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Affordable And Chic: The Best Hotels In SoHo On A Budget

Soho is a well-known street in the western part of London. Soho is the place that powers recreational activities. The zone is notably known for fashion, artisans, and music. Residents are talented artists who showcase their splendid art pieces in front of the world. People enjoy restaurants, bars, and clubbing activities. Tourists come to spend their holidays with families, friends, and business needs. The place offers an enchanted nightlife that makes the night lively.

When choosing any hotel, we strive for a comfortable bed, decent catering services, and recreational activities. Many of the best hotels in Soho NYC offer remarkable amenities to their visitors. Keep reading to discover some of the best hotels in Soho.

List of the best hotels in Soho

Here is the list of the best hotels in Soho New York:

1. St Giles London, A St Giles Hotel:

St Giles London, A St Giles Hotel
St Giles London, A St Giles Hotel | Celebzero

In Bloomsbury, London, the St Giles Hotel is located on Bedford Avenue. There aren’t many hotels like this in Soho. Restaurants, bars, meeting and event spaces, and fitness facilities are available at the hotel. This hotel is unique in its design. It offers some exceptional perks for its visitors. This hotel is worth every penny with its friendly staff. Tourists enjoy uninterrupted internet connectivity for free in entire rooms. They offer on-site entertainment, such as casinos, sporting activities, and bars available in the area. Various room options are available, such as double rooms, single rooms, deluxe twin rooms, and city twin rooms, without compromising hygiene. The hotel is nearby the British Museum, National Gallery, and London Eye. If you are looking for the best hotel in Soho, this is a must-consider!

2. The Z Hotel Trafalgar 

The Z Hotel Trafalgar is a boutique hotel famous for its clean and hygienic rooms. The hotel is close to public transportation, which makes it a better choice for the guest. The rooms have air conditioners attached and comfortable beds. They provide taxi services to guests who are new to the place. Rooms and public areas have free internet.  They serve drinks like tea, coffee, and other beverages as complementary services. A designated area of the hotel has a garden. Hotel Trafalgar is one of the best hotels in Soho because of its services. This property is close to many popular attractions, such as Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery, and the West End theatres. The Hotel’s central location and exceptional features, such as cheese and wine, make it a popular choice for travellers looking for a convenient place to stay in Soho.

3. Zedwell Piccadilly 

Zedwell Piccadilly 
Zedwell Piccadilly | Celebzero

The Zedwell Piccadilly is a multifaceted hotel in Piccadilly. The base is ideal for sightseeing as it is near many tourist sights. They offer fitness facilities to shed the extra weight due to lazy vacations. Guests can binge-watch their favourite shows on TV at dusk. Rooms are relatively cheaper than other hotels in the area. The lighting in the hotel mimics the natural cycle of the light, helping to regulate guest sleep patterns and improve their mood and energy level. The healthcare centres are near the location. The room space is neat and comfortable. You can relish your family time without any hassle. This property is one of the best hotels in Soho for travellers who want to prioritise sleep wellness and comfort.

4. The Z Hotel Covent Garden 

Z hotel covent Garden is one of the best hotels in Soho. This hotel is located near the National Gallery, one of the main tourist attractions. You can enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout the area. You can enjoy a cosy and comfortable holiday. The reception is at your disposal 24 hours. The staff is very friendly and kind towards their guests. You can start your morning with a delicious continental buffet. Smoking is prohibited on the hotel campus.

5. The Z Hotel Piccadilly 

The Z Hotel Piccadilly
The Z Hotel Piccadilly | Celebzero

The Z Hotel Piccadilly is an ideal base for exploring some of Soho’s top attractions, including Buckingham Palace, the National Gallery, and the Convent garden. This property provides stylish rooms, ranging from standard double to single rooms with balconies. Each room contains air conditioning, a shower room, and a mini refrigerator. The rooms are decent in size but designed beautifully to maximise space and comfort and be delightful. They will enjoy free wifi all over the area. The circus is only 5 minutes distant from the hotel. The location is just a few steps away from Piccadilly Circus, a famous landmark and a hub of activity, with its neon-lit billboard and street performers. The hotel has an on-site cafe and bars serving beverages, snacks, and light meals throughout the day. It is one of the best hotels in Soho.


A popular street in London’s west end, Soho is known for its fashion, artisans, and music. There is a comfortable bed, good catering, and recreational activities available on Agoda. CelebZero offers immaculate deals on some of the best hotels in Soho that are worth your money. They always have sales going on during festivals on their website. For more information, visit Agoda and the official website of Celeb Zero.


Is Soho good for staying in London?
Yes, Soho is a lively place to visit. The City is home to exceptional artists, traditional museums, and more.
Is it better to stay in Soho or Covent Garden?
Well, it depends on the person. Anybody fond of markets and theatrical activities will love the convent garden. On the other hand, someone fond of restaurants, cultural programs, and bars loves Soho.
Which area in London is best to stay in?
Anyone who loves the nightlife in Soho would be the best.
What is the short form of SOHO?
The short form of SOHO is South of Houston street.

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