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Take Your Music Anywhere With Cheap iPods

Having a designated device for multimedia consumption is the quintessential millennial trait. That’s just what the iPod is for. It’s sleek in design and facilitates portable entertainment- it has fun written all over it. If you have children that are too young to use a phone but are nagging for an electronic device, cheap iPods are the way to go. Age is no bar when it comes to these compact gadgets. And where does one find cheap iPods, you ask? Back Market is just the right place for you.

Back Market is an online shopping site that specialises in refurbished electronics. This means that older devices have been revamped and given a makeover to restore them to their original conditions. They carry devices like laptops, phones, iPods, tablets and numerous other gadgets, so you’re sure to find a quality electronic device in no time. This article will look at the cheap iPods they offer and their specifications.

Here is a list of cheap iPods to check out: 

1. iPod touch 7th Gen 32GB 

iPod touch 7th Gen 32GB 
iPod touch 7th Gen 32GB | Celebzero

The iPod Touch 7th gen is a reliable device for MP3 and MP4 modes of entertainment. You can load it up with your favourite songs and videos to take on the go. It has the added advantage of being able to stay connected with your loved ones because it supports FaceTime, as well as capturing memories with its rear-facing 8-megapixel camera4-inch Retina display- that’s tech-speak for quality images and a decent enough display.

The iPod touch allows Bluetooth connectivity, so you can definitely connect it to wireless speakers and blast your favourite music. You can also access the internet via WiFi to stay connected with friends on all the socials. This is a great device for entertainment, internet access and communication within a portable package.

2. iPod Touch 6 32 GB

The iPod Touch 6 has similar functions and specs to the iPod Touch 6. As the number in the name suggests, it’s an older generation of iPod but a powerful beast just as well. Carry your music anywhere with you in this compact device. It also has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity so staying in touch with friends and family is easy. Make those video calls and stay connected online to make sure you don’t miss out!

While it may not have the same features and capabilities, it gets the job done. After all, you now have access to the internet, entertainment and the ability to call on people with this underrated device. This is a popular choice among cheap iPods.

3. iPod Touch 5 16 GB 

iPod Touch 5 16 GB 
iPod Touch 5 16 GB | Celebzero

The iPod Touch 5 can play both MP3 and MP4 files. Although it may not be enough for a larger library of collections, it can hold a decent number of songs and videos. As an older gen iPod, don’t underestimate its capabilities. With a 4-inch Retina display, you’re sure to get a high-quality viewing experience. It also has a 5-megapixel rear camera along with a front-facing FaceTime camera for taking photos or videos and making video calls.

A good iPod is incomplete without Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, and this model boasts just that. So go ahead and connect it to wireless speakers or headphones and have a quality music-listening session. For caution, due to its age, it’s likely that it won’t receive software updates so its features will be limited and won’t support the latest apps.

4. iPod Touch 4 16GB

The iPod Touch 4 also supports both MP3 and MP4 files and can store a decent amount of songs and videos. The display is slightly lower than the newer ones, with a 3.5-inch Retina display that’s still good enough for high-quality viewing and display. While it is of the older generation, it still boasts a rear camera as well as a front-facing camera for you to capture memories and make video calls.

It has WiFi connectivity because accessing the internet is important in this day and age and no decent device will come without it. One thing to note is that it doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity like the other cheap iPods on this list so connectivity to wireless speakers is not possible. But go ahead and jack your earphones in and vibe to your favourite music! Due to this being an older model, it may not receive software updates and support for the latest apps may be limited.

5. iPod Nano 5 8GB

iPod Nano 5 8GB
iPod Nano 5 8GB | Celebzero

The iPod Nano 5 can play both MP3 and MP4 files. We’re throwing this into the list for old times’ sake. Apple has discontinued the iPod nano but this can still be purchased on Back Market. It has a decent storage capacity of 8GB to hold a number of songs and videos. 

Its display is slightly lower than the ones on this list, with a 2.2-inch colour display providing a decent viewing experience. Unfortunately, it does not support WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, It’s as old school as it gets. It does support an FM radio so you can listen to live radio broadcasts. Being an older generation iPod, it may not receive software updates but it’s a great sentimental keepsake and sure to become a priced collectable in the near future.


Back Market partners with third parties who restore used electronics to a new-like condition. Its mission is to promote a sustainable consumer market by reducing electronic waste and promoting the reuse of capable devices. Their innovative approach to sustainable commerce is commendable. These cheap iPods, and other gadgets on Back Market, come with a 30-day money-back guarantee with a 1-year warranty on all products. Its a great platform for those looking to buy affordable devices with a warranty for quality. For more information on cheap iPods, visit Celebzero.


Are iPods cheap?
The price of iPods will vary depending on the model and where it’s sold. iPods are no longer widely produced so it may be possible to find some cheap iPods. It’s a good idea to look for refurbished models as well, for quality and affordability.
Which iPod is worth buying?
When looking for an iPod, keep some factors in mind. Consider the storage, display, battery life, connectivity and price.
Is an iPod worth getting?
This would depend on your needs. If you’re a casual music listener and like to keep your regular phone separate from your entertainment purposes, go ahead and make a purchase. But if you have an extensive library of media already on your smartphone, you may not need one.


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