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The Ultimate Guide To Finding Cheap Flights From Miami To Dubai

Planning a trip to Dubai? Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, is a city which is known for its luxury lifestyle and magnificent skyscraper buildings. It attracts tourists that are planning to have a look over the mesmerizing features of the city. The place is full of luxury hotels and resorts and famous for many reasons. Though to visit there, finding a flight can be a bit of a hectic task. We present the best possible Miami to Dubai flights brought to you by Emirates. As one of the top airlines, Emirates has the best possible flights. A ton of amenities and luxury-class experiences are given to you by the airlines.

To reach the Dubai International Airport, you will have to take up available flights. Weekdays and weekend flights are also available. The Mia to Dubai flights cost around 15 hours to reach. A total distance of 7,500 miles is usually covered by Emirates aircraft. You will find Boeing 777 on a few days of the week and Airbus A380 on the other days of the week.

Facilities provided on flights from Miami to Dubai

Facilities provided on flights from Miami to Dubai
Facilities provided on flights from Miami to Dubai | celebzero

Emirates brings to you different seat classes to travel according to your finances and experiences. While economy class provides a ticket at cheaper rates, they also give seats with enough space and entertainment. You will find some amazing traits during your flights from Miami to Dubai. They have an option for complimentary meals and drinks.

If you’re looking forward to a little more traveling and seeking a lavish experience, Emirates has your back. We present business class tickets. Those on board with Business class passengers can avail of the lie-down flat seats. Food options and much more. To add more spice to the seats, Emirates has First class. It has private cabins provided with sliding doors. You will also get a personal minibar while boarding flights from Miami to Dubai.

Flights from Miami to Dubai: Outbound

These flights from Miami to Dubai are available five days a week. The Boeing 777 will take you to Dubai from Miami. There are three types of seats available on this flight. Economy, Business, and First Class. If you talk about the economy, they allow you to carry one 15lb bag. Seat selection is restricted. You can upgrade to business at check-in only. Fees refund is available at a charge. Business class has a luggage cabin of 15 lb one bag. The seat selections are complimentary. You will earn skyward 4,500 miles. You can upgrade to business at 91,260 miles. Refund is there with charges. The first class gives you eligibility to carry one 15 lb cabin bag. The seat selection is complimentary. You will earn 6000 miles. You can upgrade to business at 70,200 miles. There is no charge for a refund. So hurry up and book your flights from Miami to Dubai.

To book tickets for any of the flights from Miami to Dubai, you will have to follow such procedures.

  1.   Visit Emirates.Com
  2.   Click on the option departure airports and arrival airports.
  3.   You can select your departing dates and arrival dates.
  4.   Type in the number of passengers.
  5.   Choose the type of class you want to fly in.
  6.   Click on the search flights option.
  7.   You will see the flights, along with their fare, available on the days you have selected.
  8.   Click on the” type of class” like a saver, flex, Or super flex.
  9.   Click one of them and proceed.
  10.   You will see the option for confirming the selection.
  11.   Then You can either take a one-way flight or a round-trip, or even a multi-city flight based on your preference.
  12.   Once after selecting your flight, fill in your details and select the payment method.
  13.   After filling in your personal and payment details as requested, check that all the information provided is correct.
  14.   Click on the confirm button.

General things to keep in mind while boarding flights from Miami to Dubai.

General things to keep in mind while boarding flights from Miami to Dubai.
General things to keep in mind while boarding flights from Miami to Dubai. | celebzero
  1.   Make sure you have to face any difficulties in any regard.
  2.   Dress accordingly. Be sure you have the type of clothing to sustain yourself in the hot weather of Dubai. Dubai is known for its diverse weather.
  3.   Check luggage restrictions so you do not go overboard with the luggage. Passengers are needed to follow the guidelines, or else you might not be able to take the extra luggage with you
  4.   Be at the airport on time. you Arrive early at the airport. Ensure the flight is not delayed, and you do not miss the flight just because of lack of time. Have some time with you to avoid any delays at the security check.
  5.   Drink lots of water before and during the flight to ensure you are not dehydrated. Keep a water bottle with you every time.
  6.   Make sure you are well aware of the nearby transport in Dubai to reach your hotel destinations on time by doing research in advance.


We have looked for flights from Miami to Dubai. While going through the article, we learned the procedures to book your tickets online. Make sure to visit Emirates and the official website of CelebZero for more information.


How many hours is it from Miami to Dubai?
Typically the average time it takes to visit Dubai from Miami is around 15 hours. Due to weather conditions or other circumstances, the flights from Miami to Dubai might get delayed.
How far is Miami to Dubai by plane?
It will take 14-15 hours to reach Dubai by plane from Miami.
How much does it cost to get from Miami to Dubai?
Prices may fluctuate depending on the time and type of seats that the passengers have opted for. 900-1000 dollars are required to fly from Miami to Dubai by plane.
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