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Get The Best Engine Oil Cooler At Affordable Pricing 

From the biggest car components to the smallest car components, they all play a crucial role in enhancing the functionalities of cars. But a good quality car component can make a huge difference altogether. One of the important car components that every car owner needs to have is an oil cooler. AUTODOX, one of the best online platforms for car tools and parts, offers some of the best high-quality oil coolers that you must check out!  

What is an oil cooler? 

The oil cooler is a smaller radiator-like car tool (separate component) that comes separately from the main engine. It’s used to cool down the oil passing through the coils, improving the engine’s functionality and transmission. The tool is specifically designed for the purpose of keeping the oil cool. It regulates the temperature of the oil. The tool often consists of a tube and fins. They put in a place where the tool can receive maximum airflow. For instance, in front of the radiator or fans. 

These smaller radiators might look tiny unlike their counterparts but they bring innumerable benefits to the car’s performance and maintenance. The tool is used for a variety of purposes. 

  1. To regulate temperature: What lubricates the parts of the car’s engine is oil. The lubrication plays an important role in reducing friction and minimising wear. But over the oil can get heated up with extreme heat it loses the required lubrication for the engine, making it ineffective. The oil cooler is used to regulate the rising temperature of the oil so that it does not reach the excessive heating level. 
  2. Maintain oil breakdown: The increasing temperature in the engine can break down oil faster, making it reduce its viscosity. With the lack of sufficient viscosity, the oil does not flow properly. This prevents the oil from lubricating the parts of the engine entirely. With the help of the oil cooler, the car owner can prevent the breaking down of oil and help the oil retain its desired lubrication. 
  3. Long-term engine performance: It’s not only regulating temperature but the tool helps promote overall engine performance over time. With the consistent regulation of oil lubrication, temperature management, and heating consistency the tool improves the functionalities of the car engine. This is essential for maintaining the shelf life of the car engine. 
  4. Fuel efficiency: If there is a better way to maintain fuel efficiency it’s with an oil cooler. When the engine operates under consistent regulation it affects fuel efficiency, since the parts of the engine experience less friction. This prevents the engine from pushing hard to keep the car running. With a smooth engine running, it consumes more oil than required. 
  5. Towing applications: The engine coolers for oil come in handy for those vehicles that have high performance. This is because the engine works under extreme pressures and demanding conditions. This will generate high temperatures. But the engine cooler for oil prevents the engine from generating extreme heating. This is crucial for the car’s longevity. 

Best oil coolers and its components on AUTODOC 

1. Metzger 2361082 Oil Cooler Hose, Steering 

Metzger 2361082 Oil Cooler Hose, Steering 
Metzger 2361082 Oil Cooler Hose, Steering | Celebzero

This tool is compatible with cars such as Audi, Skoda, and VW. The tool is an excellent product for a new replacement. If your old tool does not function well, it’s high time to get the new replacement right away. It works perfectly well for circulating oil between the oil cooler and the engine. This prevents the engine from overheating. The high-quality metal tool prevents oil from leaking from the hose. This is a must-have tool for extending the longevity of your cars. 

2. Van Wezel 40003396 Engine Oil Cooler 

If you need a new replacement this is the best car component to buy. But the component does not come with an oil filter box but it includes the necessary accessories. The cooling tool is made of aluminium. The net length is 94, the net width is 62, and this high-quality engine oil cooler is suitable for most modern cars. But overall the customers need to keep in mind that the car model may affect the compatibility of the tool. 

Suitable for cars: 

  • Citroen 
  • Ford 
  • Mazda 
  • Peugeot 
  • Suzuki 
  • Toyota 
  • Volvo 

3. Nissens 90606 Engine Oil Cooler 

Nissens 90606 Engine Oil Cooler
Nissens 90606 Engine Oil Cooler | Celebzero

This is also the best car component for regulating the engine temperature and oil lubrication. The tool offers precise regulation for a longer period of time. The material is aluminum. But the engine cooler does not come with an oil filter box. Customers would have to buy the filter separately. However, the feature may likely vary depending on the car model. It’s a new car tool produced by Nissen. 

Suitable for cars such as: 

  • Audi 
  • Seat 
  • Skoda 
  • VW

4. Van Wezel 09013700 Engine oil cooler 

This car component comes without an oil filter but it comes with a seal. This oil cooler is extremely good for those who are looking for a new replacement. It gives out better oil regulation. Maintain the oil temperature over time, and prevent the engine from uneven or overheating. The material used is aluminum, the suction is 1mm (13.9), and the exhaust is 1mm, 13.9. The net length is 94mm, and the net width is 62mm.

Suitable for cars:

  • Citroen 
  • Flat 
  • Ford 
  • Mazda 
  • Mini 
  • Mitsubishi 
  • Peugeot 
  • Toyota 

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These are some of the best engine coolers for oil. They are essential for keeping your car running efficiently. It’s also important to get the replacement done right away if your old cooler is not functioning properly. Ensuring that your car’s engine maintains oil lubrication is a crucial part of keeping the car in the right condition. Shop for more of these engine oil coolers on AUTODOC.

For more information, visit CelebZero.


Do you really need an oil cooler?
Yes, you definitely need this tool. Without this component in your car, it’s not possible to maintain optimal performance of the cars. It helps maintain overheating. 
What happens when the oil cooler does not work?
It can lead to decreased engine performance. If the cooler does not work well it makes the oil become thick and sluggish. This also affects the longevity of the engine. 
How do you know when to replace the oil cooler of cars?
If the tool does not function well it may trigger warning lights on the dashboard. 











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