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Stay Safe In Snowy Weather: Winter Tires For Your Vehicle

Winter tires, also known as snow tires, are usually used in areas where the roads get too snowy! These tires are made specially to run in snowy and icy conditions, reducing the risk of any accidents or slips. These tires are very important for safe and confident driving during the winter season. So, if you are planning to give your automobile winter protection, is a great platform to purchase these winter tires at competitive prices.

Why are winter tires important?

1.  Enhanced traction

Winter tires are specifically engineered to grip the road better in cold, snowy, and icy conditions. They have a different rubber compound that stays more pliable in low temperatures, providing better traction.

2. Improved handling

These tires offer better control and handling, reducing the risk of skidding or losing control of your vehicle in slippery conditions.

3. Shorter stopping distance

Winter tires can significantly reduce your vehicle’s stopping distance on snow or ice, which is crucial for safety.

4. Increased safety

By providing better grip and control, winter tires enhance the safety of both you and other road users during winter driving.

5. Reduced wear on all-season tires

Using winter tires in the winter season can extend the life of your regular all-season tires because they won’t experience the harsh winter conditions.

6. Insurance benefits

Some insurance companies offer discounts to policyholders who use winter tires, as they contribute to safer driving.

Safety tips when installing winter tires

1. Proper installation

Ensure that your winter tires are correctly installed on all four wheels to maintain balanced handling and traction.

2. Tire pressure

Check and maintain the recommended tire pressure for your winter tires as indicated by the manufacturer. Proper tire pressure is very important for better performance.

3. Tire condition

Inspect your winter tires for any visible damage, like cuts, punctures, or uneven wear. Replace or repair damaged tires promptly.

4. Balancing and alignment

Ensure your winter tires are properly balanced and aligned for even wear and improved handling.

5. Drive cautiously

Even with winter tires, exercise caution when driving in snowy or icy conditions. Reduce speed, increase the following distance, and brake gently to avoid skidding.

Picking the correct winter tires for your automobile

1. Tire type 

Select dedicated winter tires, often labeled with a mountain snowflake symbol, for the best performance in cold and icy conditions.

2. Tire size

Choose the correct tire size according to your vehicle. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual or the sidewall of your current tires for this information.

3. Tread pattern

Look for winter tires with deep, aggressive tread patterns that provide excellent traction on snow and ice. Sipes enhance grip.

4. Studded or studless

Decide whether you want studded or studless winter tires. Studded tires offer exceptional grip on ice but may not be allowed in some areas due to road damage concerns.

5. Local conditions

Think about the specific winter weather conditions in your area. If you frequently encounter heavy snow and ice, prioritize tires designed for such conditions.

6. Driving habits

Your driving habits and routes also matter. If you often drive in harsh winter conditions, invest in top-tier winter tires for maximum safety.

Best winter tires for better performance and reliability

1.  Winter tire pirelli ice zero friction 205/55R16 94T

Winter tire pirelli ice zero friction 205/55R16 94T
Winter tire pirelli ice zero friction 205/55R16 94T | Celebzero

Pirelli ice zero friction is an excellent choice for those seeking a comfortable and stable driving experience in harsh winter conditions. Its directional tread pattern offers traction on various surfaces, while the abundance of central lamellas improves snow grip. Longitudinal side grooves quickly remove ice surface water, and 3D lamella technology maintains stability, even at higher speeds. These features result in a broader contact patch, uniform pressure distribution, enhanced grip, and safer braking. It is one of the best winter tires, which are designed for passenger cars and ensures reliability.

2. Winter tire belshina artmotion snow Bel-337 195/65R15 91T



The Belshina artmotion snow bel-337 is a winter tire designed for changing winter weather conditions. It features a unique tread pattern with bidirectional Z-shaped lamellas and serrated edges, providing excellent traction and stability on snow and icy roads. This tire is suitable for passenger cars, with a profile width of 195 mm, a profile height of 65, and a 15″ diameter. It has a load index of 91 and a maximum speed index of T. The tire is tubeless and comes with a special equipment package as a gift.

3.  Winter tire belshina Bel-117 185/70R14 88S


Winter tire belshina Bel-117 185/70R14 88S
Winter tire belshina Bel-117 185/70R14 88S | Celebzero

This is a winter tire designed for passenger cars with specifications including a radial design, a profile width of 185mm, a profile height of 70, and a 14-inch diameter. It has a load index of 88, allowing a maximum load of 560 kg per tire, and a maximum speed index of S, up to 180 km/h. This tire is tubeless and does not have spikes or run-flat technology. So, if you are thinking of purchasing the best winter tires, this model by is the best bet to make and it only costs RUB119.

4. Winter tire viatti brina V-521 195/65R15 91T

This winter tire, the Brina V-521 from Viatti, excels at maintaining your typical driving style and a comfortable speed limit, even on icy and slushy city roads. Designed for passenger cars, it comes with a 195mm profile width, and 65 profile height, and fits 15-inch wheels. This tire has a load index of 91 (supporting up to 615 kg per tire) and a maximum speed index of T, allowing speeds up to 190 km/h. It’s tubeless and comes as a part of a package gift, making it the best winter tires to invest in.

5.  Winter tire kama alga NK-531 195/65R15 91T

Winter tire pirelli ice zero friction 205/55R16 94T
Winter tire pirelli ice zero friction 205/55R16 94T | Celebzero

The Kama alga line of winter tires is specifically designed for passenger cars. These tires feature a tread pattern with wavy transverse grooves, which provide excellent traction during acceleration and braking on icy and snowy surfaces. These grooves are designed to be self-cleaning, preventing the buildup of snow and dirt. Longitudinal grooves on the tread enhance traction during high-speed cornering and provide a comfortable driving experience. These winter tires are suitable for passenger cars and offer reliable performance in winter conditions.


If you live in an area where the roads get snowed during winter seasons, winter tires are probably a good idea to think about. This way you can easily drive on snowy roads without having to worry about any incidents taking place. So, explore the’s website and purchase these winter tires according to your vehicle. For more information, visit Celebero.


What are the key features of a good winter tire?
Key features of a good winter tire include a specialized rubber compound for cold temperatures, deep tread with sipes for traction, and a tread pattern designed to clear snow and slush.
Are there different types of winter tires?
Yes, there are different types of winter tires, including studded, studless, and performance winter tires, each designed for specific winter driving conditions.
How long do winter tires last?
Winter tires usually last for about 3 to 4 winter seasons, depending on usage and maintenance.

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