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Buy The Best Quality Skincare Gift Set: Gift Sets For Festive Season

As the festive season arrives, you might start looking for gifts to give your loved ones. One of the best gifts that you can give someone you care about is a skincare gift set. It’s the best way to show your love and care for someone. That is why House of Fraser brings some of the best Skincare gift sets that are from high-brand products and effective for skin results. 

This is the perfect time to celebrate a love for nature, self-love, empathy, compassion, and positivity by sending a special skincare gift set. It’s also an important gesture of care that you can show through it. Regardless of who receives the gift, they will surely appreciate these special skincare gift sets. They are crafted using effective natural formulas that yield genuine results for all skin types. If you are still unsure about when to send these gifts, here are some suggestions for you.

Best Occasion for Sending A Skincare Gift Set 

  1. Christmas Eve: Sending cakes and clothes might be too common as Christmas Eve gifts. How about sending a nice skincare gift set? It will surely brighten the mood of the recipient and show your love and unwavering care for them. As Christmas is a season of love and bonding, this gift set symbolises your affection and nurturing towards them.
  2. New Year: With the year coming to an end, the best gift that you can send to your loved ones is a set of skincare gifts. There are multiple options that you can choose from the wide selection of gifts from House of Fraser.
  3. Birthday Gifts: The best thing you can do with the skincare gift is to send it as a nice birthday gift. It could be a perfect memorable gift that you can share with your dear friends. If the birthday boy or girl is a skincare lover, why not make it a must-gift? 
  4. Weddings: The wedding gifts don’t need to be something large and big. It can also be a sweet pack of gifts to brighten the event. All you can do is select a nice collection of skincare products and add a nice gift card to it to make it more presentable. If not, you can still add it as part of your wedding gifts. 
  5. Friendship days: If you are planning to send gifts to someone you care about, a skincare gift set is the best gift that you can send on this special occasion. It is something worth cherishing. Making it a small handy pack can also make it look presentable. 

Skincare Gift Sets for Different Occasions 

1. Clarins12 Day Women’s Advent Calendar 

Clarins12 Day Women’s Advent Calendar 
Clarins12 Day Women’s Advent Calendar

If you are looking for a gift hamper for Christmas, this Clarins 12 Day Women’s Advent Calendar is a must-have set. This set of packs comes with 12 different cosmetic products. They are the most iconic and loved products. You could also send it as a wedding gift or for Valentine’s Day! Products that are included in this are: 

  • Total Eye Lift 
  • Hydrea Essentials Day Cream 
  • Cleansing Micellar Water 
  • Beauty Flash Balm 
  • Lip Perfector 01 
  • Instant Smooth 
  • Hand and Nail Treatment and more

2. Moisture Surge Megastars: Hydrating Skincare Gift Set

This is an ideal skincare gift set that you can give as a birthday present. The set has 4 types of skincare products. They are also suitable to use for all types of skin. They are made from organic ingredients to provide excellent nourishment that your skin needs. 

If you are constantly tired of skin dryness, and lack your natural skin glow, this set is for you. Moisture Surge Megastars has an auto-replenishing hydrator that easily fights back dehydrators, and Lightweight gel cream sinks into the skin to provide deep lasting hydration. They make your skin look more resilient, soft, and refreshed. 

3. Glow Non-Stop Skincare 5-Piece Gift Set

Glow Non-Stop Skincare 5-Piece Gift Set
Glow Non-Stop Skincare 5-Piece Gift Set

Whether you are buying it for yourself or you are looking for a nice gift hamper, this Glow Non-Stop Skincare 5-Piece Gift Set is a must-buy gift set for you. This comes with 5 different cosmetic products for daily skincare essentials. They are great for keeping your skin stronger, radiant, hydrated, and healthier-looking skin. Products included in this gift set are:

  • The New Advanced Night Cleansing is for cleaning your makeup and removing impurities from your skin. 
  • The Advanced Night Repair is for helping your skin look smooth, less lined, younger, and radiant. 
  • The Revitalising Supreme+creme is to improve skin firmness, elasticity, and the density of your skin.  
  • Revitalising Supreme + Eye Balm is for reducing fine lines and dark circles and also for making the area of your eyes radiant and youthful. 
  • Revitalising Supreme + Night Moisturiser is used for skin to feel firmer, and extra radiant, and for lifting the smoothness of your skin. 

4. Charlotte’s 4 Magic + Science Steps 

This is a small compact box perfect for sending a gift on Valentine’s Day, birthdays, surprise parties, Friendship days, and other important occasions. The set comes with 4 cosmetic products that are great for hydrating your skin and for enhancing your skin for ultra glow.

There are 4 products included in this set which will suit all skin types. These products are all clinically proven for immediate skin revival and daily skincare routines. For full instructions on how to use Charlotte’s 4 Magic, check out the official website of House of Fraser. 


Your search for the right skincare gift set comes to an end thanks to House of Fraser. There is a wide selection of other essential products that you can shop with House of Fraser at affordable prices. What is interesting about these gift sets is that they all come from top cosmetic brands and that too at affordable prices for those budget conscious people. Without having to pay for each product separately, buy the whole set at a reasonable price. For more information visit CelebZero. 


What products should I look for in a skincare gift set?
Look for Moisturisers, masks, serums, and cleaners. They are the most hand-picked products and frequently used cosmetic products. 
Will a skincare gift set suitable for all skin types?
Yes, most probably it will be suitable for all skin types. But read the full instructions about the products while making a purchase.
Can I customise a skincare gift set?
Yes, you can always customise the set before purchasing so that it suits the recipient. You can also inquire about their skin type and what best suits their skin. This will help you get the set with the right products for the recipient. 

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