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Your Network, Your Choice: Get SIM Free Mobile Phones At Exciting Prices!

Tesco Mobile has a great selection of cell phones that don’t need a SIM card. Many kinds of phones are there, like iPhones and Samsung, but none of them seem to be perfectly compatible SIM free mobile phones with connected to one particular business for it to be used with any service provider of your choice. Why not get a phone that is practically a SIM-free phone, a SIM-only plan for that device, or even a pay-as-you-go SIM all at the same time on the said device? Nice deal, huh? 

Cheap mobile phones SIM free on Tesco Mobile

  1. Samsung Galaxy A15 5G Blue Black

Samsung Galaxy A15 5G Blue Black
Samsung Galaxy A15 5G Blue Black | celebzero

Samsung Galaxy A15 5G is cheaper than other top smartphones despite its many features. On summer days, watch your favorite action flicks on the 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen. Its 50MP camera and Ultra Wide lens let the Galaxy A15 5G capture wide views and minute details. Additionally, it charges rapidly and has sufficient power to endure the entire day, eliminating any concerns about running out of juice. Get Samsung sim free mobile phones now! 

 2. Alcatel 1 2021 Volcano Black

The Alcatel 1 has all the smartphone basics in a tiny, elegant package. With a Quad-core CPU, the Alcatel 1 runs Android 11 (Go edition) for fast performance and easy app switching. Through intelligent app management, memory optimisation, and battery-saving modes, Smart Manager keeps performance smooth.

The Alcatel 1’s 5-inch 18:9 display and curved bezel make it excellent for mobile video viewing. The back’s precisely carved texture gives a non-slip, anti-fingerprint surface and a moving light effect that matches the phone’s delicate design. The Alcatel 1 was designed for smart, simple use. Face tracking keeps you and your mates in focus when taking photos. The Eye Comfort option minimises screen blue light, reducing eye strain.

 3. Nokia 2660 Flip Black

Nokia 2660 Flip Black
Nokia 2660 Flip Black | celebzero

Nokia 2660 Flip flip-phone brings you closer to loved ones. Talking and texting have never been easier with a huge display, simple UI, massive buttons, and long battery life. Loud and clear sound settings make it simple to hear calls and texts, and the phone is HAC-compatible. A panic button lets you call a loved one immediately. loud buttons, loud sound, enormous 2.8-inch display, and days-long battery life. Simply flip to answer or end a call. Emergency call button for 5 persons. This phone has 128MB internal memory and 48MB RAM. Upgrade your communication with the Okia 2660 Flip today!

 4. moto g14 Steel Grey

Moto g14 Steel Grey
Moto g14 Steel | celebzero

The new Moto g14’s 6.5″ Full HD+ display makes movies, shows, games, and video calls look great. Same for audio and images. Stereo speakers and Dolby Atmos deliver great audio everywhere. With a sophisticated 50MP camera system, take stunning photos day or night. 

Why Choose Tesco Mobile?

Stay Connected Almost Anywhere:

  • Worry-Free Network: There is an amazing 99% service in the UK on O2’s network, which is what Tesco Mobile uses. You can still use the internet, make calls, and send texts on your phone or computer, no matter where you are. They work in big cities as well as remote areas. Looking at their service map will help you figure out how strong the signal is where you live.

Experience Award-Winning Excellence:

  • Network You Can Trust: Tesco Mobile cares about more than just having good coverage. They also care about having great service. These people have won the 2024 Uswitch Telecoms Awards three years in a row for Network of the Year and Best Network for Customer Service. This shows how well they do their job. Trustpilot users have given them an “Excellent” rating, which shows they care about their customers. 

Double the Rewards with Clubcard:

  • Boost Your Savings: Tesco Mobile maximizes points for Tesco Clubcard holders and potential members. Tesco Mobile SIM deals for SIM-free phones give you one Clubcard point for each £1 spent on your normal phone bill. You may then use these points to purchase food, clothing, entertainment, and other savings from Tesco and partner stores. It benefits your phone and wallet! 

Difference Between SIM Free Mobile Phones and Pay As You Go

SIM free mobile phones let you choose your network, internet package, and price. You may want to transfer a SIM card to your new phone. With a SIM-free phone, you may do this quickly by inserting the SIM card.

In comparison to monthly plans, pay-as-you-go phones are more flexible as you can add money to your credit at any time. But these plans are usually tied to one network. Without paying to unlock your phone, you must utilise that network. Most SIM-free phones are unlocked, so you can choose any cell network. Find more sim free mobile phones here.

Why Would You Buy SIM Free Mobile Phones?

Free to choose

SIM free mobile phones let you choose the phone, network, and tariff. Rolling contracts and top-ups when needed make SIM-only deals cheaper and more flexible. You can upgrade without contracts, penalties, or restricted networks.

Saving you money in the long run

SIM-free phones may seem more expensive at first, but networks’ SIM-free plans are usually lower than phone contracts, so if you plan to retain your phone for a few years, you’ll save money.

Perfect for travelling abroad

For regular travellers, an unlocked SIM-free phone lets you acquire a cheap SIM card for the nation you’re visiting. You can instantly switch SIM cards based on your location.

No network branding or apps

A SIM-free phone eliminates network branding, locking functionality, and network-specific apps. Even better? Unlocked, SIM-free phones are much more valuable than locked network phones.


Tesco Mobile’s SIM-free phones give you more choice with your phone! Pick your network, save money over time, and easily roam the world. The choice is yours. You can also get Clubcard points and use Tesco Mobile’s award-winning service. 

For more information on SIM free mobile phones, visit CelebZero.


How do SIM free mobile phones work?
The phone comes to you open and without a SIM card.
Does SIM free mobile phones work on any network?
SIM-free phones are open, which means that any network can connect to them. 
Is a phone useful without a SIM card?
Your phone can connect to Wi-Fi, run most apps, browse the internet, and chat via VoIP and other internet-based services without a SIM card.

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