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Cladding and Wood Flooring: Transforming Interiors And Exteriors

When it comes to enhancing the beauty and functionality of your home, two elements stand out prominently: Cladding and Wood Flooring. Cladding is the outer layer of your home’s exterior, providing both protection and aesthetic appeal. Wood flooring, on the other hand, brings warmth and charm to your interiors. In this blog with Celebzero, we’ll delve into the world of cladding & wood flooring, exploring their benefits, and how combining them can transform your living space.

Benefits of cladding & wood flooring

Visual Continuity: 

Using wood cladding on the exterior of your home and extending it to the interior through wood flooring creates a harmonious flow. This design choice blurs the line between indoor and outdoor spaces, giving your home a seamless and inviting feel.

Natural Cohesion: 

The warmth and texture of wood, whether on your home’s exterior or interior, create a sense of unity. The natural cohesion of wood elements enhances the overall aesthetic of your living space.

Increased Home Value: 

The combination of cladding & wood flooring can significantly boost your home’s resale value. Potential buyers are often drawn to the timeless and elegant appeal of wood.

Environmental Considerations: 

If you’re concerned about sustainability, choose eco-friendly wood cladding and flooring options. Look for certifications like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) to ensure responsible sourcing of wood materials.

Top cladding & wood flooring to elevate your space

1. PEFC Standard Whitewood Weatherboard 12 x 113mm

PEFC Standard Whitewood Weatherboard 12 x 113mm
PEFC Standard Whitewood Weatherboard 12 x 113mm | celebzero

The PEFC Standard Whitewood Weatherboard is crafted from premium European Whitewood (Spruce), guaranteeing exceptional quality. Designed for external use, it’s essential to apply an appropriate preservative treatment for long-lasting durability. Furthermore, its PEFC certification underscores its commitment to sustainable and responsible forestry practices, making it an environmentally conscious choice for both builders and homeowners.

2. Redwood PTG V-Grooved Matching

The Redwood PTG V-Grooved Matching is the perfect choice for internal joinery applications that demand a superior finish. Crafted from top-notch European Redwood (Pine), it offers quality and reliability. Its PEFC certification reflects a commitment to environmentally responsible forestry practices, making it a sustainable and recyclable option for those looking to minimize their ecological footprint. With a planned finish and being both recyclable and renewable, it is an excellent choice for eco-conscious builders and homeowners alike.

3. Whitewood Tongue and Groove Vac-Vac Treated

Whitewood Tongue and Groove Vac-Vac Treated
Whitewood Tongue and Groove Vac-Vac Treated | celebzero

The Whitewood Tongue and Groove Vac-Vac Treated, with dimensions of 19 x 113mm, is a versatile choice for various applications, especially ideal for sub-floor use. Crafted from high-quality European Whitewood (Spruce), it assures durability and reliability. If you plan to use it as a finished floor, it’s recommended to condition it in place beforehand to allow for any necessary shrinkage prior to installation.

4. FSC Redwood Shiplap/Weatherboard 

The FSC Redwood Shiplap/Weatherboard is a top-quality choice for various construction applications. Crafted from high-quality European Redwood (Pine), it assures durability and a superior finish. What sets this product apart is its FSC certification, signifying its compliance with the highest standards of sustainable and responsible forestry practices. To ensure longevity and suitability for external use, it is advisable to apply an appropriate preservative treatment.

5. Western Red Cedar Corner Mould 

The Western Red Cedar Corner Mould, measuring 43 x 43mm and PEFC certified, serves as the perfect finishing touch for your cladding installation. Crafted from Western Red Cedar, renowned for its natural beauty and durability, this corner mould not only adds a neat and polished look to your cladding but also weathers over time to a charming silver patina, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your exterior. Whether you’re completing a residential or commercial cladding project, this mould provides both practicality and an elegant finish, ensuring that your installation stands out with timeless elegance.

6. FSC Standard Whitewood Weatherboard 137 x 16mm

FSC Standard Whitewood Weatherboard 137 x 16mm
FSC Standard Whitewood Weatherboard 137 x 16mm | celebzero

The FSC Standard Whitewood Weatherboard, measuring 137 x 16mm, is a top-quality cladding option machined from European Whitewood (Spruce). It’s a versatile choice for both residential and commercial projects, offering a clean and classic look that complements various architectural styles. Available in a range of lengths, typically from 4.2m to 5.4m, this weatherboard provides flexibility in installation.

Maintenance tips for your cladding and wood flooring

  • Regular Cleaning: Both cladding & wood flooring benefit from routine cleaning. Use gentle, non-abrasive cleaners to maintain their appearance.
  • Sealing: Depending on the type of wood used for cladding & wood flooring, sealing may be necessary to protect against moisture and wear.
  • Preventive Measures: Use doormats to reduce the amount of dirt and debris brought into your home. Additionally, trim overhanging tree branches near your cladding to prevent damage.
  • Professional Maintenance: Periodically, have professionals inspect your cladding & wood flooring for any signs of damage or wear. Addressing issues early can help in preventing costly repairs.

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Cladding & wood flooring are not merely functional elements in your home; they are opportunities to elevate your living space. By carefully selecting materials, styles, and finishes, you can create a home that not only withstands the test of time but also reflects your unique taste and personality. The perfect pair of cladding & wood flooring from Jewson can turn your house into a warm and welcoming haven, inside and out. For information, visit Celebzero.


Is wood cladding suitable for all weather conditions?
The suitability of wood cladding depends on the wood type, treatment, and maintenance. Some woods are naturally more resistant to weather, while others may require protective finishes or treatments for external use.
Can cladding & wood flooring be customized for specific design preferences?
Yes, wood cladding and flooring can be customized in terms of wood species, finish, size, and patterns to suit individual design preferences and architectural styles. Customization options allow for unique and personalized spaces. 
Can cladding materials be used for indoor flooring?
While it’s technically possible to use cladding materials for indoor flooring, it’s not a common or recommended practice. Cladding materials are primarily designed for exterior applications, and using them indoors poses several challenges.

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