vrbo vs airbnb

It Is A Battle Between VRBO VS Airbnb

Making travel plans is not accessible. It requires much effort and research, from selecting the destination to looking for the best options. One of the features that play an essential part in making these vacations memorable is the homestays. Travellers always look for affordable accommodations to have the best of their trips. Travellers and property owners love using vrbo vs airbnb two prominent vacation rental websites. When deciding where to market your home, you could ask which of these two solutions will be more successful for your short-term rental business. As a visitor, you might be interested in learning which platforms can meet your specific requirements and facilitate the planning of your ideal trip.

Initially, Airbnb and Vrbo have a lot in common and provide both homeowners and visitors with similar services. At the same time, both intend to provide an alternative to hotels, with a few minor distinctions in vacation rental owners. Since its founding in 2008, Airbnb has grown to include 6 million active listings across more than 220 nations as of December 2021. The Expedia Group now owns Vrbo, formerly known as Vacation Rental by Owner. On the vacation rental marketplace, there are over 2 million property listings in 190 different countries, claims its website. When we talk about the best rental service, the Vrbo vs Airbnb debates hit the floor—understanding that Vrbo vs Airbnb is just a difference of services, cost prices and properties owned by these two rental sites.

Even though Airbnb is somewhat more recent than Vrbo, it has already distinguished itself as a rental platform that provides visitors with more distinctive experiences than Vrbo and other vacation rental websites. For instance, in contrast to Vrbo, Airbnb also offers communal areas. Read this article by CelebZero and spot the difference by yourself. 

There are differences in the number of listings and services provided between these two rental sites; Vrbo aims to give more exposure to the hosts. 


VRBO vs AirBnb

Vrbo vs Airbnb for the hosts

Vrbo vs Airbnb for the hosts
Vrbo vs Airbnb for the hosts | Celebzero

Vrbo vs airbnb for hosts enables property managers to offer a variety of properties, from luxury vacation rentals and beachfront cottages to individual rooms, cabins, and tiny homes. It typically means that tourists looking for more distinctive and particular property types can readily locate them on Airbnb. Additionally, hosts can list shared spaces on Airbnb. Travellers can do this by renting individual rooms inside a house rather than the complete residence. Whereas, Vrbo provides more conventional lodging. Vrbo exclusively accepts reservations for standalone vacation homes and does not permit the advertising of shared spaces because it gears toward family vacations. As a result, larger families wishing to rent a whole house while on vacation are more likely to find Vrbo rentals appealing. Excellent Vrbo and Airbnb provide prospects to build a consistent income stream in the short-term rental sector. And now is a fantastic time to enter the game, with more and more states and jurisdictions opening up. Since it draws more families seeking extended stays, Vrbo is a great option for those who can offer whole-house rentals. Your turnaround time reduces, which can help you save money and resources. The yearly membership fees are also very reasonable for hosts who have bookings all year. Additionally, the additional exposure that comes with being linked to an Expedia brand can increase the visibility of your listing.

Fee Schedules for Hosts on Vrbo

Vrbo vs Airbnb begins the difference in airbnb vs vrbo fees structure. A $499 yearly subscription fee is available to hosts, which includes all bookings made throughout the year.

Hosts might pay a 3% processing charge and a 5% profit on each reservation.

Airbnb Host Fee Schedules

A split fee, which usually costs the host 3% of the booking and distributes the service price between hosts and guests, is an option for hosts. Additionally, hosts might pay a host-only fee of 14%–16% of the booking.

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Vrbo vs Airbnb prices

The competition is always Vrbo vs Airbnb, and the real difference is in the cost and the level of hospitality they provide. In addition to the nightly rent, cleaning fee, and additional guests, Airbnb also charges service fees ranging from 5% to 20% of the sum. Although Airbnb claims prices are generally under 14.2%, we consistently observed service fees of around 16% when looking for properties. Vrbo vs Airbnb price experiences are free of guest service charges. When using Vrbo, guests pay a service fee of 6% to 15% of the total (without taxes), which makes it occasionally more affordable than Airbnb. Here is where the Vrbo vs Airbnb competition hits off. 

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These are the best rent services present in the world today. Both these rental sites offer exclusive deals for travellers. The host and the guests are subject to several offers depending on the dates of their trips. The main focus of these sites, Airbnb and Vrbo, is to provide comfortable, affordable homestays for travelling families, etc. Compared to hotels, they typically offer more space, better amenities, kitchens, reduced prices, a washer and dryer, and many other benefits. For flexible, adventurous travellers, renting a vacation home, apartment, condo, boat, yurt, shared space, or other property offers a far better value than staying in a hotel. The battle is always Vrbo vs Airbnb; the actual difference lies in the prices and the quality of hospitality they offer. 


Does Vrbo have the same fees as Airbnb?
The 3% cost charged by Airbnb is lower than the 5% fee charged by Vrbo, but if your house is a full-time rental, you should think about Vrbo’s annual subscription, which offers unlimited bookings for a fee.
Why is Airbnb more popular than Vrbo?
Only standalone vacation properties are available on Vrbo. Generally speaking, it does not provide “shared” areas like private rooms or more odd choices like campgrounds. Airbnb provides independent vacation properties, communal spaces, and even hotel rooms.
What is the advantage of booking through Vrbo?
One of the advantages of booking through Vrbo is that visitors can filter the rental search options on Vrbo based on their preferences. For instance, a visitor can limit the results to just displaying homes with the characteristics or number of bedrooms you want.

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