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Experience the Soothing River Drives on Cruises From Scotland

The best cruises in Scotland introduce you to some of the tastiest seafood you’ll ever eat, transport you to little fishing ports, and show you how to shoot the ideal puffin photo. These cruises from Scotland are a festival of where you are, not just the ship you are sailing on, from the locally crafted blankets on your bed to the cozy tailored itineraries. Additionally, your beautifully repaired tiny boat may be able to change its course specifically for you if you wish to stay a little longer, go for a paddle, or go on a stroll. One of our favorite parts about cruises from Scotland is that you may visit several places on your bucket list in a single vacation while finding new treasures along the way. The cruises allow you to visit locations that are challenging to access on foot, such as some of Scotland’s most isolated islands and secret coves in Greece. Discover TUI top cruises from Scotland by reading on.

Here are the top cruises from Scotland:

1. Outer Hebrides and St. Kilda

Outer Hebrides and St. Kilda
Outer Hebrides and St. Kilda | Celebzero

Cruises to the UNESCO-designated St. Kilda islands are wild, isolated, and unique. Visit the deserted Hirta, which still echoes with the ghosts of those who lived there before the 1930 evacuation. A stunning display of rare and endangered sea birds, including puffins, Leach’s petrels, and gigantic skuas, may be seen at the UK’s tallest coastal cliffs. On these cruises, you’ll also have a high possibility of seeing dolphins and orcas.

2. Art cruises

Art cruises
Art cruises | Celebzero

On-board art instructors transform your voyage into a week-long class to develop your drawing and painting, with protected lochs and rough mountain ranges as the backdrop. These cruises offer a calm setting to hone your abilities while making new friends who share your interests. There is also no obligation to continue painting if you wish to put your brush down one day and take in the scenery.

3. Hebridean Island Cruises

Without mentioning the unmistakable Hebridean Princess, one of our favorite tiny ships, when we discuss cruises from Scotland, we would be remiss. Only 50 passengers are accommodated on this tiny ship, which spends the entire year in Scotland. To have a taste of life on board before embarking on one of the longer sailings, Hebridean offers a variety of brief sampler cruises, such as this 4-night round-trip from Greenock starting on 12 November 2022.

4. Aurora Expeditions

Aurora Expeditions
Aurora Expeditions | Celebzero

By taking small groups of tourists on exploratory journeys to places that inspired them, Aurora Expeditions hopes to forge lifelong advocates for conserving and safeguarding these precious locations. With 132 people, explore Scotland’s rugged isles, from the windy Hebrides, which have been inhabited for over 8,000 years, to the lush Orkney Islands, where historic Neolithic and Viking monuments evoke memories of long-gone civilizations.

5. Caledonian Canal cruises

When it comes to cruises from Scotland, Scotland’s scattering of isolated islands may take center stage, but don’t discount a journey along the stunning Caledonian Canal. The canal will bring you through some of Scotland’s most iconic vistas, including Ben Nevis, Urquhart Castle, and – most famously of all – Loch Ness. The canal connects the small line of lochs that split Scotland in two between Oban and Inverness.

6. Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye | Celebzero

Scotland is at its most dramatic on Skye. On land, the Black Cuillin Mountains, which tower over your Loch Scavaig anchorage, cry out to hikers and climbers like a beacon. Large basking sharks may swim beside your boat at sea, and golden eagles may fly above the cliffs of Canna, one of the nearby Small Isles that is arguably the most picturesque.

7. Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises offers the Millennium Class ships Silver Whisper and sister ship Silver Shadow, which allow you to take advantage of first-rate accommodations, onboard conviviality, and warm, individualized service, combined with the improved areas and amenities of a larger ship. Acquaint yourself with Scotland’s kaleidoscopic beauty, which includes its undulating moors, silent fjords, imposing mountains, and thick emerald forests.

8. British Isles

British Isles
British Isles | Celebzero

You may enjoy the finest beaches, wildlife, and whiskies of the British Isles while traveling around them on a Good Housekeeping voyage aboard Hurtigruten’s MS Maud. There are three restaurants where you may sample local cuisine, a library where you can discover more about our coastline, and hot tubs where you can unwind with free room service. You may stroll through picturesque landscapes and participate in local events on the Pembrokeshire coast, Rathlin Island, the Inner Hebrides, the Isles of Man and Scilly, and the banks of the River Dart by getting off an expedition boat and going ashore.

9. Oceania Cruises

This unusual round-trip sailing from Edinburgh to Scandinavia can be aboard Oceania’s magnificent 684-guest Sirena departs for the Faroe and Shetland islands. Discover some of southern Norway’s attractions, such as Stavanger and Oslo, as well as magnificent Copenhagen and the lesser-known Baltic towns of Lysekil and Skagen.


Scotland is littered with grand stately residences and castles with turrets, many of which are accessible to the public. Visit the 15th-century Cawdor Castle, which Shakespeare’s Macbeth references, from Inverness. Or see the imposing ruins of Urquhart Castle, a gorgeously romantic location on Loch Ness’ shoreline. From Glasgow, you may fly to Edinburgh and spend the day exploring Edinburgh Castle, positioned on a crag high above the city, or enjoy the day at the impressive castle of Stirling Castle. You can visit Scotland with the help of the best cruises from Scotland mentioned above. For more information on cruises from Scotland 2023-2024, follow the Celebzero website.


Can I cruise from Scotland?
Yes, there are many cruises from Scotland. You can refer to the above article to explore the most popular cruises from Scotland 2023.
What are cruise ship rules for COVID-19?
There are different rules for different cruise ship lines. You can refer to the COVID guidelines at the time of booking the cruises from Scotland.
What do I need to go on a cruise?
Most importantly, you should be prepared with all the required documents to go on a cruise. You can check the particulars on the website of your desired cruise line.





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