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Hotel Occidental Nuevo Vallarta: The Best Hotel In The City

Nuevo Vallarta is one of the stunning resort towns in Mexico. This mesmerising beautiful place in Mexico is where your dream of living in Paradise comes true. The town is widely known for having some of the world’s most dazzling beaches, exquisite cuisines, and comfortable places for families and couples. Every year throughout different seasons the town receives a lot of visitors from different countries. A place where people feel at home, get carried away and enjoy the best moments of their lives.

If there is one place where people should feel heaven on Earth it has to be Nuevo Vallarta. To complete that memorable holiday experience Barcelo has “Hotel Occidental Nuevo Vallarta” where all fun and joy come alive. One of the best resorts in Town! 

Surrounded by the azure water of the Pacific Ocean, this is more than just a regular resort. The hotel is the symbol of beauty, fun, luxury, and relaxation. One can call it a heaven where the opulence and beauty of nature collide. Showering the guests and travellers with an unforgettable escape from bustling city life into the momentary joy that will last forever. 

There are many reasons why Hotel Occidental Nuevo Vallarta is popular. This place is not only famous among the visitors but also the locals find it exciting. 

Why Choose Hotel Occidental Nuevo Vallarta?

It is not just the incredible landscape of the Riviera Nayarit that attracts visitors to the palace. What has made a lot of visitors enjoy this place is the luxurious hotel rooms. Well, it’s not surprising for a resort to have good bedrooms. But this is not the case with Hotel Occidental Nuevo Vallarta. It has added extra luxury to the hotel rooms. Excellent facilities, luxurious beds, and amenities make all the difference. The rooms are spread over 7 floors. Making sure the guests enjoy the unbeatable stay during their time. Also with 24-hour servicing, all your requirements are met right away. Here are some overall benefits of staying in the hotel. 

1. Nature at its best

There are a lot of resorts that are near the ocean. But unlike the Occidental Nuevo Vallarta where the setting sun kisses the resort, the surrounding landscape of the Riviera Nayarit and the timeless view of the water of the Pacific Ocean will blow your mind. 

The surrounding landscape, the trees, and the beach make the guests feel like they are not close to nature but with nature. It brings peace to the mind and heavenly relaxation that will make your holiday trip momentum. 

2. Hotel for all ages 

The best thing about Hotel Occidental Nuevo Vallarta is that it’s a homely stay for everyone. The inclusion of fun and entertainment is not only for adults but also for kids from 4-12 ages. The Kids Club and the regular kid’s program where parents can let their kids enjoy their time.  The nightlife at the hotel includes live music and dancing for adults. This is why it’s a place where families can have their best time in the dazzling town.

3. Outdoor pools 

Although the beach is just a few second’s walk from the resort, the large outdoor swimming pool (three pools) will blow your mind again. A place where guests can simply relax and sip their favourite cocktails at the pool. This magnificent outdoor pool has enough lounges for the guests to relax and sunbathe. 

One pool is for the whole family, the shallow pool is for the kids, and an exclusive pool is for the Royal Level guests. Each pool is fun and exciting to spend time in.

4. Outdoor activities

The other door activities are also largely what make the place fun. It’s like there are never-ending things for the guests to do. If the guests completely engage in the outdoor activities they might hardly find time to explore outside the resort. Such as aqua aerobics, water polo, basketball, tennis court, and aqua volleyball. An opportunity for guests to meet new people or have a fun time with family exclusively. 

5. Fitness and wellness centre 

Holidays are all about having fun but still for those who are fitness lovers and health conscious, hotel Occidental Nuevo Vallarta has an amazing world-class fitness centre and well centre. The fully equipped gym is for people above 16 years old. 

The wellness U-Spa is where the guests can relax and enjoy the true feeling of well-being and tranquillity. Enjoy the luxurious services at this classic U-Spa where you can bring a new perspective to your wellness. Pamper yourself with incredible massages and treatments. A great place to get absorbed in self-love. 

5. Delightful Food 

There is no getting away from the delicious food at the resort. Here at the hotel, the guests can enjoy a wide variety of international cousins. All these cuisines are world-class delights. And local cuisine as well. There are different options for guests to enjoy the dining experience they are looking at.  Such as 

  • Royal Level restaurant 
  • Tokyo 
  • Mariachi
  • The Olive Trees 
  • Le Buffet 

6. Wedding Events

There is also an opportunity for those couples who want to hold their weddings somewhat memorable like Hotel Occidental Nuevo Vallarta. Everything you need to make your big day momentum is here at the place. Prepare for the lifetime experience at the resort where your love gets ignited in passion and commitment. Yes, why not a wedding on the dazzling Mexican Pacific Coast?

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Do not delight and waste no time wondering whether you should book a room at Hotel Occidental Nuevo Vallarta. With Barcelo, your bookings are made instantly. Even at the last minute still find your best deluxe rooms. Stay comfortable and luxurious and  make your experience worthwhile to cherish. 

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Are there all-inclusive packages available at the Hotel Occidental Nuevo Vallarta?
Royal-level service is one of the exclusive hotel services available for guests. Apart from the other inclusive facilities such as sports activities, room services, etc. 
Can I book a room with an ocean view at Hotel Occidental Nuevo Vallarta?
Yes, there are multiple rooms with balconies and terraces that offer ocean views. 
Is there free Wi-Fi available for guests?
Yes, Wi-Fi is free for the guests. 

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