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A Tourist’s Dream: Discovering 7 Most Captivating Places To Visit In Paris

Paris is that one dream city everyone wishes to visit. And, if your dream is finally coming true, making a checklist of things to do and places to visit in Paris would be quite beneficial. So, you wouldn’t miss a single thing you want to see while travelling to Paris. With the help of Viator, you can explore a wide range of Europe tours and travel packages with ease at reasonable prices.

This article incorporates ten of the most popular and must-visit places in Paris that you shouldn’t miss

1. Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower | Celebzero

The first and foremost place that everyone goes to when they visit Paris, is without a doubt, the Eiffel Tower. Even if you look up places to visit in Paris, the first place that would come up would undoubtedly be Eiffel Tower. The place has a height of 324 metres and was built in 1889 to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the French Revolution.

You can enter the Eiffel Tower and explore all three levels of the building and appreciate the beauty of the tower and the entire city. Using the lift would be a smarter way to go about it, however, to satisfy the inner adventure seeker inside you, you can always climb up 1,665 steps to the top.

2. Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Elysees

Arc de Triomphe was built in the 19th Century and is now considered the largest monument of one-of-its-kind places to visit in Paris. With its intricate sculptures embellished on the pillars along with the name of 558 generals and the great victories that they encountered, it makes the place worth visiting.

You even get a mesmerising view of Paris City from the terrace of the Arc de Triomphe door that leads to a beautiful pathway towards the Champs Elysees. The Arc de Triomphe door is located on the Place de l’Etoile, which is considered the most beautiful avenue in the world.

3. Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles
Palace of Versailles | Celebzero

The Chateau de Versailles is one of the fascinating places to visit in Paris for an unforgettable experience. The place was built in the 17th century to show a demonstration to the world of the supremacy of France. The Palace of Versailles incorporates attractive buildings, gardens, and terraces, which every tourist must add to their places-to-visit-in-Paris list.

You could even book a stay at this captivating place filled with extraordinary accommodations, luxurious decorations, and the gilded works of famous Renaissance artworks and pieces along with the famous French gardens to take a stroll in.

4. Cathedrale Notre-Dame

One of the most soothing and pleasant places to visit in Paris is the Cathedrale Notre-Dame. It’s a Roman Catholic Church situated in the Ile de La Cite. The places represent the Gothic architecture of France adorned at its finest. You can even spot many sculptures and gargoyles embellished on the roof of the Cathedrale.

Once you have absorbed the beauty of the outside of the Notre-Dame, it’s time to get captivated by the indoor interiors of the place. You can even walk up 387 steps of the Cathedral to get a stunning view of the entire city.

5. Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum
Louvre Museum | Celebzero

When you hear about the attractions in Paris, you always hear about the Louvre Museum which is one of the exceptional places to visit in Paris. The Louvre is the most-visited and tourist-attracting art museum in the world. The place is situated at the heart of the city and the historic building is expanded widely across the place for art exhibits.

Because the place was a former royal palace, you can still see the hints of the palace when exploring the museum. The art collection is divided into eight categories that you can explore- Egyptian and Oriental Antiques, Greek, Etruscan and Roman artefacts, Islamic and Graphic arts, Paintings, Objects of Art, and Sculptures of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Modern Times.

6. Luxembourg Park

The Latin Quarter of Paris is situated on the left bank of the beautiful River Seine. The place is home to many renowned universities like the Ecole Normale Superieure, the Ecole Polytechnique, and the Ecole des Mines de Paris. Luxembourg Park has the best student life, a refreshing ambiance, and many must-try bistros. 

It is a private park that is open to the public to have a pleasant walking experience surrounded by luscious trees. You even encounter various statues, a bronze reduction of the Statue of Liberty, and three distinct fountains along with a soothing environment.

7. Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris | Celebzero

Visiting Disneyland is one of the best things to do in Paris for those who love Barbies, Princess movies, and Mickey Mouse. The place is situated 32 km away from Central Paris, but there’s the RER A train connectivity that takes you to Disney World in no time. The place includes two theme parks- Disneyland with Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and Walt Disney Studios.

When visiting Disneyland, you should surely take rides on the famous Space Mountain, It’s a Small World, and Big Thunder Mountain. The one-day, one-park ticket prices for Disneyland Paris start from £52. If you need transportation services included it could go up to £100.


Paris is one such wondrous city that is on everyone’s travel list. And, if you are that individual who’s actually going to visit the place, this list of the most famous places to visit in Paris will come in handy. And, with the help of the Viator company, you can even find the most reasonable and interesting tours and travel packages to explore the country in a much better way. For more such travel updates, you can visit Viator and the official website of Celeb Zero. 


What is the best tourist destination in the world?
There are so many tourist destinations in the world that visitors should definitely explore like Paris, London, New York, Rome, Tokyo, Barcelona, and Sydney.
What is the number one tourist destination in Paris?
Eiffel Tower, hands-down is the number one tourist attraction place that charms people from all across the world. It symbolises Paris City and gives you a spectacular view of the entire city from three levels.
Which is the prettiest street in Paris?
Though all of Paris is pretty charming, Rue de l’Abreuvoir in the 18th arrondissement of Paris is the most beautiful street that you must visit. The street even offers the ultimate view of the Sacre Coeur from a distance.
What are the most famous tourist destinations in Paris?
Starting with the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Champs-Elysees and Notre-Dame Cathedral are the most popular touristy places to visit in Paris.

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