Levi’s continue pushing denim’s style boundaries beyond skinny and sculpted with their contemporary Relaxed Denim fit spotlighting looser legs without abandoning shape altogether. Explore soft-washed non-stretch or rigid denim styles marked by a laidback bootcut tapered from the knee down. Levi’s Relaxed Jeans prioritize comfort, offering a lightweight straight fit that nods to old-school workwear while championing self-expression and movement when it comes to effortless style and comfort, few pieces of clothing rival the versatility of relaxed jeans. With their relaxed fit and timeless appeal, these jeans are a wardrobe staple for those who value both fashion and comfort.

1. Styling guide to pulling off trendy relaxed denim looks  

Mastering the art of relaxed jeans brings comfort and style effortlessly. Here’s your ultimate guide:

1. Love the oversized feel

Relaxed jeans thrive on that loose, easy vibe. Find the sweet spot between relaxed and baggy—opt for a comfortable fit without sacrificing style.

2. Balance is key

Counter the relaxed fit with fitted tops. Tucking them in highlights your waist, offering a more defined silhouette. Choose tops that hit the hip or slightly above, ensuring they complement the jeans.

3. Play with proportions

Experiment! Try cropped tops for a trendy midriff showcase or longline tops for a laid-back vibe. Consider the top’s length in relation to the jeans’ rise—higher rises elongate, while lower rises offer a casual feel.

4. Step Up the footwear game

From sneakers to heels, there’s a world of options. Sneakers bring a casual touch, while heels add sophistication and length to your legs. Boots—ankle or knee-high—infuse an edge or warmth to your look.

5. Accessorize wisely

Accessories transform your look. Statement belts define the waist, scarves add flair, and bold jewelry injects personality into your style.

6. Mind the fabric and wash

The fabric and wash speak volumes. Lighter washes like blues or whites offer a casual feel, while darker hues like indigo or black exude sophistication. Opt for breathable fabrics like linen blends or comfy, stretchy denim.

7. Explore various styles

Relaxed jeans come in diverse styles—straight-leg, wide-leg, boyfriend, or mom jeans. Each offers a unique silhouette. Experiment to find the perfect match that complements your style and figure.

8. Confidence is key

Ultimately, confidence is your best accessory. Embrace the relaxed fit, experiment fearlessly, and express your style boldly. Fashion is all about you, so have fun exploring different styles!

2. Relaxed jeans for everybody on a budget 

1. 568™ Stay Loose Men’s Jeans

568™ Stay Loose Men's Jeans
568™ Stay Loose Men’s Jeans

The 568™ Stay Loose Men’s Jeans by Levi’s offer a contemporary take on relaxed denim. Crafted for comfort and style, these jeans feature a loose fit through the seat and thigh, tapering slightly towards the ankle. The classic five-pocket design and versatile mid-rise waist deliver a laid-back yet modern silhouette. Levi’s signature quality and attention to detail make these jeans an ideal choice for those seeking relaxed, on-trend denim.

2. Silvertab™ Loose Cargo Men’s Jeans

The Silvertab™ Loose Cargo Men’s Jeans from Levi’s merge casual style with utility. These jeans feature a loose fit, providing ample room through the seat and legs for comfort. Their unique cargo design incorporates multiple spacious pockets, adding functionality to the relaxed silhouette. Crafted with Levi’s quality, these jeans offer a versatile and rugged option for those seeking both comfort and practicality in their denim wear.

3. 569™ Loose Straight Fit Men’s Jeans

569™ Loose Straight Fit Men's Jeans
569™ Loose Straight Fit Men’s Jeans

The Levi’s 569™ Loose Straight Fit Men’s Jeans blend comfort and modern style effortlessly. These jeans feature a loose fit through the seat and thigh, with a straight leg for a contemporary silhouette. Designed with Levi’s signature craftsmanship, they offer a relaxed feel while maintaining a classic look. Versatile and comfortable, these jeans are an ideal choice for those seeking a balance between relaxed comfort and timeless denim style.

4. 559™ Relaxed Straight Fit Men’s Jeans

The Levi’s 559™ Relaxed Straight Fit Men’s Jeans embody relaxed comfort and classic style. With a relaxed fit through the seat and thigh, these jeans maintain a straight-leg silhouette for a timeless appeal. Crafted with Levi’s renowned quality, they offer both ease of movement and a versatile look. Ideal for those seeking a laid-back yet stylish denim option that effortlessly combines comfort with enduring fashion.

5. 550™ Relaxed Fit Men’s Jeans

The Levi’s 550™ Relaxed Fit Men’s Jeans epitomize comfort and enduring style. Featuring a relaxed fit through the seat and thigh, these jeans maintain a slightly tapered leg for a classic look. Crafted with Levi’s hallmark quality, they offer ease of movement without compromising on style. Perfect for those seeking a timeless denim choice that seamlessly combines relaxed comfort with a versatile and enduring design.

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Revamp your wardrobe with the coolest relaxed jeans of the year! Levi’s offers a range of premium quality options, ensuring comfort and head-turning style at every step. Explore Levi’s 1 for the ultimate blend of trendsetting fashion and unmatched comfort with this collection.

Pull inspiration from heritage denim-obsessed designers at Levi’s by embracing their contemporary relaxed jeans innovations with just the right ratio of fitted to loose – continuing tradition by breaking convention. Visit the official website of Levi’s today to shop for the latest style of jeans. For more such informative and interesting blogs, visit our website CelebZero.


What are relaxed jeans?
relaxed jeans incorporate looser, straighter legs from thigh to ankle without adhering to skin-tight. The relaxed fit prioritizes comfort and mobility over a rigid contoured silhouette.
How do relaxed jeans differ from other jean styles?
Compared to skinny/slim styles, They accommodate more room through hips/thighs. Unlike loose/wide legs, the shape still follows body lines for flattery.
Are relaxed jeans suitable for all body types?
Yes, the versatile Relaxed Jean flatters most body types, avoiding exaggerating or masking curves like very baggy or tight jeans. The gentler silhouette suits hourglass to straight frames.

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