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Top-Rated Hotels In Chicago With Best Views And Modern Amenities

Amidst the rich tapestry of Chicago’s bustling streets and towering buildings, a collection of top-rated hotels guards an unmatched experience. These urban retreats, which elevate hospitality to an art form, guarantee not only the best views of the city’s stunning skyline but also a symphony of contemporary conveniences that will delight even the most discerning tourists. 

These hotels in Chicago encourage you to revel in a harmonious combination of spectacular landscapes and luxurious comforts, transforming your stay from the ordinary into the extraordinary. They are like lighthouses of sophistication and elegance. Enter a world where every moment is a work of art, where elegance and innovation coexist, and where you may relax in the comfort of your own private oasis while discovering Chicago’s most alluring secrets.

List of top-rated hotels in Chicago

1. Welcome to the Windy City, a city that combines metropolitan allure with unmatched hospitality. A carefully chosen selection of top-rated hotels in Chicago is available in this buzzing metropolis, ready to take your city experience to new heights. 

2. These hotels in Chicago offer the ideal fusion of cutting-edge amenities and first-rate service, assuring a stay that will enthral and inspire you. They are situated near famous sites and hip areas. In order to ensure convenience and comfort, we have curated the list of the top-rated and best-view hotels in Chicago, each of which offers a special tapestry of luxury, comfort, and stunning vistas that will certainly make your trip unforgettable.

1. Chicago – Hillside (Price- $71.24/night)

Chicago - Hillside (Price- 71.24night) | celebzero
Chicago – Hillside (Price- 71.24night) | celebzero

1. The ideal location of Chicago Hillside makes it easy to visit nearby attractions such as the Field Museum, Millennium Park, Brookfield Zoo, and the Art Institute of Chicago. The hotel offers unrivalled comfort and relaxation to its visitors. All the necessary conveniences are provided in the roomy suites, which have plenty of space for working, eating, and relaxing as well as fully functional kitchens and free Wi-Fi. Every visitor, whether staying for a day, a week, or longer, will have a comfortable and convenient stay thanks to the hotel’s additional amenities, which include on-site guest laundry facilities and pet accommodations. Genuine concern and comfort are always put first in the guest experience at Extended Stay America.

2. Chicago – Skokie (Price: $ 103.54/night)

1. When looking for a home away from home for brief or extended stays, business travellers, students, tourists, and anyone moving to the Chicago area might consider this hotel. The hotel’s convenient location off I-94 makes it simple to reach well-liked neighborhood attractions including the Chicago Botanic Garden, Montrose Beach, Wrigley Field, and the Lincoln Park Zoo.

2. The hotel’s expansive rooms come with fully functional kitchens, offering comfort and familiarity. Additionally, there is free Wi-Fi, a complimentary grab-and-go breakfast, and plenty of room for visitors to work, eat, and unwind. With on-site guest laundry services and pet-friendly accommodations, the hotel further attends to the needs of its customers, delivering a warm and welcoming experience for all travellers.

3. Select Suites Chicago – Rolling Meadows (Price: $75.99/night)

Select Suites Chicago - Rolling Meadows (Price 75.99night) | celebzero
Select Suites Chicago – Rolling Meadows (Price 75.99night) | celebzero

1. For lengthy stays, business trips, vacations, and people moving to the area, this long-term hotel in Chicago is an excellent choice. With a discount, visitors can enjoy financial savings on daily rates for a longer period of time. The hotel guarantees a comfortable and inviting experience for all visitors, whether they are looking for temporary housing or a short-term retreat, with a primary focus on creating a homely ambience.

2. The extended-stay hotel in Chicago, Illinois, offers a wide range of services designed to meet the requirements of visitors. These provide adequate room for work, dining, and recreation, as well as fully functional kitchens and complimentary Wi-Fi. The hotel also has on-site guest laundry facilities and allows pets, which adds to the comfort and convenience of each visitor’s stay.

4. Chicago – Buffalo Grove – Deerfield (Price: $ 66.49/night)

Chicago - Buffalo Grove - Deerfield (Price 66.49night) | celebzero
Chicago – Buffalo Grove – Deerfield (Price 66.49night) | celebzero

1. The hotel’s advantageous location makes it simple to reach popular nearby sites like the Chicago Botanic Garden, Hawthorn Mall, and Six Flags Great America. The hotel’s large suites have fully functional kitchens, which add convenience and a homey feel. Additionally, there is a complementary grab-and-go breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and lots of room for working, eating, and relaxing for visitors. 

2. With on-site guest laundry services and pet-friendly accommodations, the hotel further attends to the needs of its customers, delivering a welcoming and accommodating experience for all travellers. No matter the length of the stay—a few nights, a week, a month, or even longer—Extended Stay America makes sure that every visitor feels at home and gets sincere attention.


As the sun sets and the city lights dance across the skyline, the above-mentioned top-rated hotels in Chicago reveal their charming allure. These urban havens, which range from the Magnificent Mile’s luxurious beauty to River North’s cultural vibrancy, guarantee an experience that goes above and beyond the ordinary. They entice visitors to bask in the allure of Chicago’s enduring beauty with their breathtaking views and modern conveniences. Embrace the symphony of contemporary amenities and breathtaking views, and let these outstanding hotels in Chicago serve as the backdrop for lifelong memories in the heart of the Windy City. For more informative blogs, you can visit our website, Celebzero. And for booking-related queries, you can refer to the official website of Extended Stay America.


What is the average cost of a hotel room in Chicago?
In Chicago, a hotel room typically costs around $160 per night. Though there are many determining factors that may decide the cost. These factors primarily include the location, the hotel’s amenities, and the season you are visiting.
What are the best parts to stay in Chicago?
Depending on tastes, there are good places to stay in Chicago. The Loop offers a convenient location close to well-known attractions, River North’s exciting nightlife, and Magnificent Mile’s upscale shopping. While Lincoln Park has a residential feel, The Gold Coast is affluent and historically significant. West Loop has trendy restaurants, while Wicker Park is hip and artistic.
What are the safest cities to stay in Chicago?
Streeterville and Lincoln Park are two places to stay in Chicago that are safe and have low crime rates. While the affluent Gold Coast provides a safe atmosphere, the Loop and Near North Side are both generally safe neighborhoods.

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