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Discover the Best Hotels in Fuerteventura for a Memorable Stay

While visiting Fuerteventura things can be so much easier and smoother if you already have a hotel room booked in advance. If you are in this beautiful city worry less about where to stay. Barcelo brings some of the best hotels in Fuerteventura.

But for many traveller hotels in Fuerteventura is something that excite their interest. Since the adventure does not only lie in visiting places but they start where you spend your nights. But still, if you are new to the city here are some suggested places to visit.

When you think of Fuerteventura it’s considered one of the best islands to visit in the Atlantic Ocean. There are endless stunning views of the Bay of ocean and each view is different and inspiring. It’s not only the oceanic views that you can count on but there are exciting places to explore. The visitors can also explore beyond the Atlantic Ocean by visiting small charming towns and villages where they can learn about the culture of the local people.

Top places to visit in Fuerteventura

1. Visit Lobos Island

Fuerteventura is not a place where you will run out of adventures. Visiting Lobos Island will ignite your passion and love for natural beauty. It’s entirely serene and a land of paradise where you can try hiking and surfing. However, an official permit is needed since the island is a protected area.

2. Reigning Mountains of Tindaya

It’s known as the magical mountain of Fuerteventura and if any visitor wants to get the best out of Fuerteventura visiting Tindays is highly recommended. The Tindays has majestic natural landscapes with pyramid-like shape and fantastic eroded profiles. Because of the unique archaeological heritage standing it has been attracting many visitors for years. The height of Tindays is 225 meters and 400 metres above sea level which is pretty tall and majestic to admire.

3. Stunning Jandia Peninsula

A place where you will be left with a jaw-drop in the beautiful city of Fuerteventura is the stunning Jandia Peninsula. The place is known for having a stunning natural area and is home to the world’s most beautiful beaches. Whether you are visiting the city with families or as couples this is a place where you can get the best vibes of your vacation experience. You can also visit Jandia Natural Park, Punta Jandia Lighthouse, Costa Calma, Morro Jable, and nearby villages such as Pajara.

4. Villa Winter

If you ask what is the most unusual places to visit in the city, there is no place like Villa Winter! It’s full of rich history remains the visitors can always find something mysterious to think about. It’s the name of the house which was built around the 1940s, in an isolated place. The visitors are always intrigued by the legends of the Nazi regime. The German engineer named Gustav Winter who was said to have built the house was arrested by the British secret services and contributed to the legend as well.

Top hotels in Fuerteventura For an Affordable Vacation experience

1. Barcelo Fuerteventura Mar

Barcelo Fuerteventura Mar
Barcelo Fuerteventura Mar | Celebzero

This is a recently renovated hotel to stay in the city. It’s part of the new beach resort with excellent rooms and hotel services. All the rooms are designed to provide the luxurious experience that you are looking for. It makes your vacation more enlightening since the hotel is located near the beach.

The Barcelo Fuerteventura Mar is perfect for family visitors. The booking comes with inclusive meals, snacks drinks, and friendly hotel services till your check-out day. Moreover, in the evening you can take a stroll down the beach or engage in sports activities with friends.

2. Barcelo Fuerteventura Castillo

The Barcelo Fuerteventura Castillo is one of the best hotels in Fuerteventura for families and couples. It has a nice beachfront view. The hotel has a large outdoor swimming pool where you can relax and enjoy your favourite drinks. It has different hotels associated with which provide the guests with extensive luxurious hotel services. All the rooms are fully furnished and for the guests, there are thrilling water sports activities to do.

The nearest place to explore near the hotel is Puerto Del Rosario Island’s capital. There are more places to explore around the hotel where you can get the best exposure with your family. If you are looking for an exclusive hotel service for a family there are top activities for adults and children. This is a must-visit hotel.

3. Barcelo Corralejo Bay

Barcelo Corralejo Bay
Barcelo Corralejo Bay | Celebzero

One of the unparallel hotels in Fuerteventura is the Barcelo Corralejo Bay to check out! The nearest beach is located just 80 meters away from the front hotel. It’s a magical place where you can get away from the hectic worldly life. Overall there are fully furnished 241 rooms which are just what you need to make your few days memorable.

The best thing about the hotel is not that it’s near the beach but there is a Wellness Centre for the guests. There you can get the best massage after a busy tour experience. If you are on your honeymoon trip and you are looking for a romantic holiday experience there is no place like the shores of the Atlantic Ocean! It’s the best place where you can reignite your commitment and ignite your passion for each other.

4. Barcelo Fuerteventura Royal Level

Undeniable and yet the most comfortable hotels in Fuerteventura for families, solo travellers, and couples. Inside the resort of Barcelo Fuerteventura Royal Level, there are multiple hotels incorporated. They all provide different services and room facilities according to the needs and demands of the guests.

When you are looking for an affordable hotel room, a perfect location to the airport, and easy access to the beach you cannot miss out on this resort. There are exciting sports activities facilitated for the guests. Such as a gym, wellness centre, kids’ entertainment, outdoor sports, and much more. Moreover, you also enjoy the finest gastronomy.

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So, you won’t have to worry much about where you stay in the city. These are some best hotels in Fuerteventura where you can meet all your vacation expectations. Some of the hotels are full of outdoor and indoor sports activities that you won’t feel like heading out to see places. Since they are designed to make your trip memorable get the best deals on hotels on Barcelo. For more information on the Best Hotels in Fuerteventura visit Celebzero.


What are the best parts of Fuerteventura?

These are some best parts of the city that you don’t want to miss out on:

  • Costa Calma
  • Caleta De Duste
  • Corralejo
  • Puerto Del Rosario
Is Fuerteventura an expensive to visit?
Fuerteventura is still an expensive city if you are visiting during the summer season. This is because summer is the peak time when a lot of visitors visit the island. But during the off-season, it’s not an expensive place to go.
Is safe to travel to Fuerteventura?
The island is pretty much safe and secure for the visitors to travel. The locals are also welcoming and the crime rate is considerably low.

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