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Gear Up With 5 Must-Have Wheel Covers For A Stylish And Protected Ride

A set of eye-catching wheel covers can give your car or truck a whole new look. AUTODOC offers an extensive selection of covers for wheels to suit any style and budget. With lots of finishes and designs to browse, you can easily upgrade your vehicle’s appearance with these removable accessories.

Wheel covers, also known as hubcaps, are decorative disks that attach to your existing wheels. They cover up plain steel wheels or add flair to your factory rims. At AUTODOC, you can shop brands like Argo, Dotz, Ronal, and more to find the perfect fit and look. 

It always helps to choose carbon fibre, chrome, blackout, colour-accented, or abstract patterned wheel covers. Whether you want flashy spinners, classic chrome, or a subtle matte, AUTODOC has diverse options. But before you begin your search, it’s important to know which cover will be the right option for you. Let’s get right into it and see some tips that will help you make an informed decision, along with some robust and durable options available on AUTODOC!

Tips on picking the perfect wheel covers for your ride

Auto wheel covers are a fun way to customise your car’s look without breaking the bank. With so many styles to choose from, how do you select the right set? Here are some tips for finding car wheel covers to match your car and personality:

  1. Consider your vehicle’s colour and aesthetic. Matte black covers can look sleek on a dark sports car, while chrome deals add flash to a flashy ride. Matching your car’s paint colour is a foolproof option. 
  2. Know your wheel size. Wheel covers are designed to fit specific rim diameters, usually ranging from 13-17 inches. Measure your rims or check your owner’s manual to ensure proper fitting covers. This info is often stamped on the inside of the wheel, too.
  3. Decide on a finish. Polished chrome, brushed aluminium, glossy carbon fibre, and matte plastic-wheel covers come in many materials. Chrome and steel covers tend to be higher end while plastic is more affordable yet still stylish.
  4. Look for durable construction. Plastic covers are cost-effective but can crack over time. For longevity, opt for steel, aluminium alloy, or ABS plastic covers. Reviews can help determine durability.
  5. Consider your vehicle type. Lifted trucks tend to look best with thicker steel covers, while low riders and vintage cars rock slim plastic covers. Make sure the style aligns with your car. 

With the myriad of options available, you’re sure to find covers for your wheels to make your ride look its best at AUTODOC and beyond. Focus on what complements your car while expressing your personal flair.

5 Wheel covers that will elevate the look and function of your wheels

1. Argo 12 tino wheel covers 

Argo 12 tino wheel covers 
Argo 12 tino wheel covers | celebzero

These silver Argo 12 tino wheel covers feature a spiral design that adds flair to your factory rims. Made in Italy, they are constructed from durable ABS plastic to withstand the elements. The set includes 4 covers that are easy to attach to accent your tires. Designed to fit 12-inch rims, they refresh the look of small or compact car wheels. The eye-catching spiral pattern gives your wheels a unique look on the streets.

2. M-Way houston 0000182mw000 wheel covers 

Showcase your style with these Bold black stainless steel wheel covers by M-Way. Their carbon fibre pattern makes a statement and looks great on muscle cars or trucks. With a durable steel construction, these lightweight yet high-quality covers are easy to attach. They come in a set of 4 covers that refresh your factory wheels with a custom look. M-Way covers are known for their stylish designs and long-lasting quality.

3. Ridex 100009A0003 wheel covers 

Ridex 100009A0003 wheel covers 
Ridex 100009A0003 wheel covers | celebzero

Add a patriotic accent to your wheels with these red, white, and blue Ridex wheel covers. Made of durable plastic, these covers feature chrome simulated rings and a printed American flag graphic. The set includes 4 decorative covers to upgrade all four of your vehicle’s wheels. They make a perfect addition for Memorial Day, July 4th, or showing your American pride. The printed flag design won’t fade thanks to a protective coating.

4. Start Monte Carlo 7254 wheel covers 

Featuring a crosshatched pattern, these silver and black Start Monte covers have a cool retro vibe. Made of plastic with a shiny chrome finish, they easily attach to your existing wheels for a custom look. The set contains 4 covers that add a vintage-inspired accent to your ride. Designed to fit 13-inch wheel rims on classic cars or vintage vehicles. Refresh the look of your classic car or muscle car wheels with these throwback covers.

5. Leoplast falcon SR CZ 16 Wheel covers 

Leoplast falcon SR CZ 16 Wheel covers 
Leoplast falcon SR CZ 16 Wheel covers | celebzero


With a carbon fibre texture and chrome detailing, these Leoplast covers provide an eye-catching upgrade. The set of 4 plastic covers features the Falcon logo and adds a modern style to your ride’s factory wheels. Built to last, these covers resist weathering and maintain their sleek carbon fibre look. Designed to precisely fit 16-inch rims and give your wheels extra flair. Upgrade your stock wheels with the stylish look of carbon fibre accents.


Adding a set of wheel covers is an easy and affordable way to refresh your car’s look. With AUTODOC’s extensive selection, you can find just the right style to match your vehicle’s aesthetic. Whether you drive a sporty coupe, lifted truck, or vintage cruiser, AUTODOC has covers to fit your wheels and your style. Choose from various designs, colours, and finishes from top brands. In just minutes, you can install a set to give your car an upgraded, customised appearance. Transform the look of your ride without purchasing new wheels! For quality wheel covers and even heated steering wheel covers, shop at AUTODOC. Your perfect hubcaps are waiting. 

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How important are wheel covers?
While not strictly necessary, wheel covers can be very important for enhancing the look of your vehicle. They cover up unsightly mechanical wheels and provide protection from dirt and debris. They also add style and personalisation to make your car look its best.
What is the difference between hubcaps and wheel covers?
Hubcaps and wheel covers refer to the same accessories. Hubcaps is the more general and traditional term, while wheel covers are also widely used. Both attach over your existing tires/wheels to provide a cosmetic enhancement.
Can I drive without wheel covers?
Yes, you can safely operate your vehicle without wheel covers. They are solely aesthetic and do not impact performance or safety. However, exposed wheels look unattractive and are more prone to dirt buildup and damage without covers. 

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