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Dr. Mercola Products: Treasure Trove Of Nutritional Benefits 

Dr. Mercola Products are high-quality vitamins and daily supplements that are made with natural ingredients. Dr. Mercola’s vitamins are the best sources for adding supplements to our bodies. It has been providing the best and the highest quality of dietary supplements since 2001. 

Dr. Mercola Products include multivitamin capsules and some products have more specific vitamin concentrations. For instance, Vitamin D, Vitamine D3, and more. Moreover, the dietary supplements of Dr. Mercola also include nutritional supplements such as Omega-3, Probiotics, Antioxidants, Herbal and Botanical Supplements, and more. 

The best thing about all these dietary supplements is that they are clinically tested and scientifically manufactured to provide the best nutritional support for a healthy diet. Iherb brings some of the best dietary supplements from Dr. Mercola Products that will enhance your healthy dietary plans.


What are some popular Dr. Mercola vitamins to shop on iHerb?

1. Dr. Mercola, LIposomal Vitamin C

Dr. Mercola, LIposomal Vitamin C
Dr. Mercola, LIposomal Vitamin C | Celebzero

Dr. Mercola, LIposomal Vitamin C is a great supplement to add to your diet if you are lacking vitamin C. This Dr. Mercola product comes with 180 capsules, and each pill serves 1,000 mg. The capsules help to improve your immune system, prevent or fight antioxidants, and enhance bioavailability. If you are looking for a regular diet plan to follow Liposomal Vitamin C can be a great supplement to your diet. 

For adults, the suggested usage is only two capsules per day with water. However, keep out of the reach of children to prevent accidental consumption of capsules. For pregnant women, and for individuals who are under medical attention consulting a physician is recommended.  

Ingredients used are:

  • Sunflower lecithin
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides
  • Capsule
  • Beeswax
  • Paprika Oleoresin 
  • Sunflower Oil

2. Dr. Mercola, Gallbladder Enzymes 

The Gallbladder Enzymes are a great dietary supplement for enhancing your diet plan for better digestive support, energy production, and delayed release. If you have been facing digestive distress after gallbladder removal adding this daily to your diet can improve your health faster and quicker.  It also helps prevent occasional bloating, gas, and intestinal discomfort. The capsules are also scientifically formulated to treat bile and enzyme loss. 

The Gallbladder Enzymes capsules are suggested one capsule for adults as a diet plan before a heavy meal. If you are a pregnant woman or under a medical condition it’s best recommended to consult a physician before using Dr. Mercola Products. 

Ingredients used are:

  • Organic Rice Hull
  • Delayed Release Capsule 
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides

3. Dr. Mercola, H2 Molecular Hydrogen

Dr. Mercola, H2 Molecular Hydrogen
Dr. Mercola, H2 Molecular Hydrogen | Celebzero

The H2 Molecular Hydrogen is a great addition to your daily dietary supplement. Each tablet carries 8 PPM of Hydrogen. For adding a fruitful and healthy dietary supplementation the H2 Molecular Hydrogen can bring a lot of benefits to your health. It can be daily consumed to attain the nutritional benefits your body needs. 

For adults one tablet per day with water and swallowing directly is not recommended. Keep the tablets out of the reach of children for precaution and if you are a pregnant woman or under a medical condition consulting a doctor is highly recommended.

Ingredients used are:

  • Dextrose
  • Malic acid
  • I-Tartaric Acid
  • Adipic Acid

4. Dr. Mercola, Liposomal Vitamin D3 

The Lipsosmal Vitamin D3 comes with 30 healthy capsules and per capsule contains 5,000 IU. The vitamins are great for daily dietary supplements to fill the missing Vitamin D3 in your body. The capsules contain phospholipids extracted from sunflower lecithin to aid fast absorption. The capsules easily get dissolved and supply nutrients easily across your gut membrane to its targeted organs and cells. Hence you won’t have to worry about relying on your digestive system for dissolving the capsules. The presence of liposomal easily breaks down the capsules. 

Dr. Mercola Lipsoma Vitamin D3 is suggested to use one capsule as a daily dietary supplement with water. If you are a pregnant woman or under a medical condition consulting a physician is recommended before consuming the capsules.  

Ingredients used are:

  • Sunflower Lecithin
  • Capsules 
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides 
  • Sunflower Oil

5. Dr. Mercola, Antarctic Krill Oil 

Dr. Mercola, Antarctic Krill Oil
Dr. Mercola, Antarctic Krill Oil | Celebzero

The Dr. Mercola Antarctic Krill Oil can be your great dietary supplement if you are looking to add Omega-3s Bound to your diet. It contains 180 Capsules. The source of these capsules is extracted from pristine Antarctic waters and made from the exclusive Oil formula. The Krill oil is also harvested sustainably and the top-quality krill oil is used to manufacture these capsules.  

The Krill oil capsules also provide enhancing shelf-life, with an exemplary filling, and sealing process that is incorporated in encapsulation to prevent oxidation. For adults, the recommended usage is two capsules per day with the first meal.

Ingredients used are:

  • Capsule 
  • Organic Olive Oil
  • Organic Rosemary leaf extract
  • Fish and Shellfish

What are the benefits of Dr. Mercola Products?

The Dr. Mercola Products benefits are based on their approach to nutritional benefits to health and a huge emphasis is made on natural and holistic methods in manufacturing these vitamins. 

  • The products are made from ingredients that are organic which means that all the products are derived from natural sources. Hence it promotes high-quality nutritional supplements. 
  • They are completely assured of zero side effects and carry no harmful substances such as artificial color, preservative ingredients or flavors, etc. so that individuals consuming them will have no addictive behavior. 
  • Dr. Mercola is transparent about all the product details which allows individuals to understand all about the supplements they are consuming. 
  • The products focus on a holistic approach when it comes to nutritional benefits so that individuals will have a healthy lifestyle. 
  • The best thing about Dr. Mercola is that the nutritional benefits focus on particular nutritional benefits so that individuals who are looking for certain health benefits can look for the right dietary supplement. 


Nevertheless, the Dr. Mercola products on iHerb are pure organic so individuals who are looking for zero side effects won’t have to worry about any side effects or addictive habits. But the important thing to remember is that although the dietary supplements are perfect for daily consumption individuals under a medical condition are recommended to consult a physician before using Dr. Mercola Products. Women who are pregnant are also advised to consult a physician. For more information, visit Celebzero.


Are Dr. Mercola Vitamins Good for Everyone?
Yes, they are made with organic ingredients with high-quality sources which makes them perfect for daily dietary supplements without any side effects. 
What types of products does Dr. Mercola have?
It covers extensive dietary supplements from different types of Vitamins to Omega-3, Probiotics, Antioxidants, Herbal and Botanical Supplements, and more. 
Are Dr. Mercola Products made from natural ingredients?
Yes, they are made from natural ingredients and hence they have zero side effects.  Moreover, they are also the best dietary supplements for daily consumption.












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