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Facilitating Comfortable Sleep With Sleep Essentials Bundle

Eight Sleep is an American technology company that has emerged as a specialist in the manufacturing and designing of the most comfortable and smart mattresses. A sleep technology corporation that supplies the most reliable and required sleep essentials bundle, taking care of the sleep of each person. One of the clearly mentioned missions is to empower human potential and workability by giving them such mattresses that lead them to enjoy optimal sleep. 

Eight Sleep, providing an essential mattress, had worked for years in introducing and leveraging intriguing new ideas, technology, and personal biometrics to enable the individual to have a normal sleep pattern. As a mattress company, it restores the peak energy level of a customer with the initiative of providing the best sleeping mattress. It builds and prepares mattresses that allow the user to set the temperatures accordingly. The mattress is manufactured and designed by the company, enabling the users to experience a good quality of sleep. The products developed by the company consist of biotracking mattress covers that use the concept of thermoregulation to enhance the quality of sleep by nearly 32%. 

The sleep essentials bundle offered by the brand, within affordable prices, awarded the company with the title of ‘Most Innovative Companies of 2018.’ As a quality sleep provider- Eight Sleep was identified twice in the Times’ Best Invention of the Year. The company is majorly known for selling its two primary products ranging from pod cover to pod mattress, where both of these products are regulated by the Eight Sleep application. 

Sleep essentials so presented and sold to customers 

sleep essentials bundle
sleep essentials bundle | celebzero

Providing its potential consumers with the best sleep essentials bundle enables them to experience rest completely, as a tiring and exhausting day can help a person get a good sleep at night. Making the sleep essentials bundle within an affordable price range enables all customer groups to purchase it, ranging from lower to higher income group people. All the customers have the right to experience relaxing and amazing sleeping hours. 

One of the best sleep essentials by Eight Sleep include: 

The sleep essentials bundle 

sleep essentials bundle
sleep essentials bundle | celebzero

One of the affordable and best sleep essentials bundle is available at the price of $469 with a discount of up to $150 so that it can reach out to every customer without any difference in class. According to the requirements of the potential consumers, it comes under different sizes starting from the full size at the price tag of $ 423, queen size sleep essentials bundle with the price range of $433, king size pod essential mattress, and cali king size with the price of $469. Customers get to choose the size of the mattress that fits the best as per the room space, and body requirements and by keeping other factors in mind.

The company gave its customers the facility of free returns and free delivery service, where consumers can return the product by selecting specified valid reasons and would deliver the product without incurring any additional cost of delivery. The sleep essential comes with a combination of a pod sheet set, a pod protector, and two carbon air pillows. The mattress offered to the consumers gives a balance between both comfort and support. It molds itself to the shape of the body and provides relevant support to the spines and joints. 

High-quality materials are used in mattresses like- memory foam, latex, or innerspring coils, to make the mattress durable and comfortable. This sleep essentials bundle mattress

 adds the feature of durability, giving it a longer lifespan. This would decrease the frequent shifting and replacement of the mattress and give out the best value for the investment.


Eight Sleep offers its customers a reliable and reasonable range of sleep essentials bundles making them choose the best option available in the market. The company has evolved during the years in the manufacturing and development of the mattress and its related products to attract maximum customers. Catering to each individual needs, the company has introduced four different-sized mattresses to add comfort and reliability to one’s life. To provide quality sleep to up to 32% of the consumers, it added and introduced the feature of a bio-tracking mattress cover that makes use of thermoregulation as a factor to be considered. 

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What is the point of the 8 sleep pod?
The Pod aids an individual by keeping track of the body temperature, the room temperature, and even the weather so that the temperature of the mattress is adjusted accordingly. This new introduction in the market made the sleep essentials to be supplied in larger demand. 
How much does the Eght sleep mattress cost?
The cost of the Eight Sleep mattress depends on the size of the mattress that is needed by an individual keeping all the factors in mind. It had different sizes ranging from full size, queen size, king size pod, and Cali King size within the price range of $480. 
What is the difference between Pod3 and Dock Pro?
The Sleep Pod3 offers easier Wi-Fi connectivity with a smaller size, and efficient usage of water is made in comparison to the SleepMe DockPro. On the other hand, DockPro runs with faster temperature control, and both of the devices give away notifications when it is low on water and has quiet operation, but the Pod3 carries a more effective sleep schedule based on sleep phases. The Sleep Pod3 gives away free sleep tracking and AI features to its customers, while the SleepMe DockPro is in need of a monthly fee for recharging and lags behind in terms of providing clear notifications or troubleshooting options.

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