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Discovering Hidden Gems: Best Things To Do In Salcombe

Britain has excellent vacation spots, with the most expensive beaches. We love to spend our holidays on sandy beaches with traditional seafood. One such beautiful place to visit on your vacation is Salcombe, an iconic beach town best for its calm beach water, boating, surfing and relaxing on the sand. Whether you relish the sunset on the beach, kids building sand castles or going for a day out ride, Salcombe is your perfect holiday destination.

You have multiple things to do in Salcombe. Its rural maritime heritage is rich with coastal grasslands. The outstanding beauty of this town fascinates visitors with sun-soaked beaches, delicious Salcombe restaurants, yummy dairy ice creams and mild winters. It is a real treat if you plan to visit Salcombe or stay for a week to enjoy plenty of activities in this exotic location.

Here we have listed out some of the best things to do in Salcombe to make your holiday memorable are cherishable. You will enjoy this fruitful recommendation and travel guidance if you are planning to travel to Salcombe. Though you plan for a weekend trip or holiday vacation to any of your favorite cities, Expedia’s travel guide helps you with all the needed information. So go check out Expedia’s website. 

List of things to do in Salcombe

Salcombe is recognized for its best adventurous holiday picks, and here are some of the things to do in Salcombe,

1. Salcombe Beaches

Salcombe Beaches
Salcombe Beaches | Celebzero

The beautiful beaches of each town in Salcombe are the main attraction to visitors. North and South sand estuaries make these beach locations the most astonishing picturesque spots. The water of beaches is crystal clear, and the large sandy space makes the best family or individual spots to relax for hours in the sun. The soft sands are best for building sandcastles with your kids, and relaxing swimming in clear water with delicious sea foods makes your vacation the best. Visiting these beaches is one of the perfect things to do in Salcombe. Explore these beaches from the link below. 

2. Salcombe Shops 

It is interesting to start your holiday with retail experiments. Shopping is one of the best things to do in Salcombe as it is a place of diverse handcrafts and shops where you can explore unique pieces of gifts, bags and accessories. You can make a nostalgic trip by experiencing traditional pantries and sweatshops. Find luxurious fashion stores and boutiques to discover woolen knitted wear, silk dresses, handicraft prints and perfumes. Visit the charming and heritage brand of Salcombe, Jack Wills, known for its classic and antique quality. You will feel the British lifestyle when you go shopping in Salcombe. Check out the Salcombe tourist information center to know more about shopping areas.

3. Salcombe Holiday Hotels

Salcombe Holiday Hotels
Salcombe Holiday Hotels | Celebzero

Whether beach or shopping, a holiday cottage close to the beach with a proper sea view is what one could ask for. Salcombe Hotels will be a perfect choice whether you are a couple or a family searching for luxurious accommodation. These hotels offer you world-class delicious food with self-catering, and now, chilling and relaxing in this beautiful location with your loved ones is one of the things to do in Salcombe. You’ll find whatever type of holiday hotel you expect on the Expedia website.

4. Walks in Salcombe

Salcombe is located on a section of the coast path with beautiful scenery. Walking is one of the best things to do in Salcombe. You can head to East Portlemouth by taking a passenger ferry and reach Gara Rock Beach to unleash the charm of the iconic lighthouse. If you have sturdy stamina, you can experience amazing spots in Salcombe. The circular route takes you to Salcombe Exquisite. It is a  breathtaking sight of the wide open sea. There are a large number of picnic spots to rest and enjoy the country and coast-side views. You can also find similar Salcombe spots on the Expedia travel guide website.

5. Salcombe Water Sports

Salcombe Water Sports
Salcombe Water Sports | Celebzero

Experiencing cool refreshing water in summer is a perfect idea. Salcombe offers astounding water experiences like boating, surfing, water diving and more to refresh your warm months. It offers self-drive motor boats to surf the beaches to make fantastic events. Also, you can go on fishing trips if you’d hire a pilot. Salcombe Dinghy sailings are for beginners, in which you could have a chief instructor for safety purposes. Going for a water ride or sailing in luxurious yachts is one of the things to do in Salcombe in the rain. Sea N Shore in Salcombe is the best place if you are hungry for water. It provides powerboat training, water coasteering, wakeboarding sessions, banana boat rides, wildlife watching trips and many more sea sports. Search for more information in the link below.


These are some of the amazing things to do in Salcombe that can make your holiday a unique and cherished experience. You can check out more travel and trip ideas on Expedia and the official website of CelebZero, to explore unique places in the UK and other countries Worldwide.


How do you spend a day in Salcombe?
You can have a fantastic breakfast and head to the beach. If you are a water baby, then watersports are the perfect plan for the day. Explore the shopping streets of Salcombe to find unique and antique British accessories and stuff. Have a green tea and enjoy your delicious beach view dinner at your hotel.
Why is Salcombe so popular?
Salcombe is best known for its iconic coastal views and countryside beaches. It is also popular for its water sports and sea foods. It is a great place to explore the beaches of many towns and is best known for its harbors and lighthouse.
Where can I walk near Salcombe?
You can walk to Snapes Point for surprisingly tranquil views. To lighten your spirits, you can also reach Bolt Head for a coastal walk. East Portlemouth to Gara Rock for a wonderful view of the open sea.
What is there to do in Salcombe in the winter?
In winter you can visit the Salcombe museum and Art excursions. If you love to add chillness to your winter break, take Salcombe cream tea. You feel pampered in the Salcombe winter season.

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