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Choosing The Best Motorbike Tyres For A Smooth Ride

Riding a motorcycle is more than just a means of transportation, it is a passion, enhanced by the rush of the open road, the wind in your face, and the buzz of the engine beneath you. But every enthusiastic rider is aware that the calibre of their motorbike tyres is the key to an exciting and secure journey. 

At AUTODOC, we recognise the value of durable, reasonably priced motorbike tyres, that promote sustainable transportation by making it simple for people to go around on their favourite motorbikes. In this blog, we’ll explore the top motorbike tyres in the market with an emphasis on locating high-calibre alternatives that won’t break the bank.

Value of high-quality motorbike tyres

Due to being frequently used, your motorbike tyres tend to lose grip, which can be a crucial component of getting high-quality tyres. Along with enhancing your bike’s performance, high-quality motorbike tyres have a significant impact on your safety while driving. The correct tyres guarantee a consistently smooth and comfortable ride by offering the best grip, handling, and stability.

Exploring the leading motorbike tyre brands

Let’s explore the best motorbike tyres available in the market.

1. Pirelli Angelstf 20/70 R17 58W motorcycle summer tyres

Pirelli Angelstf 20/70 R17 58W motorcycle summer tyres
Pirelli Angelstf 20/70 R17 58W motorcycle summer tyres | celebzero

The motorbike tyre from Pirelli, the Angel ST 58W, has outstanding longevity and traction. These tires deliver exceptional performance with a load index of 58 and a speed rating of W, especially during warm temperatures. Because of Pirelli’s reputation for good tyre technology, the Angel STF is a good pick for riders looking for both performance and safety.

2. Michelin pilot street radial 120/70 R17 58H motorcycle summer tyres

The Pilot street radial 58H is a monument to Michelin’s skill and reputation in the tyre industry. These summer tyres are great for urban riders and commuters because of their superior handling and stability. These tyres offer a smooth, controlled ride thanks to their load index of 58 and speed rating of H. 

3. Dunlop Qcore 20/70 R17 58W motorcycle summer tyres

Dunlop tyres are known for their high quality, and the Qcore 58W summer tires are no different. Riders who want accuracy and responsiveness should use these tyres. The Dunlop Qcore tires provide great traction and cornering stability, increasing your overall riding confidence. They have a speed rating of W and a load index of 58.

4. Bridgestone BT023F

Bridgestone BT023F
Bridgestone BT023F | celebzero

The BT 023 F -GT 58W summer tires from Bridgestone, a reputable brand in the motorbike tyre market, are a testament to their dedication to excellence and performance. These tyres are ideal for extended rides and touring because of their exceptional grip and durability. These tires offer a smooth and steady ride even at high speeds with a load index of 58 and a speed rating of W.

Finding cheap motorbike tyres

While quality is crucial, we also recognise how important affordability is. At AUTODOC, we have a large selection of motorbike tyres that fit a variety of budgets. You can shop with confidence thanks to our 14-day return policy because you will have plenty of time to find the ideal item for your motorbike.

How to buy cheap motorbike tyres

  1. Price comparison: Spend some time comparing costs offered by various retailers. You can locate the greatest deal on the motorbike tyre you want by comparing prices across several stores.
  2. Take seasonal offers into account: Seasonal sales and discounts are frequently provided by merchants. Keep an eye out for these deals because they can considerably lower the price of premium motorcycle tires.
  3. Online shopping: Because they frequently have reduced administrative expenses, online shops can provide competitive pricing. Online shopping also makes it easy to browse through a variety of possibilities while being at home.
  4. Look for packaged deals: Tyres for motorcycles, installation services, and other equipment are all included in package offers offered by some vendors. These deals offer fantastic value for the money.
  5. Regular maintenance: Performing routine maintenance on your motorcycle, such as checking and rotating your tires regularly, can increase their longevity. Maintaining your tyre will decrease the need for replacements more frequently, thus saving you money.

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Selecting the best motorbike tyres is critical for both performance and safety. It’s important to take into account elements like your riding style, tire size, type, and tread pattern. Choose tires with adequate water dispersion characteristics that are made to handle wet weather. Safe handling is ensured by checking the load index and speed ratings in accordance with your motorcycle’s requirements. Budget is important, but spending more on quality assures a safe and pleasurable journey. Tire rotations among other routine maintenance procedures can increase their lifespan and result in long-term cost savings for you. In the end, choosing tyres that suit your riding requirements and putting safety before money ensures a comfortable and joyful ride. For more information, visit CelebZero


What is the purpose of the tread on a motorbike tire?
It offers crucial traction on various road conditions, ensuring stability and control, particularly during maneuvers like cornering and braking. Second, the tread patterns are made to direct water away from the tire’s contact patch, reducing the possibility of hydroplaning on slippery surfaces and improving safety, particularly in wet weather. Additionally, tread designs frequently include wear indicators that are apparent as the tyre ages. 
What is the recommended tire pressure for my motorbike?
The recommended tyre pressure for your motorbike is typically listed in the owner’s manual or on a label that is attached to the bike, either under the seat or next to the swing arm. The manufacturer’s specified tire pressure must be followed strictly. Having the right tire pressure guarantees excellent handling, stability, and safety. 
What are the best motorbike tires for wet weather conditions?
Specialised tread patterns on tyres built for wet conditions, such as the Continental roadattack 3, Pirelli angel gt, and Michelin pilot road 4, provide improved traction and water dispersion. The Michelin pilot road 4 provides outstanding durability, stability, and wet traction. The superb wet and dry traction of the Pirelli angel GT ensures precision handling even in light precipitation. With outstanding grip, feedback, and durability in slick conditions, the Continental roadattack 3 excels. These tires improve riding comfort and safety, especially in bad weather.

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