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The Benefits Of Using Bench Radiators For Energy-Efficient Heating

B&Q understands that it’s important to have a home that is warm and makes you feel cosy. B&Q brings to you the best and the most excellent bench radiators to solve your heating solution easily and comfortably. These bench radiators are the best for keeping your home feel more spacious, and yet keeping your home warm in winter. B&Q brings an ultimate solution to get your home heated well and while in the meantime able to use it as a seat. These bench radiators complement your home ambiance as well. 

The importance of having a home that gives a full cosy ambiance is what we all look forward to. If you are wondering about purchasing a bench radiator but are not sure whether to get it or not since. Read the blog to further understand why bench radiators are becoming a first choice when we talk about having a heating machine. We have come a long way from traditional heating machines which seem to have a lot of drawbacks to modern home decoration. Moreover, the concern for health issues is one of the prominent reasons why these bench radiators are the best choice. Plus it’s a radiator with a seat.      

The benefits of using Bench Radiators

The benefits of using Bench Radiators
The benefits of using Bench Radiators | Celebzero

There are a few reasonable benefits of bench radiators that will best complement your home ambiance:

1. Heating Capacity

 Bench radiators are designed to provide effective heat distribution at home that completes the cosy heated room in winter. The advanced heating technology used is sufficient to cover your home with optimal heat wherever they are set up.  

2. Save space at home

 Bench radiators are great when it comes to saving space at home. They don’t occupy much space while in the meantime they are functional to use as seating benches. They maximise your home space. We are careful about particular living rooms since many a time a living room is a place where we feel the best comfortable with our guests. Setting up a bench radiator will give both a cosy heating distribution and fantastic use as a seat, while it doesn’t eat up much space.      

3. Versatile, styles, and design

Bench radiators come in a variety of designs and styles, materials, and finishing. An individual has the luxury to choose according to the styles, designs, or materials that will best fit their home ambiance. Make your home look sophisticated with the type of styles they bring in. Moreover, they can be used in hallways, waiting rooms, living rooms, and lobbies. The bench radiator will add a subtle elegance to your home decor, while your home won’t look occupied.

These bench radiators come in different colours such as white and black and brown on the top seating which will easily get fitted in the house. It adds more to your home by making your home look less like a set-up heating machine and more like luxury furniture. Plus it perfectly fits well with corner sofas and couches.    

4. Convenient

These Bench Radiators are highly convenient to use and set up. They are easily set up anywhere at home. It comes with the benefits of warm, seats, enhances your home ambiance and in the meantime, your home won’t need the additional heating device. You can even move it around where you feel comfortable setting it up. Since bench radiators are not cumbersome to move at your desired place.  

5. Safety concern

 This is important for families with kids. But worry not for Bench radiators are well designed by keeping safety concerns in mind. It has easy temperature control and childproof settings, and they are equipped with programmable timers and energy-saving functions. Keep your head at ease with bench radiators at home and feel safe while your kids play around the house.   

6. Allergeen-free heating

Compared to traditional heating radiators or heaters these bench radiators are built with forced air systems. Which means they are designed to blow away air, and dust particles while operating. This helps to keep your home fresh, neat, and clear. It also further keeps your home feeling less suffocated. For this reason, bench radiators are a favourable choice for people who have allergies and breathing difficulties. It releases clean heating energy. 

Get your fine collections of bench radiators on B&Q 

Get your fine collections of bench radiators on B&Q 
Get your fine collections of bench radiators on B&Q | Celebzero

B&Q understands the importance of having one such fine Bench Radiator that fits your home perfectly and meets all your demands in terms of flexibility, versatility, style, and convenience. Acova 4 Column Radiator White (W) 1000mm (H) 455m is the best choice that meets your homely setting demands.   

It comes with a traditional style, classically fitting to use in traditional homes and modern home environment settings. It has wall-mounted brackets, blanking plugs, and bleed valves. When setting it up at the corner of your house it perfectly gives the look of a luxurious set of furniture, where on the top you can set up flowers vases, alarm clocks, or your family frames. Moreover, it seems less like a heating machine or radiator and more like uniquely designed furniture. Since it is built to go along with both period and modern interiors.  Irrespective of where you are setting it up the Acova 4 Column Radiator White promises to set your home wonderfully warm and sophisticated. Even the tubular steel columns are unique to its design.

It comes with interesting features with high-quality epoxy paint coating, made of steel and seamless finish, fully reversible while setting it up, and it has solid wall bracket kits and an air vent for high functionality to clean air. While considering health and safety issues with Acova 4 Column Radiator White (W) 1000mm (H) 455m, it’s safe to use around children. Moreover, the product comes with regulatory datasheets for health and safety instructions. 


Your home radiator is completed with B&Q’s  Acova 4 Column Radiator White (W) 1000mm (H) which is built with all the modern style and design. It’s a perfect fitting to set your home on high ambiance and make it look extra luxurious. Keep your home clean, hygienic, and safe while it keeps complete control and comfortable around kids. Feel the need to be at ease is possible with Acova 4 Column Radiator White (W) 1000mm (H). For more information, visit B&Q and the official website of Celeb Zero. 


Are bench radiators any good?
Yes, they are durable, easy to install anywhere at home, flexible to move around, and it comes with more benefits and a seat. They are a great replacement for traditional heating machines. They make your home look luxurious and keep your home warm and clean.
Which radiators give out the best heat?
Aluminium Radiators are great conductors of heat. It heats up to the desired room temperature very easily and takes less time.
What is the best type of radiator material?
By and large, Aluminum is considered the best material for radiators. Since they are great at conducting and generating heat easily and take up less energy to heat up the room.

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