Mint mobile international calls

Enjoy Seamless International Calling With Mint Mobile International Calls

We all wish to stay connected to our family and friends and talk endlessly! But this privilege is haltered when one of us has an overseas contact number. That is when you or your loved ones are staying in or travelling to different countries, it becomes difficult to talk for longer durations. That’s precisely because international mobile calls are limited and costlier. But when it comes to Mint mobile international calls, there is no denying the fact that they offer the best services out of the lot. Wondering why? Read this article to get insights on the same.

Mint Mobile International Calls Premium Features

Mint mobile international calls
Mint mobile international calls | celebzero

Staying connected with your favourite people has become much more easy and affordable all thanks to Mint Mobile’s international calling feature. The Mint mobile international calls are 

International Calling Plans are so affordable

With nominal international calling rates, Mint Mobile has made itself shine amongst the competition. The Mint mobile international call rates and plans are very much more affordable than its peers. You can even check for the rate per minute for every specific country on their website or mobile application. 

Call up to 160 countries and text over 190 countries

Mint Mobile provides international calling to over 160 countries. That sounds so relieving since no matter what corner you’re travelling to or residing in, you can get in touch with your people without thinking twice. Not just that, Mint Mobile also offers free texting to over 190 countries without charging extra. However, Mint Mobile international calls price varies from country to country.

Seamless calling process

Unlike other operators, Mint mobile international calls can be dialled so easily without the need for any additional access codes. The simple procedure includes loading your credit balance into your Mint account, dialing 011 followed by the country code and the mobile number of the receiver. Voila, it’s time to say hi and talk your heart out.


Flexible Plans to choose from

You know what’s the best part about it? It’s the Mint Mobile international calls plans that offer so much flexibility throughout. With so many plans to choose from, you can never not think of buying one. There are individual plans as well as family plans available to pick as per your preference. For international roaming, you can choose amongst the 3 options available in the Minternational Pass. Choose your plan now!

Quality network and connection

One of the biggest problems when making international calls is the network connection error. But that’s not the case with Mint mobile international calls. You get to experience the finest quality calls when calling through Mint mobile networks. Uninterrupted calling and seamless connectivity are achieved while calling through Mint Mobile. You can always rely on its services especially when you have to talk to someone urgently without any disturbance.

Amazing Customer Support Services

Mint Mobile international calls the customer support services are excellent. The customer support services are available round the clock. The 24/7 chat support assists users with any queries or problems they might have with regard to Mint Mobile international calling or any other service-related issues.

Free Mobile Hotspot

Mint Mobile also offers the feature of free mobile hotspots and wi-fi calling. If you choose an unlimited plan, you get 10GB of data free for mobile hotspot. So next time you end up being in an area with no internet, you know you can rely on this useful feature.

Wi-Fi calling is the ultimate saviour

There are times when we get stuck in areas with poor or no networks, like when we are underground. In times like these, Wi-Fi calling can be such a saviour. With advanced 5G connectivity, Mint Mobile international calls can be made hassle-free. However, this can only be possible for areas that have Wi-Fi.

Minternational Pass- A Travel Essential

A Minternational pass is definitely a companion you need when travelling internationally. You can purchase this pass as per the number of days you’re planning to travel and stay in an international region. You can choose between a 1-day pass, a 3-day pass and a 10-day pass. Depending upon your preference, you can choose the plan accordingly. You not only get calling minutes but also mobile data and text messages feature in Miternational plans for Mint Mobile international calls. Explore more here!

How to Use Minternational Pass?

Mint mobile international calls
Mint mobile international calls | celebzero

After picking your desired plan for the Minternational pass, the immediate next step is to buy and activate it. The steps for the same are very simple and easy. Read below!

  1. Buy the Minternational pass that suits your preference the best either before or after reaching the country you’re travelling to. Buying the pass in advance won’t hamper your pass’s duration since it will only get utilised upon successful activation.
  2. After purchasing, either click on the message you’ll receive for activation or manually activate it through the Mint Mobile application.
  3. Upon successful activation, your pass will be enabled to be used within the limited duration as per the plan you have chosen.


Interrupted calling due to a poor network can really ruin it all for you. On top of that, if you have to call your friends, relatives or colleagues from overseas, it’s a task in itself. The international calling rates are way too high in the normal telecom industry. But Mint Mobile international calls enable you to get in touch with your people without worrying much about international call rates or poor network connectivity. So, we think it’s finally time you make a switch to Mint Mobile for an enhanced calling experience! 

To get more updates and information on the same. Head on to CelebZero now!


How do international calls work on Mint Mobile?
To call internationally, you need to log in to your Mint account. Post that you need to add Mint credit. Once you add credit to your wallet, you will have to dial an exit code 011. Afer that dial the country code of the receiver’s country and then dial the receiver’s number. 
Can Mint Mobile be used internationally?
Yes, one can use Mint Mobile internationally. Mint mobile international calls feature is what enables you to make seamless calls from around the globe.
Do you still have to pay for international calls?
Yes, unfortunately, if you are calling via a sim card and mobile network operator, you have to pay extra for international calls.

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