Couch Covers For Dogs

Are Couch Covers For Dogs An Effective Solution To Keep The Furniture Safe?

Couch Covers for dogs are truly a remarkable and resourceful idea that every dog parent should implement in their house, especially if their dog keeps jumping on the couch every chance it gets. These couch covers are made specifically to protect your couch from pet hair, stains, and scratches, ultimately increasing the lifespan of your furniture.

If you think they are useful for you but might harm your animals, then worry not! The covers are made from durable and pet-friendly materials that are very easy to clean and maintain.

Chewy is one such animal-friendly platform that offers a wide range of couch covers for dogs at competitive prices for customers to take their pick.

What couch fabrics are good when you have dogs in the house?

When you have pets in your house, it becomes important to choose couch covers that are long-lasting, easy to clean, and sturdy enough to resist some stains or scratches.

1. Microfiber

Microfiber is one of the best fabrics to choose from, as it is a synthetic fiber known for its durability and resistance to stains and scratches. The material is very easy to clean and maintain and it can easily withstand the wear and tear of your pet’s claws and sudden actions.

2. Leather

If you want something tough and sturdy that can sustain the rough scratches of your dog, leather is probably the better option for you. Simply, invest in high-quality leather couch covers for dogs, so you can relax and have a fun time with your pet.

3. Polyester

Polyester is yet another good option when it comes to picking couch covers for dogs. The water-resistant and super-durable fabric turns out to be quite a long-term investment and they are pretty easy to clean either by hand or in machine.

4. Crypton

Crypton fabric couch covers for dogs are certainly curated by keeping the pet owners in mind. It is stain-proof, moisture-resistant, odor-resistant, and can even stand scratches of your animal, making it an excellent choice.

5. Performance Fabrics

Various furniture manufacturers offer special performance fabrics that are designed only to sustain scratches and stains and can resist water and odors. These fabrics are further coated with a protective layer too, making them durable and sturdy.

Which are the Best Couch Covers for Dogs to Purchase?

1. FurHaven Polyester Polka Paw Print Reversible Furniture Protector

FurHaven Polyester Polka Paw Print Reversible Furniture Protector
FurHaven Polyester Polka Paw Print Reversible Furniture Protector | Celebzero

Protect your furniture from your furry friend and give them a comfy spot to sit and relax with this FurHaven Polyester Polka Paw Print Reversible Furniture Protector. It is one of the best couch covers for dogs which keeps your sofa safe from pet hairs, moisture, and any mess that they might make.

The super-durable, thread-free quilting makes the fabric waterproof and super cozy, so your pet can snuggle in it and have a pleasant time. The reversible cover comes with secured anchors and sturdy elastic bonds, making them easy to wash and it only costs $41.99.

2. PetAmi Sherpa Fleece Waterproof Waffle Cat & Dog Blanket

The PetAmi Sherpa Fleece Waterproof Waffle Cat & Dog Blanket is suitable for both animals and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The textured waffle patterns on both sides of the couch cover for dogs give it quite a modernized outlook, while the edge stitching makes up for the durability.

The blanket not only saves your furniture from unwanted shedding and tears but is so comfy that your dogs can even sleep on it or cuddle on it. The versatile waterproof fleece can also be used as a car cover and lining for dog crates, kennels, and pet mats. Being one of the most lightweight and durable couch covers for dogs, it only costs $34.99.

3. Couch Guard Sofa Furniture Protector

Couch Guard Sofa Furniture Protector
Couch Guard Sofa Furniture Protector | Celebzero

Keep your bed or couches safe with this Couch Guard Sofa Furniture Protector which is made from microfiber fabric. The cover is very soft, durable, and very easy to clean, making it one of the best couch covers for dogs to purchase. The coordinating color can easily blend in with your home’s decor, making it a perfect addition to your furniture.

The couch cover is sturdy and comes with straps that keep it fixed in one place, so your pet can jump around all it wants. It is also soil and snag-resistant, so it can easily shield your furniture from scratches, furs, and stains. You can purchase the cover through Chewy at a cost of $59.99.

4. Allisandro Reversible Waterproof Large Pet Couch Protector

Keep your couch clean and tidy with Allisandro Reversible Waterproof Large Pet Couch Protector. The sofa cover is made to limit the amount of pet hair, dirt, and other debris on your sofa set or couch. It is made with a durable and waterproof polyester blend, that makes the cover easy to clean and maintain.

Whether your dog is a saint who follows all your orders or a naughty one who’s always jumping around, this protector will safeguard your furniture from any wear or tear caused by the little furballs. Additionally, it can also help minimize the damage done by the pets and keep your house more maintained and hygienic, costing only $42.99.

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If you are looking for some of the amazing couch covers for dogs that can sustain many scratches and stains, and still stay standing, Chewy is the platform to find such sturdy animal-friendly articles. You get top-quality products at pretty reasonable prices. For more information, visit CelebZero.


How do I keep the pets off the couches without harming them?
You can either invest in pet-friendly covers that will protect your furniture or simply buy furniture like a bed for your animals to stay put and rest.
How to get dog hair off the couch?
Vacuuming the place properly is the best way to get the most dog hair off your couch. You can even get lint rollers and rub them on your couch to remove as many pet hairs as you can.
Can dogs ruin a leather couch?
While leather is a sturdy fabric that can withstand the wear and tear of your pets, there’s a possibility that if your dog is not trained, it can ruin a perfectly good couch.

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