7 Things to Do for an Unforgettable Fethiye Holiday

7 Things to Do for an Unforgettable Fethiye Holiday

The town of Fethiye Holiday in Turkey is a favoured destination among both international tourists and local vacationers. It offers a plethora of activities to indulge in within and beyond its borders. When on a Fethiye Holiday, you can immerse in the rich Turkish culture, bask in the beauty of stunning beaches, explore historical sites, and enjoy boating adventures during their Fethiye getaway. 

Whether you plan to spend your holiday in Fethiye or the nearby towns of Oludeniz or Calis Beach or just passing by, we hope our recommendations of local attractions and things to do will inspire you. But before you explore these places, make sure you have a reliable travel partner like eDreams that offers a variety of hotels and flight options, from budget-friendly to luxury accommodations worldwide. You can easily access these places by taking short taxi rides or renting a vehicle. Read on to discover the top places and top things to do when exploring during your Fethiye vacation.

Top things to do while visiting these places on your Fethiye Holidays

1. Relax on the Iztuzu seashore 

Relax on the Iztuzu seashore
Relax on the Iztuzu seashore | celebzero

Due to its significance as a protected nesting site for loggerhead turtles, this spit of sand is one of the uncommon areas of the Turkish shore that has avoided overdevelopment. You will not require or desire anything more for a day of summer escapism with the water and sand. There is only one restaurant, toilets, and sun loungers. The beach stays closed every day from 8 pm to 8 am to prevent disturbing the turtles as they nest and hatch. There is a turtle sanctuary at the easternmost point of the beach, where you can find the most recent preservation initiatives.

2. Buy a Turkish carpet on your Fethiye holidays

When you visit Turkey as a tourist, it can be difficult to find a rug deal because every savvy salesman is on the watch for foreigners who they can seduce into parting with their lira. One of the few tourist destinations where you can locate a nice rug store is Fethiye. In addition to providing lessons on rug making and restoration, the proprietor of the Old Orient Carpet and Kilim Bazaar, located in a charming building in the old city, is a wealth of knowledge regarding this Turkish custom. Keep in mind that you might need documentation to bring a vintage rug through customs.

3. Explore a Greek hamlet 

It has been a century since the majority of Greeks left what is now Turkey, but in Fethiye holidays, they had coexisted peacefully with Muslim neighbours for centuries before the demographic shift brought on by the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Many locals in this area have close ancestors who moved to Anatolia from the Balkans at the same time as the Greeks migrated west, and Kayakoy, a ghost town once home to 2,000 people, is an unsettling reminder of all that was lost recently.

4. Fethiye Promenade

Fethiye Promenade
Fethiye Promenade | celebzero

The promenade is one of the best locations to visit in the Fethiye holidays if you enjoy long evening walks with beautiful scenery in the background. It’s a gorgeous part of town that comes alive at night, extending from Fethiye Harbour to Calis Beach. Fethiye Holiday With views of the serene harbour in the background, tour boats dock at one end of the promenade. The options for restaurants and bars with a view of the ocean are limitless. Fethiye promenade is pedestrianised, so you can stroll before or after supper. As a post-dinner treat, you may like getting ice cream from one of the promenade vendors.

5. Amyntas Rock Tombs

The Amyntas Rock Tombs are among the most stunning destinations in the Fethiye holidays. Lycians were the Pre-Greek inhabitants of Anatolia, about whose civilisation little is known. The Amyntas Rock Tombs, carved high in the rock face above the village of Fethiye Holiday, are among the most well-known of all the Lycian rock tombs. It is now regarded as the emblem of Fethiye due to its legendary status as one of the most magnificent rock tombs in the area.

6. Ölüdeniz Lagoon

Fifteen kilometres south of Fethiye is the most well-known seashore in Turkey. People have been coming here for years because of the impossibly perfect white sand beach, the turquoise water that is calm and protected from the sea, and the thick pine forest surrounding it.

However, the lagoon area has not seen the growth of other tourism hot spots, and the village connected to the lagoon is still a low-story discreet affair.

7. Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley
Butterfly Valley | celebzero

The Jersey Tiger Butterfly resides on this beautiful beach tucked away between two abrupt cliffs. The fact that Butterfly Valley cannot be reached by car is one of its attractions. From the village of Faralya, perched high above the cliff, you must either walk here or hire a boat.


One of the top tourist destinations in Turkey’s Mediterranean area is Fethiye. The town with a harbour is the ideal starting point for exploring the numerous tourist sites and activities along the well-known stretch of luxuriant coastline known as the Turquoise Coast. 

Fethiye holidays itself are a wealthy but laid-back kind of place, exactly what you need to unwind in after a day of busy sightseeing of impressive rock-cut tombs and mountaintop, UNESCO-protected remains, or sunbathing bliss, boating, and paragliding action. eDreams offer cheap affordable flights all around the world. For more such travel updates, visit Celebzero.


Is Fethiye good for the holiday?
There are some great resorts in the Fethiye holidays where you can take in the ocean. Fethiye is ideally situated as a starting point for excursions into the nearby hills to discover the ruins of this region’s old Lycian culture or to spend days unwinding on the area’s beaches.
What is Fethiye like in Turkey?
Most people associate Fethiye with its rock tombs, which are prominently displayed above the rest of the city and are extremely difficult to overlook. The Bay of Fethiye is home to many of these rock tombs, some of which can be reached by land, while others have been carved into the sheer cliff faces above the sea.
Is Turkey cheap for a holiday?
Yes, Turkey is a cheap place to visit, and you can complete your Turkey and Fethiye holidays on a budget if you book your accommodation in advance and dine at local restaurants.

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