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AI Generated Intelligent Sleep System For A Better Night

Sleepless nights can affect our life and other regular chores and also show up on the face resulting in swollen eyes and dull skin. Sleeping properly is important for mental health as well as for the body to function. There are many people who struggle for a proper sleep or are not able to get enough rest at night. They can now get a peaceful sleep with new generation intelligent sleep systems with upgraded technologies. It is made to improve the sleep quality and track the sleep patterns of people. If you suffer from the same issues, then Eight Sleep brings intelligent sleep systems for a better sleep with different comforting gadgets.

Benefits of Intelligent Sleep System

There are a number of benefits that you can take advantage of and have a dreamy and resting night.

  1. Intelligent sleep system makes you fall asleep faster than regular sleep and also gives you a longer sleep. This will not just improve your sleeping system but your resting phase will have a track.
  2. These intelligent systems have personalizing properties that will help you to track your pattern of sleep and take an insight of your sleep quality. With these features, humans will be able to improve their sleeping habits.
  3. They have different intelligent sleep systems like smart bed and bed mattresses to give a comfy and cozy sleep. They are also helpful in maintaining mental health.
  4. You will gradually see the effect in your sleeping pattern. Intelligent sleep system can also help in increasing the energy levels by making you feel fresh when you wake up.
  5. Due to less sleep and more work, people can get stressed but with an intelligent sleep system you can get proper sleep and have no more stress.

Intelligent Sleep System Products And Accessories

There are some effective products from Eight Sleep that are good for sleep and powered by an intelligent sleep system.

1.   The Sleep Essentials Bundle

The Sleep Essentials Bundle
The Sleep Essentials Bundle | Celebzero

For a proper and peaceful sleep, Eight Sleep has the best combo or bundle of the intelligent sleep system. This includes a pod sheet set, pod protector and also two carbon air pillows for a comforting night. You don’t need to buy everything differently when you get a full package for the intelligent sleep system. Now make your night for more rest and less stress.

2.   The Carbon Air Pillow King

If you feel uncomfortable while sleeping because of bad pillow selection, then this carbon air pillow from Eight Sleep is the best option. Infused with an intelligent sleep system, this pillow has carbon interpolated foam and the property to change the material to absorb heat and give a normal temperature to the body. It also has an air ventilation system, encased in a high-quality TENCEL mesh cover, increasing airflow, and breathability. Eight Sleep also offers a 5 years warranty on this product which makes it worth buying.

3.   Air Lite Comforter

Air Lite Comforter
Air Lite Comforter | Celebzero

Avoid your comforter if you are not able to sleep and replace it with this air lite comforter of Eight Sleep. With a proper intelligent sleep system, it is an ideal partner with a smart bed to improve your sleep quality and quantity. Made of Hypoallergenic down alternative fill, it is soft to touch and breathable. Elevate your sleep with these products and wake up without any dull face.

4.   Pod Protector

Pod protectors are used for the protection of the bed mattresses. This pod protector from Eight Sleep is one such product that is not just to protect the mattress but also gives you a wonderful and marvelous sleep. Imagine your bed to be dust and allergen free, and you sleep without any stress of work. Made of TENCEL jersey blend, you can spread these under your sheets and protect the pod from dust or any other liquid spills.

5.   Intelligent Sleep System ‘Foundation’

Intelligent Sleep System ‘Foundation’
Intelligent Sleep System ‘Foundation’ | Celebzero

Merging science and sleep together with the help of an intelligent sleep system, Eight Sleep brings you a foundation which helps you to track your sleep and give you a proper rest during the night. This foundation is designed to fit any pod and knock out the use of old and traditional box springs. If you are facing insomnia at night, then buy these for your comfortable and pleasant night. The design is slatted with the strongest spruce for utmost support while you sleep at night.


If you are facing any distress while sleeping, then with the help of an intelligent sleep system, you can have a peaceful night’s sleep. Eight Sleep brings some behind the reality gadgets that will help you to get a good quality of sleep. With the help of smart bed, bed mattresses, air pillow and pod sheets you can create a comfort zone for yourself and personalize it according to your choice. These can be a bit expensive but your sleep at night is much more precious for a healthy lifestyle. So go for these intelligent sleep systems to track and get the proper sleep. For more such information on intelligent sleep systems and other gadgets, you can go to CelebZero and find the best advice for your sleepless night.


How does smart sleep work?
Sleep tracker helps to track the sleep quality and quantity with the help of small motion detectors and accelerometers.
What can smart beds do?
Smart beds help in adjusting the temperature, elevation, and firmness of the mattress to give comfort when you try to sleep. They have different features like snore detection and anti-sore mechanisms.
Are smart beds comfortable?
Yes of course smart beds are more comfortable than normal beds. With their advanced technology and features of personalized sleeping, they will help you to create an environment that allows more comfort.
What technology is used in smart beds?
In smart beds there are inbuilt sensors and trackers that help in tracking the sleep quantity and quality of sleep.
What sensors are used in smart beds?
There are two types of sensors that are used in smart beds, one is a breathing microphone and the other pressure sensor.

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