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Ten Best Yoga Accessories to Try

If you’ve been practicing Yoga at home with just your yoga mat and nothing else, adding a few yoga accessories or props to the mix may improve your flow in unexpected ways. Perhaps a block under your knees makes a seated forward fold more accessible, or possibly draping a soft eye cushion over your face during savasana aids relaxation.

Everything else bends when you focus on your breath. You can practice Yoga anywhere and anytime because it requires no equipment. No matter where you are in your yoga practice, here are a few accessories that can improve it.

If you’re looking to expand your yoga gear collection, you’re lucky: we’ve highlighted some of the most excellent yoga accessories and props available.

List of 10 Best Yoga Accessories Which gives you a Comfort

Here is a list of the best yoga accessories that you can use:

1. Blocks

Blocks | Celebzero

Blocks of varying firmness can be helpful in a variety of position variations. Because they are more stable, I like hardwood, cork, or stiffer foam blocks.” What you gain in stability, you lose in mobility. Brilliant points out that wooden and cork yoga blocks, in particular, are hefty, so choose a foam variety if portability is crucial to you (she likes the blocks from True Blue.

Many brands produce half-size blocks for subtler changes if you prefer something smaller than a typical yoga block. Blocks are one of the best yoga accessories that you should have.

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2. Straps

Straps | Celebzero

A yoga teacher comes up with the opinion that yoga straps provide length and space where it is needed. Without the learner having to strain or force themselves into a specific asana: “Someone with a long torso and short arms will have more difficulty in a binding posture than a student with a short torso and long arms.” Using a strap to lengthen one’s arms may aid in fostering true relaxation and peace within the pose rather than battling and forcing others to grasp something. ”

3. Towels and Blankets

Whereas absorbent towels are helpful for warming up (and remaining hot in a heated yoga class), blankets are essential for a satisfying cooldown. Both the Manduka Yogitoes yoga mat towel (Panasevich’s fave) and the Lululemon yoga towel (Colleen’s recommendation) fit the length of a yoga mat, wick excess moisture, and keep a grippy surface even when you’re sweating buckets during your vinyasas (don’t forget your water bottle). It will come in handy after practice if you don’t use your towel during class. Meanwhile, according to Colleen, a blanket can keep you warm during corpse pose and relieve pressure on your points of contact with the mat (for example, under yourt]896y\ knees during cat-cow carriage). Brilliant always purchase Tools for Yoga’s solid-color handwoven blankets. When decorating her flat for her perfect yoga home practice, our commerce editor had these blankets on her Amazon wish list for a pattern choice.

4. Bolsters and Cushions

Bolsters and Cushions
Bolsters and Cushions | Celebzero

A high-quality yoga bolster, a mainstay of yin and restorative yoga practices, provides support, stability, and cushion during grounded positions. BLosters and cushions are the best yoga accessories for the people who have back problems. Colleen explains, “They can make many poses more accessible and comfortable.” “For example, lying on the backside of the body in savasana, corpse position may frequently be uncomfortable—the use of a bolster underneath the knees can offer a student the comfort to be able to relax better into the resting portion of the practice.”

Colleen and Brilliant mention bolsters from Halfmoon and Minga Lily that have detachable and washable coverings, which they think to be an essential quality in a bolster. Heavier, sturdier bolsters, according to Panasevich, will last longer and feel better during your practice. Lightweight or inflatable bolsters may be less expensive, but they will not have the same stabilizing effects as this prop.

5. Wheels, Sandbags, and More

Wheels, Sandbags, and More
Wheels, Sandbags, and More | Celebzero

The universe of best yoga accessories extends much beyond the essentials mentioned above. These accouterments range from grounding sandbags to relaxing eye cushions to yoga wheels and can further enhance and deepen your practice, allowing you to feel completely immersed in the totality of your flow. Colleen suggests B Yoga’s rotation to improve backbends, other heart-opening yoga postures, and Halfmoon’s sandbags due to their simple zippered closures. According to Brilliant, the tools for Yoga’s sandbags are “quite robust, yet rather soft,” and Minga Lily’s silk eye cushions are stuffed with organic flaxseed, offering them a good weight.

6. Shambala Rosewood Mala Beads

Shambala Rosewood Mala Beads
Shambala Rosewood Mala Beads | Celebzero

You require mala beads for a well-rounded yoga practice. Aside from being a fashion statement that openly displays your dedication to your yoga practice, the beads help you count chants and meditations without interrupting your flow of consciousness. You close your eyes and make your way around the circle, one bead at a time until you reach your starting place. I wear mine around my neck, and I’ve seen individuals (both men and women) successfully remove them from their wrists and ankles. It’s up to you how you wear the beads, but acquire some immediately.

7. Tazo Organic Chai Tea

Tazo Organic Chai Tea
Tazo Organic Chai Tea | Celebzero

Chai tea is something you’ll come across on your yoga path to spiritual oneness. Yoga requires you to stay hydrated, and tea works just as well as water. Tazo creates an incredible fresh organic Chai blend. Combine milk, honey, and a vanilla bean for a fantastic chai latte. If you enjoy any tea, you’ll want a stylish pot to make it in. Use a different bank for green and black teas to get the maximum flavor out of your blends. One of the best yoga accessories to try.

8. Manduka Shade Eko Mat Lite

Manduka Shade Eko Mat Lite
Manduka Shade Eko Mat Lite | Celebzero

Manduka Eko mats are recyclable, strong, and long-lasting, with a good grip for hot Yoga and Bikram sessions. Manduka maintains its carpet’s valuable by switching colors in the same way as Converse Chucks do. The Lite mat is an excellent introduction mat for a novice, but you’ll eventually want to become a pro.


  Yoga appears to be some impossible superhuman carnival trick from the outside. However, once you enter the yogic universe, you understand that everyone is capable of doing these contortion feats. Breathing is central to Yoga. You can check out more such articles on the official Celebzero website to get more information about Best Yoga accessories.


What are best yoga accessories?
Two types of equipment or gear are considered as the best yoga accessories. They are the proper clothing and a yoga mat.
What are three indispensable items used when practicing Yoga?
A yoga mat, comfortable exercise clothes, and a yoga strap are the three indispensable items used when practicing Yoga.
Which quality yoga mat is best?
Natural rubber is undoubtedly the best material option for yoga mats, and it has been on the market for a long time.
What does a beginner need for Yoga?
Three essential pieces of equipment you’ll need for Yoga as a beginner are:

  • A water bottle (for hydration).
  • A small towel (for sweat).
  • A mat (on which you’ll do your postures).

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