Interesting Uses of VPN

7 Most Interesting Uses of VPN

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are cheap, easy to use, and an important part of setting up your computer and phone. Along with an antivirus/anti-malware solution and a firewall, you should install a VPN to make sure that everything you do online is completely private. This one-page summary tells you exactly about the uses of VPN. We recommend Nordvpn if you’re looking for a great VPN service.


What are the Uses of VPN

With a VPN, you can connect to another computer online in a safe way. Here are some uses of VPN to protect your privacy and safety.

1. Use Public Wi-Fi to Browse the Web Safely

Use Public Wi-Fi to Browse the Web Safely
Use Public Wi-Fi to Browse the Web Safely | celebzero

You’re out shopping, getting a cup of coffee, or just checking into a hotel. You see that the Wi-Fi is free. People usually rush to get online and start surfing the web, checking social media, email, etc. You know how it goes. The problem is that without a VPN, this is a very risky thing to do:

  • Your browsing is not encrypted, and anyone can pick up radio waves that are not encrypted.
  • Malware from a laptop in the coffee shop could travel through the router to your device.
  • The free Wi-Fi could be a trap. It could be a fake internet connection that looks good but is a phishing scam.

Also, keep in mind that any free public Wi-Fi that is legit will always ask for your personal information when you sign up. This is very public information that can be used to find you.

With a VPN, you can get around all three of these issues. In short, installing a VPN on your laptop, tablet, or phone makes it safe for you to use public Wi-Fi. One of the best uses of VPN.

2. Location-Related Uses of VPN

Location-Related Uses of VPN
Location-Related Uses of VPN | celebzero

With a good VPN, you can get around the BBC iPlayer restrictions. Where in the world are you?

Are you looking for something to watch on BBC iPlayer? Maybe you live in the UK and want to see what’s new on the US version of Netflix. In either case, you can’t do that because of where you are. You can trick a service into thinking you’re in a different country with a browser-based proxy tool, but this can slow down data streaming.

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3. Government Censorship

Governments can stop you from getting to websites that you might need to use. Maybe you live in an oppressive country where you and your people can’t get certain things or services. You might need to send a message to the outside world, maybe about an uprising. With a VPN, you can get to the materials and services you need to use without letting security know. Since the data is encrypted, everything you do online is secret.

4. Shopping Online with a VPN

Shopping Online with a VPN
Shopping Online with a VPN | celebzero

Even though it might seem strange, some online stores will show different prices for the same item depending on what country you’re in when you shop. A consumer should not have to deal with something like this. So, the only way to find the lowest price is to carefully compare prices and switch VPN servers with each search until you find it! It might take a little longer, but if we can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars, it will be worth the time.

5. Book Flights with VPN

When you book a flight, a VPN can help you save money. A VPN can save you money on more than just hotel rooms in other cities. Buying an airline ticket from a different country can also save you money. Using a VPN, you can change where you are when you visit the ticket seller’s website. The place where you leave and where you’re going won’t change. In one case, the same plane ticket cost less if you had a Norwegian IP address instead of a Malaysian IP address. If you are a traveler then this is one of the most practical uses of VPN for you.

6. Encrypt Everything on its Own

Encrypt Everything on its Own
Encrypt Everything on its Own | Celebzero

This might sound like something from a cybercrime movie or TV show, but a VPN client on your PC or phone can encrypt the data you send to and from remote websites and servers. If you have a VPN app running and are connected to a server, all of the things you do online will be encrypted. In effect, you are making a safe, private tunnel for your data to go through. This is how you can make public Wi-Fi safe and hide your data and browsing activity from government censors.

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7. Increase the Speed of Online Games

There’s a very good chance that your ISP is throttling online gaming data, whether you’re playing an MMORPG, fighting Nazis in the latest online FPS, or just waiting for your opponent to take his or her next turn in Civilization online. It’s not fair, but it’s often done so that all users get the same service. But how do you deal with this? Well, you can hide the fact that you play games online by using a VPN. One of the best uses of VPN for all online gamers.


If you’re even a little bit worried about how people can track you online or if you want to watch TV from abroad, you should think about getting a VPN. A VPN does more than just protect your online games and streaming videos. It goes above and beyond torrent privacy and censorship.

In short, a VPN lets you keep everything you do the online secret. Celebzero has a website where you can find out more about the uses of VPN.


What does a VPN do?
VPNs, or virtual private networks, are services that encrypt data and send it over public networks that are not secure. There are three main reasons to use a VPN: privacy, freedom from location, and speed. When customers use these services, ISPs and other third parties can’t censor their Internet connections, and ISPs can’t slow down their connections. VPNs also keep hackers from getting sensitive information on your device and give you access to the Internet from anywhere in the world.
How does a VPN work?
Your VPN encrypts your internet connection when you connect to it through its app or desktop software. As your traffic goes back and forth through that encrypted connection and through the virtual tunnel between your device and the server you chose, your online activity and IP address are effectively hidden from people who are not connected to the same network as you.
What is a VPN for?
The goal of a VPN is to make it safe to browse the Internet. It does this by encrypting your traffic so that if someone were to try to read it, all they would see is gibberish. A VPN can be set up on almost any device, such as a desktop computer, laptop, or smartphone.

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