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Cheap Flights To Cancun For A Budget-Friendly Vacation

Pamper yourself this summer with a visit to Cancun and enjoy the wonders that it can offer. Cancun is a world-famous tourist destination with white sandy beaches stretching as far as the eye can see. Spend your time sipping cool refreshing drinks on the beach, boating on the Caribbean Sea or diving underwater. The city also has a vibrant and exhilarating nightlife for those who prefer nocturnal activities. Also available are the plethora of unique cuisines available – from fresh seafood to spicy Mexican tacos and quesadillas.

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Visit Easyjet website, enter your airport of origin, choose Cancun as the destination and enter your preferred flight dates. The website will display all available flights to Cancun on those dates. Choose your favourite flights to Cancun from the list and lock in the dates. On the day of boarding, your flight will be waiting to whisk you away for a vacation filled with magic and amazement.

A guide for taking flights to Cancun.

London to Cancun flight time usually lasts under 11 hours. Cancun International Airport ranks among the most busiest airports in the world as tourists worldwide take flights to Cancun in the millions every year. The airport has flights connected from all major cities across the globe, and more cities are being constantly added to the list. On average, about 500 planes land at the Cancun International Airport, including flights to Cancun and flights leaving Cancun. The airport has all modern amenities and even includes Duty-Free shopping zones for tourists who want to take souvenirs back home with them. The airport is outside Cancun, and it takes about 30 minutes to drive to the city centre. Cabs are always available outside the airport and can be booked quickly for a ride.

Things to know before taking flights to Cancun

before taking flights to Cancun
before taking flights to Cancun | Celebzero
  • Safety and security- Cancun is one the most visited tourist destinations globally, with millions of tourists annually. The city is vital for the Mexican economy, and the safety of visitors is taken seriously. While minor street crimes like theft and pickpocketing are still possible, they can be avoided by staying alert and not carrying too much cash with you. Overall, Cancun is a very safe city; you should not face any issues during your travels.
  • Language- Like the rest of Mexico, Spanish is the primary language of Cancun. However, almost all hotel, resort and restaurant staff within the city can speak English due to the heavy reliance on international tourism. You should face no issues with language barriers if you stay in the town.
  • Currency- The national currency of Mexico is Pesos, but almost all hotels, resorts and restaurants also accept US Dollars. Most bills will list prices in both Pesos and Dollars. However, the preferred currency is Pesos, and dollars incur extra convenience charges.
  • Tides- Cancun is known for its beaches and swimming activities. However, the tides in the city are powerful and can be dangerous if you ignore them. The town has a colour-coded flag system to inform swimmers about the tide. A yellow flag means the water is safe, but stay alert; a red flag means the tide is getting intense, and the water is dangerous, and a black flag means no swimming allowed. Keeping a lookout for the flag colours will ensure you have a safe and comfortable vacation.
  • Drinking Water- Avoid drinking tap water. Only use purified or bottled bottles. When visiting restaurants and bars, please make sure to ask the staff if the drinking water and ice are purified or not.

Things to do after taking flights to Cancun

after taking flights to Cancun
after taking flights to Cancun | Celebzero
  • The Hotel Zone- The Cancun Hotel Zone is the heart of tourism in the city. All the major hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars and nightclubs are here. This is where all the tourists stay and party. 
  • Downtown Cancun- Downtown Cancun is where the locals who work in the Hotel Zone live. Downtown Cancun provides a taste of the local culture with Mexican restaurants, parks, shops and Mexican Wrestling venues. If you want to have an authentic Mexican experience, do visit here.
  • Snorkelling- Diving is a popular activity in Cancun and is highly recommended. Cancun is known for its underwater museum, which has about 500 displays and can only be seen by diving under the waves. Adventurous travellers love this display under the sea.
  • Beaches- The beaches are the highlight of Cancun, with 13 miles of white sandy paradise. The blue waters and the white sands provide the ideal location for just unwinding, relaxing and appreciating the beauty of nature. The Hotel Zone has the most popular beaches and is perfect for lying back while sipping a margarita and watching the waves.
  • Cenotes- Cenotes are natural sinkholes formed by collapsing limestone surfaces and then getting filled by water. These cenotes are very popular tourist spots, with activities like swimming and diving in them to enjoy. 


Taking flights to Cancun is the perfect way to pamper yourself with a vacation and take a break from the hassles of daily life. Cancun provides a paradise where you can unwind and enjoy yourself. You deserve a relaxing holiday, which is now easier than ever with Easyjet. Easyjet offers cheap, comfortable and convenient flights to Cancun from London for the vacation of your lifetime. Keep checking Easyjet and the official website of Celeb Zero for more travel recommendations.


Do you have to go through customs when flying to Cancun?
Yes, all passengers taking flights to Cancun from London need to clear customs before visiting the city.
How long do you need to check in at Cancun Airport?
On average, checking in at the Cancun Airport takes about an hour.
How early should I be for my flight to Cancun?
Ideally, you should be at the airport two hours before the boarding time of your flight.

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