Best Winter Lip Balms for Dry and Chappy Lips

6 Best Winter Lip Balms for Dry and Chappy Lips

We all know that when winter comes, you have to protect your lips from the cold weather. But how do you know if a product does what it says it does? How to pick the best winter lip balm for dry lips that will make you happy? First of all, it always pays off to read the reviews. If a lip balm has made so many people happy that they wrote glowing reviews about it, you should probably give it a try. Also, it might be a good idea to look at the list of what’s in it. A good moisturizing lip balm usually has ingredients like shea butter, natural carrier oils, ceramides, beeswax, glycerin, panthenol, etc. that are very nourishing and hydrating. On the other hand, you want to avoid or at least limit any ingredients that could be irritating and make your lips even drier. Because of this, the best winter lip balms tend to have very little or none of the following: artificial scents or colors, menthol, camphor, cinnamon, etc. Keeping these things in mind as you look for the perfect moisturizing lip balm can help you find exactly what you need at a price that isn’t too high. If you’re still a little confused and don’t know where to start, check out this list of some of the best winter lip balms. Your next gem might be on it.

6 Best Winter Lip Balms

1. Burt’s Bees Honey Rescue Balm

Burt’s Bees Honey Rescue Balm
Burt’s Bees Honey Rescue Balm | Celebzero

You could put most Burt’s Bees balms on a list of the best winter lip balms, but their Beeswax Lip Balm or the one with honey would probably work best for most people. The simple but effective formula of this lip balm softens, moisturizes, and protects the lips and keeps them from drying out. It has beeswax, coconut, sunflower, and canola oil, as well as vitamin E, which is one of the best antioxidants.

2. Aquaphor Lip Repair Ointment

Aquaphor Lip Repair Ointment
Aquaphor Lip Repair Ointment | Celebzero

We have to mention Aquaphor’s Lip Repair when talking about the best winter lip balm for dry lips. The formula is thinner than most on this list, and when applied, it looks a bit like lip gloss. However, it is still quite thick, nourishing, and protective. This lip treatment is great for cold weather because it has a lot of great ingredients that protect lips, like castor oil, glycerin, panthenol, shea butter, vitamin E, beeswax, etc. It keeps dry, cracked lips moist and helps them heal faster.

3. Vaseline Lip Therapy Crème Brûlée Mini

Vaseline’s Lip Therapy line is another great choice. The Crème Brûlée sounds like it would be impossible to resist. This lip balm could easily become one of your favorite winter beauty products because of how well it keeps moisture and how cute it smells. Make sure to try this product if you need something to help your lips heal and recover, as well as to keep them soft and moist all winter long. This lip balm also comes in flavors like cocoa butter and rosy.

4. Glossier Balm Dotcom

Glossier Balm Dotcom
Glossier Balm Dotcom | Celebzero

This one also comes in different flavors, so try them all and decide which one you like best (some are also slightly tinted) This lip balm is made without using any animal products. It keeps lips soft and moist for a long time by sealing in moisture and stopping water loss. On the list of ingredients, you can find petrolatum, castor oil, beeswax, lanolin, cupuacu butter, rice bran and rosemary extracts, vitamin E, etc. All of these things work together to keep your lips smooth, healthy, and happy.

5. Biossance Squalane + Rose Vegan Lip Balm

Biossance Squalane + Rose Vegan Lip Balm
Biossance Squalane + Rose Vegan Lip Balm | Celebzero

Another formula that is smooth and non-sticky, gives a bit of shine and will surprise you with how well it moisturizes. It has a lot of ingredients that keep your skin hydrated, like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, squalane, ceramides, wakame algae, rose wax, castor, grapeseed oil, etc. This product not only nourishes and moisturizes the lips, but it also promises that after 14 days of use, the lips will look fuller. This lip balm is vegan, doesn’t test on animals, and doesn’t have any scent or parabens.

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6. Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Color Balm

Check out this one if you want a more tinted option that can also be used as a great winter lip balm. It comes in several beautiful shades and is soft and easy to put on. Chubby Stick Intense is one of the best winter lip balms for dry lips because it contains candelilla wax and beeswax, shea and mango butter, jojoba and meadowfoam oil, and vitamin E. Since the color is not quite opaque, it is easy to put on again even without a mirror.


So, in the year 2023, these are the best winter lip balms. These will help you take better care of your lips in the winter. With natural ingredients and moisturizing properties, you’ll never have to worry about your lips getting dry in the winter. Try any of them to give your lips the moisture they need during the winter. Celebzero has a website where you can find out more.


It is okay to use lip balms before putting on lipstick, right?
You can use lip balm before you put on your lipstick, that is not a problem. Remember that you should wait at least 5 minutes after applying lip balm before applying lipstick so that the lip balm has time to get absorbed into the lips.
Can lip balm discolor your lips?
Lip balms that have been treated with chemicals should be avoided in favor of those that are completely natural. Before you buy any lip balm for yourself, you should also examine the list of components.
Why should I take extra care of my lips?
Your lips have very thin and sensitive skin. Your lips only have a thin layer of skin to protect them from irritations from the outside world. Lip care products keep the skin on your lips in good shape. It’s important to keep the right amount of moisture in the air. And it is especially important to protect your lips from cold, wind, and UV rays that come from the sun. To keep your lips safe, you should take care of them all day, not just before you leave the house. Winter can be especially hard on your lips and make them dry out quickly. The same is true in the summer when you are in places with air conditioning.

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