Bavaro Adventure Park

Experience The Inner Adrenaline Rush At Bavaro Adventure Park

Looking for or planning some adventures this vacation, then you will definitely love Bavaro Adventure Park. The nature-centric beauty with lots of flora and fauna is situated in the Dominican Republic’s rainforest. Its wide range of activities like zip lining, snorkelling, and other adventurous performances mesmerizes the tourist and makes them fall in love with it. With Get Your Guide, you can book your week at this amazing Bavaro adventure park and enjoy the cultural beauty of the Dominican Republic. 

Where is Bavaro Adventure Park located? 

The location of Bavaro Adventure Park is in Punta-Cana, an island on the east coast of the Dominican Republic. If you visit the place the nearest airport is Punta Cana International Airport which is only a 30-minute drive from the Bavaro Adventure Park. It is set on 44 acres of area surrounded by rainforest and other natural bodies. It is the best place for people of every age group to experience the natural beauty of the island through various activities. 

Activities That You Can Perform At Bavaro Adventure Park

Not just one but there are certain activities that you can opt for or book from Get Your Guide on your visit to Bavaro Adventure Park. Here are some of the adventurous activities you can prefer-

  1. Buggy Ride, Zipline Splash & Waterfall Pool Combo with Lunch

Buggy Ride, Zipline Splash & Waterfall Pool Combo with Lunch
Buggy Ride, Zipline Splash & Waterfall Pool Combo with Lunch | celebzero

If you are someone who loves water activities with certain other activities too. So gear up for the adventure ride inside the abandoned caves, ziplining, and a swim to the waterfall pool. You will get all the inside facilities including lunch and other activities. With expert vigilance, you will be given a thrilling experience that you will remember for a lifetime. 

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 2. Punta Cana: Blue Lagoon Cenote, Waterfall Pool, & River Tour

Experience the whole new adventure of the Bavaro adventure park with natural blue lagoons, and jungle rides, and enjoy the tasty cocktails. Visit the place with your family, friends and partner, for some chill and fun moments. Take a dip inside the lagoon and gaze around the serene beauty of the lush natural vegetation.

3. Punta Cana: Bávaro Adventure Park Horse Riding & Waterfalls

Punta Cana Bávaro Adventure Park Horse Riding & Waterfalls
Punta Cana Bávaro Adventure Park Horse Riding & Waterfalls | celebzero

Bavaro Adventure Park not only gives you the experience of pools, water bodies or lagoons but also horse riding activities. You will start with an amazing horse riding for the waterfall tour. Gaze over the wildlife and rainforest beauty and the other scenic places of the island. You can even relax under the shade of the trees beside the waterfall pool after a long ride from your stay. Get Your Guide will provide you with all the itineraries of the Bavaro Adventure Park.

 4. Punta Cana: Polaris 4×4 Tour, Ziplining, and Waterfall Pool

Punta Cana Polaris 4x4 Tour, Ziplining, and Waterfall Pool
Punta Cana Polaris 4×4 Tour, Ziplining, and Waterfall Pool | celebzero

For a unique adventure in your bucket list of activities, you can go for this package from Get Your Guide and enjoy the full tour. This includes Polaris ride to the exciting zipline, and ending to other water activities. Visit the local village of the Dominican Republic and experience their culture and products grown and made. At last dive into the waterfall pool and blue lagoon and refresh yourself with the natural beauty in the surroundings.

Best Time To Visit Bavaro Adventure Park 

If you want to enjoy the long rides to the Dominican village and take a swim in the freshwater blue lagoon, then the best time to visit Bavaro Adventure Park is from November to June. The bright sun and the clear sky will refresh your mood and you can have the best moment of the year at Bavaro Adventure Park. 

Things To Remember When Visit The Bavaro Adventure Park

There are certain things that tourists should avoid before visiting Bavaro Adventure Park-

  • Tourists should have their passports with them when visiting the Bavaro Adventure Park. 
  • Carry your sunscreen which is biodegradable, driver’s license, swimwear, ID cards, etc. 
  • Make sure that pregnant women avoid doing all these activities.
  • Children below the age group of 5 are not allowed and also check the weight of a person that is above 280 lbs.
  • Children should be accompanied by their parents all over the park. 

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Bavaro Adventure Park is the most exciting and fascinating experience of the vacation. GetYourGuide X Celebzero is the best palace you can get your trip planned and book the destination at affordable prices. You won’t be disappointed once you visit the Bavaro Adventure Park and enjoy the nature, adventure, activities, and Dominican culture. Get to know about the people and products that are famous like cocoa. Sugar cane, cigars. Once visit you will again crave the refreshing environment, blue lagoons, and leavy vegetation. Visit Getyourguide for more information.


Can I get a taxi or ride-sharing service to Bavaro Adventure Park?
Yes, you can get a taxi or ride-sharing facility in Bavaro Adventure Park, you have to get there 30 minutes before the booking allotted time. 
What are the prohibited items at Bavaro Adventure Park?
Things that are prohibited from Bavaro Adventure Park are Sandals, flip-flops, cameras, selfie sticks, backpacks, drugs, alcohol, and cell phones. All things are not allowed to take while you are having any kind of activities. 
Are there any medical facilities at Bavaro Adventure Park?
Yes, Bavaro Adventure Park includes certain necessary medical facilities for tourists in case of an emergency. 

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