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Comfortable And Durable Bed Foundation For Easy Sleep Every Night

As per research, it is found that more than 1/3rd of American adults do not get enough sleep on a regular basis. So Eight Sleep has come up with an effective solution to the problem with its mission to add comfort to your daily life and increase your potential through consistent sleeping hours. The mattress company introduced the product which puts forward bio-tracking mattresses that make use of thermoregulation, to bring a hike in the quality of sleep by 32%. A sleep fitness brand that works on leveraging thermoregulation, information, and technology to craft products to help you sleep comfortably at night and wake up feeling fresh in the morning.

It was honored with the title of Most Innovative Company of the Year in 2018 and 2022 and also identified as the Time’s Best Invention of the Year in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Eight Sleep offers technology-based smart mattresses that are controlled through smartphones. It allows monitoring and supervising the mattress bed frame and the vitals of the body like- breathing or pulse rate and fluctuations and variance measured in heartbeat rate. It is with the help of these controls that the person can fall asleep faster and bring enhancement to the quality of their sleep. The metal bed frame gives a perfect shape to the bed.

The application can also be linked to other technology smart devices to supervise sleeping time and activity. Working as a retailer and consumer goods provider it has recognized the real need of the society and has facilitated such goods that add much comfort and relief from their hectic daily routine.

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Bed foundation by Eight Sleep for a comfortable sleep cycle

Eight Sleep has designed and led its operation in such a way that people can monitor their sleep hours. It is one of the leading retailers of sleep fitness products manufactured with the primary purpose of bringing improvement in sleep cycles with the help of personalized temperature and patented technology which can be accessible and linked to any smart device. You can manage and track your sleeping hours through this mattress foundation provided by Eight Sleep.


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One of the customized mattress bed frames which is available at the affordable price of $ 445 adds much comfort and ease to you and your family members’ lives. To support all types of requirements, Eight Sleep has come up with different sizes ranging from Full size, Queen size, King size to Cali King size. The company works on providing its customers with the best quality input and in return the output of loyalty and repeat purchase.

If a customer feels like returning the bed foundation either due to the defective product delivered or failure to deliver the product as per the satisfaction then they can return the product without any hesitation and cost being charged or refunds can be asked for if it fails to meet your standards.

These mattress bed frames are designed and developed in such a way that they easily fit in any Pod, while the bed foundation even reduces the need for the box spring. For the ultimate support and strength strong spruce is used to prevent it from breaking down.

Strong edge support makes sure that one can sleep or sit by the metal bed frame edges of the mattress despite being afraid of the thing that one night rolls off. The firmness level of the bed foundation should be such that preferences are given to the consumers if they would like to prefer soft, medium, or stronger support.


Eight Sleep, an ultimate savior to irregular and bad sleep patterns, enables a person to monitor their sleeping activities and time by regulating the mattress foundation temperature. Proper sleep stands out to be one of the major reasons behind one’s effective and outstanding performance. If sleeping hours or cycle is not proper then it may result in frustration and a bad temper which would not only influence one’s personality but also the hours of work. To bring a solution to these problems, Eight Sleep comes with an affordable range of bed foundation that could add amazement and freshness to your life. For more information, visit CelebZero.


Does bed foundation make a difference?
Yes, bed foundation stands important and it does make a difference as it affects the feel of the bed, airflow, and longevity.
What is the difference between a bed foundation and a box spring?
A bed foundation is a solid platform or base that provides support for the mattress while a box spring is a wooden or metal frame covered with fabric that contains a system of springs. The bed foundation provides firm and consistent support to the mattress while the boxspring is there to add bounce to the bed. Bed foundation is found to be low while box spring adds height to the bed.
Do bed foundations need to be replaced?
No, bed foundations need not be replaced as they are the ones that act as an active support to the bed mattress and prevent it from breaking down. 
Can you put a new mattress on an old foundation?
Though a new mattress can be out in the old foundation under certain conditions that old foundation must not have any signs of damage or wear or tear. The old foundation must be compatible enough with the type of mattress one plans to use. Must also take into consideration the warranty situation.
Can I use my old foundation for a new mattress?
Yes, you can use the old foundation for the new mattress by taking into account a few considerations, the old foundation must be compatible and strong enough to bear the weight of the new mattress and must not be damaged as it would bear the weight for long then.

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