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Peaceful Night Sleep With Pod Cover  

The essentiality of quality sleep is important for attaining maximum wellness. There are many factors that contribute to sleep issues in your bedroom and one of the best ways to take these factors is with a pod cover. Apart from good mental health daily, an enhanced sleep routine is equally important. ‘Pod cover is one of the advanced electronic systems that will immediately improve your quality of sleep. 

This is an advanced intelligent system that you can install onto your bed to improve your sleep quality and routine. This advanced electronic mattress elevates the quality of sleep you need by monitoring your health, maintaining room temperature, and analyzing your heart performance as well. It’s a very common experience to wake up in the middle of the night and have frequent sleep difficulties. This advanced room accessory will do the magic you have been looking for. 

If you are new to pod covers then this blog will help you know all the benefits of using a pod cover in your bedrooms.

Eight Sleep pod covers and their advanced benefits 

This specialized pod cover on Eight Sleep comes with advanced features that keep track of your sleep routines. Here are some advantages of having a pod cover for your bed. 

1. Manage temperature

The best way pod covers improve your sleep quality is by monitoring the temperature. You can easily set your temperature preferences to either on cool or warm. If you are sleeping with your partner, it also automatically separates different bedsides according to the different body temperatures. It also monitors the room temperature according to your preference setting and helps you sleep right away. Without having to adjust the temperature every night, the pod cover will automatically set your preferred temperature before sleep time.

2. Select the bedtime

You can also set the preferred bedtime so that the mattress will help you to sleep on time by catering to a light sleep atmosphere, and setting the right temperature so that your sleep is soothing. There will be no disruptions in the middle of your sleep until your sleep hours are completed. Sleep on time and wake up fully energized.

3. Track your sleep health 

It will not only do the job of making you sleep on time and peacefully but also keep track of your sleep health right at your fingertips. This is through analysis made according to your sleep stages and heart rate. You won’t have to wear them; it can easily track and understand your sleep health routine. This is a huge advantage to stay mentally fit and positive.

4. Soundless alarms

Now is the time to do away with loud alarms for waking up in the morning and setting your moods off. Thanks to the Pod’s gentle alarm, your wake-up time is even more pleasant. This will also reduce the feeling of being agitated while waking up in the morning.

5. Overall recovery 

The pod’s daily update on your sleep routines will help you keep track of the sleep quality you are getting. You can start your day with chest-level vibration and gradual temperature change for a quick recovery, sharpness, and prolonged positive mental health.

6. Easy setup and maintenance 

Firstly it’s suitable to set up on any type of modern bed without any difficulty. The pod can be placed on the top of the mattress or beside the bed once the cover is fitted like a regular bedsheet. There is minimal maintenance required to keep the pod cover running. Check out the Pod 3 cover at amazing discounts!

7. Comfortable

The Pod’s cover comes with an advanced 1-inch foam topper that activates the gird technology. This allows the gird to facilitate continuous absorption and removal of heat which is not your preferred bed temperature. This allows you and your partner to enjoy the comfortable mattress experience you need.

How to connect or set up a pod cover?

It’s very simple to set up a pod cover. Here are the following steps to help you out: 

  • Set the pod cover like a regular mattress cover 
  • After setting the cover, set the hub near your bedside and connect it to Wi-Fi 
  • Download the Eight Sleep app and create your profile 

Once you have completed the overall setup and profile creation all you have to do is set the pod cover according to your bedtime sleep, wake time, and temperature preferences. Stay updated on the daily record on your phone. 


The pod cover is a revolutionary invention to fight daily sleep issues. Even if you may not have insomnia or another sleeping problem, the pod cover will be the best way to stay ahead of sleep difficulties by improving the quality of sleep technically. Many times it’s impossible to monitor what our sleep routine should be but with Eight Sleep you can get a perfect analysis of your heart rate. For more information, visit CelebZero


How long will it take for the pod cover to warm up the bed?
It takes about 20 minutes to warm up the bed temperature according to your setting. But the temperature change can be felt right away.
How often do you refill the eight-sleep pod?
It comes with RO-filtered water in the system which requires no distilled water system. Therefore, the refill should be done after four or six months.
Spoiler title
2 gallons of distilled water is the maximum amount of water you can put in the Eight Sleep pods. Follow the on-boarding guide to complete the setup process.









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