Punching Bag

Unleash Your Inner Fighter With A Punching Bag

Feel the stress melt with each strike as you reign blows upon the heavy bag. Discover new power in your punches and precision in your kicks when you add a punching bag to your fitness routine. Let out frustration through cathartic taps and jabs or work on improving your boxing skills. Find the appropriate bag to match your demands and improve your workout with a choice of sizes and fill materials.

Benefits of using a Punching Bag

Here are the benefits of using a punching bag formatted into points:

  • Burns calories to aid weight loss
  • Builds full body strength and endurance
  • Uses a core and legs to generate power
  • Improves shoulder flexibility
  • Elevates heart rate for cardio
  • Enhances agility and coordination
  • Provides stress relief
  • Defines muscles for a fighter physique
  • Accessible workout for all fitness levels

Types of Punching Bags

Here are the types of punching bags in point form:

  • Freestanding bags – Position anywhere, hassle-free
  • Heavy bags – Withstand combos; hang from stands or ceiling
  • Speed bags – Rapid taps; mounted at chest level
  • Uppercut bags – Practice uppercuts; hang at head height
  • Tear-drop bags – Encourage defensive moves
  • Aqua bags – Test balance and reactions; water-filled
  • Floor bags – Allow playful poking/jabbing for kids
  • Variety suits different training needs and skills
  • Engaging, unleash punches at will

The Best Punching Bags available at Decathlon

1. Inflatable Free-Standing Punching Bag – BM 100

Inflatable Free-Standing Punching Bag - BM 100
Inflatable Free-Standing Punching Bag – BM 100 | Celebzero

Make room for a fearsome fighter with the inflatable Free-Standing Punching Bag. This lightweight bag bounces back after each blow, inviting a flurry of punches. The high-contrast design provides a clear target and the base fills with water for stability. Unleash combos without installation in tight spaces.

2. Kids’ Punching Ball + Boxing Gloves Set

Allow your aspiring champ to gain skills with the Kids’ Punching Ball + Boxing Gloves Set. The pliable foam ball attached via elastic bands tests hand-eye coordination. Slip on the included gloves to protect little hands. Adjust difficulty by moving closer or farther back. Nurture your child’s inner warrior with this confidence-building set.

3. Kids’ Punching Bag and Boxing Gloves – Red

Kids' Punching Bag and Boxing Gloves - Red
Kids’ Punching Bag and Boxing Gloves – Red | Celebzero

Bring the thrill of the ring home with the Kids’ Punching Bag and Boxing Gloves set. A 30cm high-grade synthetic leather bag takes punch after punch while the customised gloves provide proper wrist support for smaller hands. Adjust the height as your fighter grows. Let the energy flow as your kiddo taps and jabs with this complete boxing set.

4. Adjustable Punch Ball

Hone precision striking anywhere with the ultra-portable Adjustable Punch Ball. Sturdy elastic resistance bands connect to a foam ball target designed to challenge speed and accuracy. The hook attaches to pull-up bars, tree branches, and more to train reaction times. Tone and tighten while tapping this ball.

5. 32 kg Punching/Kicking Bag – 500

32 kg PunchingKicking Bag - 500
32 kg PunchingKicking Bag – 500 | Celebzero

Step up striking challenges with the robust 32 kg Punching/Kicking Bag. The durable vinyl cover withstands continuous poundings from punches and kicks. Sturdy inner filling absorbs shock while preventing excess swing. Chain inclusion allows installation for solo and partner drills. Wail on this heavy bag without compromise.

6. 900 Punching Bag Stand

Go the distance in your training with the supportive 900 Punching Bag Stand. Thick steel tubing anchored in a wide base provides unshakeable bag stability for the most intense sessions. Large wheels allow easy repositioning in your space. This stand supports 100kg bags for advanced needs.

7. Punching Bag 850 – Red

Punching Bag 850 - Red
Punching Bag 850 – Red | Celebzero

Bring heavy bag training home with the Punching Bag 850. At 120cm long, synthetic leather construction stands up to repetitive strikes. The 8 handle loops allow for varied attack angles and mounting options. Fill with sand or water to customize weight between 20-35kg. Unleash combos at will with your bag.

8. Wall Bracket Punching Bag

Maximise training space with a wall-mounted bracket bag. Dense foam construction allows surface mounting via included hardware to withstand hours of continuous strikes. The oval shape encourages movement while developing defence instincts. Tap and roll sans heavy installation with this convenient bag.

9. 20 kg Punching/Kicking Bag with Straps – 120

20 kg PunchingKicking Bag with Straps - 120
20 kg PunchingKicking Bag with Straps – 120 | Celebzero

Let the whole family train with the 20 kg Punching/Kicking Bag with Straps. Youth and adult-sized glove straps allow multi-fighter sessions. An anti-shock inner filling absorbs maximum impact while the vinyl cover stays smooth after scratches and scuffs. Install multiple bags for captivating home gym challenges.


With a heavy bag, you may practice your striking techniques from the comfort of your house, regardless of your level of experience. Remember proper form, equipment, and pacing allow you to get the most out of your punching bag sessions. Make each tap on the bag count by incorporating intervals for the greatest benefits. And float like a butterfly back to the bag when you need an outlet or a cardio challenge. 

For more information on boxing punching bag, visit CelebZero.


What to know before buying a punching bag?
Before buying a punching bag, consider the weight, size, filling, and mounting method to match your space, goals, and skill level. Factor in budget and material durability.
How many times should I use a punching bag?
It’s recommended to use a punching bag 2-4 times per week to see benefits while allowing recovery time. The duration and intensity should vary based on your fitness level.
How long should you spend on a punching bag?
Spend 10-15 minutes using a punching bag during a session, though more experienced boxers may go longer depending on the workout. Take breaks as needed.


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