5 Essential Tiling Tools Every DIYer Needs

5 Essential Tiling Tools Every DIYer Needs

tiling tools are a must have for any renovation project involving tiles. They enable you to accurately cut tiles to size, prepare surfaces for tiling, grout and seal tiles and ensure a perfect finish. Wickes offers a comprehensive range of Tile Tools to help you complete any tiling project.

The range of Tile Tools offered by Wickes includes tile cutters, tile saws, tile levelling systems, tile spacers, tile nippers, tile pliers, tile files, tile strippers, trowels, tools tiling,  grout float, grout rakes, grout trowels, tile trowels, tile adhesive spreaders and tile sealers.

Tile cutters are used to cut ceramic and porcelain tiles to size. They come in both manual and electric versions, with electric tile cutters offering more accurate and precise results. Wickes offers a range of manual and electric tile cutters, including manual tile cutters with adjustable cutting depths, electric tile cutters with diamond tipped blades.

Range of tiling tools on Wickes

Tile saws are used to cut tiles in complex shapes and angles, and are perfect for creating intricate designs. Wickes offers a range of wet tile saws, with diamond tipped blades for precision and accuracy. 

Tile levelling systems help to keep tiles even and level during installation. Wickes offers a range of tile levelling systems, including wedges and clips, plastic spacers and specialized tile clips,tile spacers are used to maintain a consistent gap between tiles during sizes and materials, and they are easy to install. 

Here is a list of the top 5 tiling tools that you never want to miss: 

1. Vitrex Tile File

Vitrex Tile File
Vitrex Tile File | celebzero

The Vitrex Tile File from Wickes is the perfect tiling tool for smoothing and shaping tiles before and after installation. This handy tool is great for finishing off edges, smoothing corners and for removing excess grout. With a comfortable handle and strong stainless steel blade, the Vitrex Tile File is perfect for all your tiling needs. 

The Vitrex Tile File is an essential tiling tool for any DIY enthusiast or professional. It is easy to use and is perfect for those tricky corners and edges. This tool is also great for removing any excess grout or lumps from the surface of the tile before installation.

2. Vitrex Heavy Duty Tile Nippers

Vitrex Heavy Duty Tile Nippers
Vitrex Heavy Duty Tile Nippers | celebzero

Vitrex Heavy Duty Tile Nippers are one of the most reliable and durable tiling tools available on the market today. These tiling tools are perfect for those looking to tackle any tiling job big or small. The Vitrex Heavy Duty Tile Nippers are made from a strong, solid steel construction and feature comfortable, non-slip rubber handles. 

The Vitrex Heavy Duty Tile Nippers are designed to work with all types of tiles, including ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. With their robust construction and quality materials, these tiling tools are able to stand up to tough jobs and last longer than other tile nippers. The Vitrex Heavy Duty Tile Nippers are the perfect tiling tools for DIYers and professional tiling contractors alike.

3. Wickes Heavy Duty Electric Saw 

Wickes Heavy Duty Electric Saw 
Wickes Heavy Duty Electric Saw | celebzero

Wickes Heavy Duty Electric Tile Cutting Saw is a powerful tiling tool that is perfect for cutting ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles, and is ideal for any tiling job. This electric tile saw comes with a strong and durable motor that is capable of delivering up to 2000W of power.

This tiling tool also has a wet cutting facility which helps to reduce dust and keeps your workspace clean. It is also equipped with a water pump which helps to cool the blade during operation.

4. Vitrex LASH Tile Levelling System 

Vitrex LASH Tile Levelling System 
Vitrex LASH Tile Levelling System | celebzero

The Vitrex LASH Tile Levelling System is a revolutionary tiling tools system designed to make tiling easier and faster. It is available to buy online at Wickes and is a great addition to any tiling tool kit. The system helps to create perfectly level and grout-free tile walls with minimal effort. It consists of a levelling spacer, grout rake, cross-hatch levelling clips, and tile spacers. 

The grout rake is used to remove excess grout from the wall and the cross-hatch levelling clips ensure that the tiles remain level after installation. The tile spacers help to create a uniform grout line between tiles, and the system eliminates the need for additional tiling tools.

5. Vitrex Tile Cutter

Vitrex Tile Cutter
Vitrex Tile Cutter | celebzero

The Vitrex Tile Cutter is an essential tiling tool for creating professional-looking tile finishes. It is available from Wickes and is perfect for all types of tiling projects. This tile cutter is designed for cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles up to 12mm in thickness. It features a strong, hardened aluminum alloy base that provides a solid platform for straightforward, accurate cutting.

Additionally, this tile cutter features a removable plastic scoring wheel for making straight and angled cuts. This tiling tool also includes an adjustable angle gauge for making angle cuts and a rubber stripping pad for removing tile edges neatly.


Wickes provides a great selection of tiling tools to help you achieve the perfect finish for your tiling project. Whether you’re a beginner or more experienced, you can find all the tools, equipment. For more information, visit Celebzero.


What tools are needed to tile?
Tools needed to tile include a tile saw or wet saw, a trowel, a level, a rubber mallet, spacers, grout, a tile cutter, a tile nipper, a sponge, and a sealant.
What is a tiling tool called?
A tiling tool is called a trowel.
How do you avoid common mistakes in tiling?

Measure and mark where you will be laying your tiles. This ensures that you don’t end up with any uneven or off-centered tiles.
Make sure your tiles are cut to fit the space they will occupy. This will help to avoid any gaps that can cause your tiling job to look sloppy.
Make sure you use the right adhesive for the tiles and surface you are working with. Using the wrong adhesive can cause tiles to come loose or crack.
Don’t rush the process. Take your time and be patient to ensure a quality job.
Clean the surface before installation. This will help to ensure that your tiles adhere properly and look their best.
Use spacers between tiles to ensure even spacing and a professional look.
Don’t forget to seal your tiles after installation. This will help to protect them from moisture damage.

How big is a floor sample?
The size of a floor sample can vary greatly depending on the item. Generally, floor samples are larger than standard sizes so they can be showcased more effectively.


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