Best beaches in New England

Make your vacation worth with Best beaches in New England

When you think of New England, images of hills covered in fall hues and ports perched on granite outcrops may come to mind. New England is popular for its scenic natural landscapes, vibrant fall season, and numerous best beaches in New England. Generally speaking, the farther you get from Manhattan and Miami, the quieter it becomes. 

However, that well-known coastline is also littered with wonderful, unassuming beaches where inhabitants choose to spend their days in the sun. 

List of the best beaches in New England-

New England has great, sandy beaches considering the area’s interior lakes. This article explores the best beaches in New England, to visit if you are planning your holidays. 

1. Hampton Beach, NH

Hampton Beach, NH
Hampton Beach, NH | Celebzero

Hampton Beach, located in the state of New Hampshire, offers excellent sandy beaches and waves. Its fantastic atmosphere elevates it to the list of best beaches in New England. Visit the fried-dough vendors for a bite before playing some retro arcade games. You may visit one of the numerous karaoke stores for a great night with friends. 

Spend the evening’s finale driving about town in a convertible while admiring spectacular fireworks displays. Once the sun sets, the beach and the town are lit with stunning lights, making you wonder if you are in a Disney movie. The delicious food available here makes it one of the best beaches in New England.

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2. Hammonasset Beach State Park, CT

Hammonasset Beach State Park, CT
Hammonasset Beach State Park, CT | Celebzero

You usually visit a beach during the summer or spring, which is considered the ideal season to visit a beach. However, Hammonasset Beach is at its full glory during the off-season, making it one of the best beaches in New England, especially during the off-season. The beach is located in Madison, CT. you will get gentle waves to surf on and the weather here is the sweetest. 

Hammonasset has the biggest part in the state. The place also offers other activities like hiking and camping. If you are a surfer then you must try the waves of Hammonasset Beach.

3. Ogunquit Beach, ME

Ogunquit Beach, ME
Ogunquit Beach, ME | Celebzero

Among the best beaches in New England, there is a beautiful beach at a place called Ogunquit. You must give Ogunquit beach a visit, which is situated in Maine. Unlike the majority of Maine’s beaches, which are edgy and rocky, this one has four miles of coarse fine sand. The little community of Ogunquit serves as a divider between the River and the vast pacific ocean. The bathing conditions in these waters are almost ideal.

This place has one of the best beach towns in New England.

4. Old Orchard Beach, ME

Old Orchard Beach, ME
Old Orchard Beach, ME | Celebzero

If you prefer solitude over crowds of people, then you must visit Old Orchard located in Maine. You will have ample space to spread out your beach blanket and relax under the shade on a sunny day. The beach stretches to 7 miles. The famous Pier is this beach is a tourist attractor.

The Pier, which was built in the year 1898, is where all the action takes place. The Pier stretches to 3 miles and allows you to enjoy breathtaking natural views, especially the sun rising from the ocean. The beach gives you a lot of ‘me-time’ which makes it one of the best beaches in New England.

5. Singing Beach, MA

Singing Beach, MA
Singing Beach, MA | Celebzero

Are you ready to enjoy some great music? Singing Beach, situated in Massachusetts, is a true gem, even if it might not be counted among the most well-known beaches. As you walk over Singing Beach’s distinctive natural sandy beach, it makes a sound that is music to ears making it unique and one of the best beaches in New England

This musical sandy beach draws not all visitors to this beach. Due to its size and lack of accessible parking, this Beach exudes exclusivity. There are peaceful throngs of people out enjoying the clean air and the natural beauty. The beach welcomes everyone with open arms.

6. Rhode Island 

Rhode Island 
Rhode Island | Celebzero

New England’s top beaches are not usually considered to have great nice weather. However, you can locate New England’s biggest and hottest beach by traveling to Rhode Island. The mild midsummer temperatures of Rhode Island, are ideal for lazing in the ocean and water surfing. This elegant and vibrant beach stretches to 3 miles. You will not find any stores here, meaning the beach is far from any material goods.


There are several best beaches in New England to visit, spring and summers are the ideal seasons for having a fun vacation at the scenic beaches of New England. So, for your next spring break or the next family vacation, consider spending your time here. For more information about the beaches and more particularly for your stay at the beaches, check the website called Celebzero. 

It has great deals on rental houses located along the coast of New England. You can also find the best beach hotels in New England on this site. The ocean view from these independent houses is magnificent. The houses are in great condition, so you do not have to worry about your stay. These places have all the amenities you need, from 24 x 7 clean water to comfortable home-like furniture. Once you stay in this place you will never wish to leave.


Which is the nicest beach in New England?
Old Orchard Beach is by far the best beach in New England, although it is only ahead by a small margin. The beach stretches to 7 miles and has a 3-mile-long pier, where you can just stand and enjoy the sunrise. 
What beach has the warmest water in New England?
The warmest water in New England is undoubtedly at Silver Sands State Park in Milford, Connecticut. The temperature of the ocean reaches up to the mark of 70s degrees during the days of the summer.
What is the most beautiful beach in Massachusetts?
There are several beautiful beaches in Massachusetts, but to name one is not possible as there are numerous eye-grabbing scenic beaches like Crane Beach, Chatham Lighthouse Beach, Nauset Beach, and many more.

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