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London To Lisbon Flights: A Budget-Friendly Traveler’s Guide

To plan your trip right, booking a flight in advance is one of the most crucial steps so that you do not have to face any inconvenience. To help you with it, Edreams comes up with the best flights with your price range and accommodation. Edreams is an online website that finds the best hotels and flights in any region. You just have to mention the date and location where you will board and depart in their detail filling section, and within an instant, many flights with your desired date will show up on the screen with all the available cheapest flight London to Lisbon. The city of Lesban is one of the top tourist attractions. This city is in Portugal and has some of the nicest locations. And To help you reach there, we have compiled a list of the top 5 London to Lisbon flights.

How to book your London to Lisbon flights?

How to book your London to Lisbon flights? 
How to book your London to Lisbon flights | celebzero

Follow these set of procedures to book your flights from London to Lisbon. 

  1. Visit the website of eDreams.
  2. You must choose the boarding point by selecting “where from”. Select London where from the option
  3.  Then you must select your departure point by selecting ” Where to”. Here you will select Lisbon. 
  4. Then select your dates and number of passengers. 
  5. Take a look at this list of 5 best flights to board.
  6. After you have chosen your date, tick the box for “direct flights only” if you want direct flights. 
  7. Select on a one-way ticket as you are travelling from London to Lisbon. 
  8. Different tickets from different flights will be displayed. 
  9. Choose the desired plane ticket that fits your time and date. 
  10. Proceed ahead by clicking on the continue option. 
  11. Select your fare from Basic, flex or super flex. 
  12. Click on continue and enter your details. 
  13. Finally, proceed to make the further payment.

Board these flights to reach the dream destination of Lisbon: 5 London to Lisbon flights.

Board these flights to reach the dream destination of Lisbon: 5 London to Lisbon flights.
Board these flights to reach the dream destination of Lisbon: 5 London to Lisbon flights. | celebzero

1. London to Lisbon via Easy jet

Easy jets take around 3 hours to reach Lisbon’s beautiful town from the London, United Kingdom airport. You can get an economy ticket for a very reasonable price. You are eligible to carry a small bag. To board one of these London to Lisbon flights, you will have to reach Luton international airport. To book your seats, here is a link enlisted below.  

  2. London to Lisbon via Wizz Air UK

Coming up next on our list of London to Lisbon flights, we have this flight that takes around 3 hours to reach the airport in Lisbon, Portugal. So I can take 1 small bag with You. To book one of your economy seats reasonably priced, click on this link below. Flight prices can be a bit altered depending on the dates that are being chosen.

3. London to Lisbon via Ryanair

In due course of looking for some best London to Lisbon flights, you can visit Edreams to book your flight. This flight is available from Stansted London, which is in the United Kingdom. The total journey is around 2 hours and 50 minutes to reach Lisbon airport. Passengers can be 1 small at the time of boarding the flight. To find more insights on this flight, visit the link below. 

4. London to Lisbon via Easy jet

Yet again, on our list of London to Lisbon flights, we have Easy Jets covering us. This time the boarding point will be Luton, London. The economy seats are very reasonable and affordable. The time to reach Lisbon will be around 3 hours with the option to carry 1 small bag with you. To book this flight, choose your dates and visit the link below.

5. London to Lisbon via British Airways

Choosing a flight that suits your budget and accessible location is essential. To board yet another one of the London to Lisbon flights, you need to visit Heathrow. This flight takes around 2 hours and 45 minutes. Being a direct flight to Lisbon, it is very time efficient. You can carry hand luggage. To look for more info. Visit this link below.

Things to accelerate your flight experience.

Things to accelerate your flight experience. 
Things to accelerate your flight experience.  | celebzero
  1. Reach the airport on time to ensure you don’t miss the flight. 
  2. Ensure to carry all the required documents to pass the security check and legally land in Portugal. 
  3. Make sure that you have not exceeded the luggage limit, or either you will not be allowed to pass through the security checks. 
  4. Be aware of the transportation systems of Lisbon airport in advance to reach your hotels or destinations on time. 
  5. Pack yourself with entertainment equipment to get bored on your flight and enjoy yourself to the fullest.


By the end of this list, you must have looked at some of the most affordable flights from London to Lisbon. Adhering to some of the basic guidelines can make your journey way more enjoyable. The main flights can be boarded from Heathrow or Luton airports. Read more on eDreams and the official website of Celeb Zero


How much are return flights from London to Lisbon?
If Return flights are included, they will cost around £120-£150. However, if they are booked individually, the prices could vary around £80-£90 depending on the dates.
Can I get a direct flight from London to Lisbon Airport?
Yes, you can get a direct flight from London to Lisbon. You can visit Edreams to find the flights available on your desired dates and proceed to book your tickets.
What are the cheapest airlines to fly from London to Lisbon one-way?
EasyJet and Ryanair are the most affordable airlines to book your one-way flight from London to Lisbon.

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