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Beyond Greens: The Unexpected Versatility Of Salad Bowls For Your Greens

A range of dishes and tools can be used to set a proper table. It’s not always common for people to set the table the right way for a formal dinner, and many people don’t remember how to do it. Where salad bowls go at a meal varies on how fancy it is and what courses are being served. After you decide what to serve, you can carefully set the table to match.

The Proper Table Setting for Salad Bowls

Standard Place Settings

Salads precede major courses in traditional dinners. For this meal, the dinner dish is in the centre of the placemat. The salad bowl is placed on the plate. The salad plate is introduced after diners finish the soup course if the soup is served first. Even silverware has a set order. On the right side of the plate, the knife blade faces the plate. Right of the knife are spoons, with the soup spoon situated in order of use. To the left of the main plate are the forks in sequence of use. The salad fork should be left of the meal fork. This setting may be overly busy, so set the table with salad bowls only. After clearing these bowls, servers can bring out dinner plates.

Informal Place Settings

Salad is often served with the main food at casual meals instead of as a separate course. In this case, you could serve the salad as a side dish on the same plate as the rest of the dinner. If some parts of the meal are messy, like gravy, you might want to keep the salad in a different bowl. Salad bowls should go to the left of the plates in this case.

Main Course Salads

If the main course is a dinner salad, the salad bowl should go in the middle of the place setting, where the dinner plate would normally go. Place the extra plate for things like bread right on top of the forks if you have one. Tell your customers that the salad is the main course so they don’t eat too much of it while they wait for another dish and end up going home hungry.

Serving Dishes

Serving plates can be put right on the table for a casual family meal. By setting out a big salad bowl on the table, you can serve everyone and make sure that people who want more can get it. For ease of use, this kind of salad bowl should come with salad tongs. As people are helping themselves, the plates should be passed around the table from left to right.

Affordable salad bowls on EVA

1. Salad bowl Luminarc Diwali light blue

Salad bowl Luminarc Diwali light blue
Salad bowl Luminarc Diwali light blue

Want to know which bowls are known for being durable and environment-friendly? These salad bowls by Luminarc! These bowls can be used in the microwave for up to +130°C, heating up your food evenly. You can wash it in the dishwasher too. Want to know more? Check out EVA now! 

2. Salad bowl Luminarc Empilable Transparent 

The Luminarc salad bowls are made of tempered glass, which is several times stronger and more environmentally friendly than its other products. It has a stylish classic design and is suitable for daily use. Buy on EVA now!

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3. Salad bowl Luminarc Lotusia white

Salad bowl Luminarc Lotusia white
Salad bowl Luminarc Lotusia white

The white Luminarc salad bowl in a minimalist style is ideal for a daily table setting. The French quality of materials sets the Luminarc salad bowl apart from similar products from other manufacturers. Because it’s made of toughened glass, which can handle changes in temperature, you can put it in the microwave. There are also no safety or environmental concerns, and it can be cleaned in the machine.

4. Luminarc Diwali Black salad bowl

The Luminarc brand’s stylish salad bowl is nice to look at because of its simple form and many uses. The plates are made of very thin black glass. The bowl is easy to mix foods in because it has high sides and a width of 21 cm. It can go in the dishwasher.

5. Luminarc Pampille Light Turquoise salad bowl

Luminarc Pampille Light Turquoise salad bowl
Luminarc Pampille Light Turquoise salad bowl

The Luminarc Louis XV salad bowl will make your meals taste better. This bowl is made of strong, eco-friendly toughened glass that can handle heat up to 130°C. It can also go in the microwave and dishwasher, so it’s great for serving and warming up tasty foods. Know more on EVA!

How To Set A Table For A Casual Meal

It’s best to have casual tables for groups of eight or less. Keep your design, features, and style simple even if it’s small. One great thing about a casual table is that it encourages getting to know each other and having fun with the people you’re with. Best of all, a smaller group gives you plenty of time to make complex place settings. You can go the extra mile for your guests because it’s a small event.

Party Rules for Serving Salads

If you’re having a party and serving a green, leafy salad, put the greens in one bowl and put different kinds of extra items around it so that people can choose what they want. Make sure the serving tools you use are big enough to handle the greens and use smaller tools for the items next to them. It’s best to use smaller salad bowls.

Keep the salad veggies cold until the very end if you are the host. No one likes a salad that is too wet, and putting them in the fridge keeps them fresh. As soon as the bowl comes out of the fridge, dress and toss it, then plate and serve. Now is your chance to show off your salad tong skills.

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Mastering the art of salad service? This guide talks about everything from where to place the salad bowls for different meal types to how to keep them fresh for parties. Learn how to set an elegant table or have a casual get-together, all while showcasing your amazing salads in beautiful, functional salad bowls. Now you can impress your guests and find the best salad bowls for any occasion on EVA.

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What is the best bowl for salad?
You will find a variety of high-quality salad bowls on EVA. Check out the website today! 
What makes a good salad bowl?
A non-breakable wooden or plastic option for a salad bowl is a great pick, especially if you have kids around. 
What size bowl is best for salad serving?
A 7-inch bowl easily serves one typical restaurant-size side salad.

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