Best Hotels In Northampton 

Enjoy Blissful Scenery During Your Stay At Best Hotels In Northampton 

Making a trip to Northampton is a cultural and learning experience in addition to the vivid British life one can enjoy. If you spend some time visiting the museums, art galleries, gardens, and more, you will need just the right hotel to lodge and rest. Travelodge offers several Hotels In Northampton around the central and other parts of Northampton, so you can make no compromises on your trip. Located closer to the central area and around prime tourist attractions, here are a few hotels you can consider if you’re planning your trip to the city

Best hotels in Northampton

1. Northampton Central

Northampton Central
Northampton Central | Celebzero

As they say, in the heart of the town, just 0.2 miles away, is the Northampton Central hotel from Travelodge. This is one of the best hotels in Northampton due to its prime location in the city, surrounded by attractions, markets, event centers, and more. This is the best place to book your stay if you’re here for an occasion or a formal business trip or event. With various things to do just around the corner, you can maximize your trip and visit places quickly and easily as you won’t have to travel very far. This hotel offers quite a few basic facilities making it ideal for a genuine stay. However, even if you’re here with family or friends, the various room options ensure that you’ll be comfortable during your stay. 

2. Northampton Wootton 

Northampton Wootton 
Northampton Wootton | Celebzero

Northampton Wootton goes a little further but gives you the advantage of blissful scenery during your stay. This hotels in Northampton is surrounded by nature and has the countryside just around the corner. So if you’re here to explore Northampton’s natural beauty, this hotel is ideal.

 This hotel provides a car journey for short distances from the hotel. What makes this one of the best hotels in Northampton is its different options for beds. All the better if you’re with your family; there are family beds, twin beds, and other facilities to enhance your stay. The Northampton Wootton also takes care of smaller details like facilities and services of your room and has excellent staff. 

3. Northampton Upton Way 

Northampton Upton Way 
Northampton Upton Way | Celebzero

Next in terms of distance after Northampton Central is the Northampton Upton Way hotel. This Northampton hotel is close enough to several tourist attractions and centers. For sports lovers, the added benefit is that the racecourse and racing circuit, two renowned sites at Northampton, are just a few miles away from this hotel. With wifi facility and more to add to the leisure of your room, this hotel ensures your comfort inside and is close to most of the places on your list. If you aren’t a fan of traveling much to explore all the places around Northampton, this hotel is perfect for you. 

4. Northampton Round Spinney

Northampton Round Spinney
Northampton Round Spinney | Celebzero

Next on the list comes the Northampton Round Spinney. This hotel is the most convenient option if you have anyone at Northampton University or have business there. Though the rooms of this hotel are mostly suited for two adults only, it is perfect for couples or friends and can be quite spacious and relaxing. Free parking is also limited on a first-come, first-serve basis. So if you’re just living around the country and wish to plan a stay in Northampton, go for the Northampton Round Spinney. Though not very close to tourist sites compared to the previously listed hotels in Northampton, the Royal and Derngate theater is also around the corner for the racing circuit.

5. Milton Keynes At The Hub

Milton Keynes At The Hub
Milton Keynes At The Hub | Celebzero

This hotel is probably the farthest from Northampton but one of the most lavish and elegant. Most of the hotels in Northampton may give you a country feel. However, if you’re looking for something more classy, pick Milton Keynes. The plus point here is that the tourist attractions are all over the place, and while you’ll have some traveling, there is a lot you can explore. So if you’re just casually roaming around and time isn’t a constraint, this hotel is a perfect choice. Another feature is the well-connected transport, and this hotel is very close to the station, so even if you have to visit someplace farther, it’s hassle-free. The best part about this hotel is that being ‘the hub’ of the area, there are a variety of restaurants and bars to visit all around the hotel and area. 

6. Towcester Silverstone 

Towcester Silverstone 
Towcester Silverstone | Celebzero

Towcester Silverstone may be a bit distant from major and crowded attractions, but you’re in for a treat being around this hotel. With multiple eateries and shopping areas, this hotel is ideal if you’re exploring Northampton and don’t have a fixed to-do list. It is also closer to the Silverstone racing circuit, and if you’re a sport or racing fan, it would be unfortunate not to be around this area. This hotel also offers basic amenities and takes care of the details and comfort of its guests.


Travelodge has a variety of hotels you can check into based on what your trip is planned out like. Find more hotels and their pricing and booking details here. Also, follow Celebzero for more content to plan the next ideal trip. 


How do I find a hotel in Central Northampton?
You can easily find hotels in Central Northampton with the help of Travelodge’s website. Simply search for Northampton Central hotels in the search bar. And have a look in the list then plan your trip accordingly. Also there are many options available for the traveler.
Are there any hotels in Northampton that have business centers?
Travelodge Northampton Round Spinney and Northampton Central are among the hotels that have and are around business centers.
What’s the best place for a stay in Northampton?
The best place to stay in Northampton depends on the type of trip you’re planning. However, Northampton Central is the best place to stay, mostly for tourists and visitors, given its location is close to many tourist and business sites.

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