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Top 7 mens leather blazers by Reiss

Among winter fashion, mens leather blazers are one of the coolest and dashing clothing items. They are both practical and provide a strong silhouette. But finding the right leather blazer can be challenging. In such a case, before making your purchase, you must browse through many mens leather blazers that would be perfectly suitable for you. 

You can find many leather blazers in various shades and colors, especially for men. These blazers come in different lengths. You can also find some of the most authentic leather when you start looking for some of the best mens leather blazers that you can find. 

Best mens leather blazers

1. Suede Zip through Trucker Jacket

Made of suede fabric, this men’s leather blazer of Pike comes with a twin-pocket design, a neat and simple collar, along with a zip-through silhouette. You can find this jacket in two different colors sage and tobacco. There are a variety of sizes as well, from XS to XXL. No matter your size, you will be able to adorn this garment. 

The men’s leather blazer also comes with silver-toned hardware, long sleeves, and a slim fit. The slim fit can make it extra flattering on several people. You can combine the jacket with trainers and tapered trousers to make it the best ensemble.

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2. Zip through Leather Jacket in Black

Zip through Leather Jacket in Black
Zip through Leather Jacket in Black | Celebzero

The men’s leather blazer from Roland is made entirely from leather and has one of the best qualities in the industry. It has a grained finish with the best premium leather. It gives you the traditional silhouette of a biker with a sleek appearance. However, it has a bit of modernism, including long sleeves, a point collar, side slip pockets, press-stud cuffs, and two-way zip closure. This men’s leather blazer is available in sizes XS to XXL, making it suitable for most people. The leather blazer appears crisp, dark, and strong paired with some black trousers and shoes.

3. Shearling Double Buckle Jacket in Brown

This shearling men’s leather blazer from Hardy is timeless and gives the best aviator profile. The jacket’s making has been inspired by the exact flight jackets worn by the pilots. It is made of supple and soft shearling that provides insulation from the waist to the neck. It has a double-neck buckle, oversized notch lapels, and zip pockets. 

It has also been complimented with exposed shearling and zip-through front closure. Such a men’s leather blazer can be worn in a great combination of jeans and knitted clothing. During the harshest of winters, it can keep you warm. 

4. Shearling Slim Fit Suede Zip-Through Jacket in Sage

Shearling Slim Fit Suede Zip-Through Jacket in Sage
Shearling Slim Fit Suede Zip-Through Jacket in Sage | Celebzero

This jacket can be one of the best investments if you love a good shearling men’s leather blazer. It is crafted completely from goat leather with a suede and smooth finish. It has a nice fitting, making it sit right on your body. The shearling is entirely made of lamb, which is put in the collar and would provide you with great insulation. 

Some of the most striking characteristics of the men’s leather blazer are that it comes with zipped closure, press-stud cuffs, long sleeves, side slip pockets, and press-stud patch pockets and is entirely lined. You can layer the jacket with other knitwear and good boots during a cold winter to be warm and look dashing. You can also find it in the same sizes that are available for other mens leather blazers

5. Suede button-through Trucker Jacket

Produced by Noa, this suede leather blazers men comes in two colors: sage and sand. It is made to be durable and has been made for hard-wearing but for a soft-feel fabrication. It has many press studs provide a great look to the pockets, cuffs, and closure. It is made entirely with goat leather and can be found in various sizes. No matter your body, you can purchase and make this blazer men leather jacket look good. You can pair it with a classic t-shirt along with trainers. If you want, you can also pair it with a polo shirt and make it look equally good. 

6. Suede Western Shearling Jacket in Forest Green

Suede Western Shearling Jacket in Forest Green
Suede Western Shearling Jacket in Forest Green | Celebzero

With this mens leather blazer, you can wear a non-traditional color jacket. It is made out of soft shearling and has a buckled throat latch. You can close the jacket with a zip-through closure, along with zipped pockets. It comes in the regular fit and can take casual wear up several notches. You can wear it with trousers and a light jumper complimenting the forest green color. It comes in the usual sizes of XS to XXL, but the availability of all the sizes may differ. 

7. Suede Shearling Jacket

This York men leather blazers comes in grey and is made of only the best shearling leather. It is made for the ultimate look of luxury and comfort. It has many amazing elements that accompany several high-quality jackets. These elements include buckled cuffs, a flap pocket on a sleeve, and front patch pockets. It is amazing for winter and can keep you warm. You can wear it with anything and any color that would bring out the beauty of the jacket. 


These days mens leather blazers can be found in wide varieties and colors. If you do not prefer classic black, you can go with brown, forest green, grey, sand, or any other color you may prefer. But before purchasing a good leather jacket, you have to ensure that you are getting the best quality, which is exactly what you prefer. If you dislike shearling leather, you can go with something else. You can also focus on the men’s leather blazer length to ensure that it is what you want. For more article like this visit the official Celebzero website.


Q1. How do you wear a men’s leather blazer?
You can wear a men’s leather blazer with many complimentary knits wears or turtle necks or even cotton shirts. It depends on the color of the leather jacket that you will be wearing and how it will complement your other garments. 
Q2. How should a leather blazer fit?
Your leather blazer should fit you snugly on your shoulders and also from your waist and chest. The sleeves need to end at the bend of your wrist while making the blazer feel like a second skin. 
Q3. How do you care for a leather blazer?
You can care for your leather blazer by always keeping it on the hanger and away from heat and water. You can make it flexible by using a leather jacket conditioner and occasionally cleaning it with a damp cloth. 



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