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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Lightweight Tent

A lightweight tent is a great choice for any outdoor enthusiast who is looking for a way to camp and explore the outdoors without carrying a heavy and bulky tent. Idealo offers a variety of lightweight tents that can fit any budget and camping style. Whether you are looking for a basic, lightweight tent for a weekend trip or a more advanced, lightweight tent for extended backpacking trips, Idealo has something to offer.These tents are designed to be lightweight while providing the protection and shelter you need while camping. Idealo offers a range of lightweight tents from leading brands such as Vango, Outwell and Coleman, so you can be sure you are getting a quality product. With lightweight tents starting from just £15, you can be sure you are getting value for money.

These tents available from Idealo come in a variety of sizes and styles. From basic one person tents to larger family tents, you can find the right tent to suit your needs. The tents are designed to be lightweight but also offer features such as waterproofing, windproofing and UV protection. The tents also have features such as insect nets and air vents, to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience. Read the following article curated by Celebzero to learn more about the lightweight 2 man tent and lightweight 1 man tent.

Idealo’s top selling Lightweight Tent 

When choosing a lightweight tent, it’s important to consider the size and type of camping you will be doing. If you are planning to be camping in a variety of conditions, a lightweight tent with a higher waterproof rating may be better suited to your needs. If you are looking for a lightweight tent for backpacking or trekking, you may want to opt for a tent with a smaller footprint and lighter weight. These include groundsheets, sleeping bags, chairs and tables, as well as extra pegs and poles for a secure set up. With a selection of accessories, you can make sure your tent is as secure and comfortable as possible.

No matter what kind of camping you are planning, Idealo has you covered with their range of lightweight tents. With tents starting from just £15, you can be sure you are getting value for money. With a variety of sizes and styles, you can find the perfect tent to suit your needs. With accessories and features such as insect nets and waterproofing, you can be sure you have a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience. Here is a list of the top 5 lightweight tent on Idealo that you never want to miss:

1. MSR Hubba Hubba 2 NX

MSR Hubba Hubba 2 NX
MSR Hubba Hubba 2 NX | Celebzero

The MSR Hubba Hubba 2 NX from Idealo offers a great balance between weight and comfort. This two person tent is made from durable yet lightweight materials, making it ideal for backpacking trips. It has two doors and two vestibules for gear storage, and the mesh walls offer excellent ventilation and the waterproof flysheet will keep you dry in wet weather. The poles are colour coded for easy set-up, and the included footprint protects the tent floor. The MSR Hubba Hubba 2 NX is a lightweight, yet reliable tent that is perfect for your next backpacking adventure.

2. Grand Canyon Cardova 1

The Grand Canyon Cardova 1 lightweight tent from Idealo is a great option for anyone looking to explore the great outdoors with minimal weight on their back. This 1-person tent is made with a lightweight, waterproof polyester material that is designed to keep you warm and dry both inside and outside in any weather.  The tent features a single entrance and can be set up in a matter of minutes thanks to its easy-to-follow instructions. It also includes a variety of useful features such as a mesh pocket for storing items, a hook for hanging lanterns, and a vented roof for keeping air circulating. The Grand Canyon Cardova 1 is perfect for those who want to wander in nature without having to worry about the weight of their gear.

3. MSR Elixir 2

MSR Elixir 2
MSR Elixir 2 | Celebzero

The MSR Elixir 2 from Idealo is a lightweight two-person tent perfect for backpacking and camping adventures. It offers a spacious interior with two large doors and two vestibules, providing plenty of storage and sleeping space. The tent uses a unique, color-coded pole system that makes setup fast and easy.  It also has a unique, waterproof rainfly that is designed to keep you dry in all weather conditions, and a floor with welded corners that creates a waterproof and reliable seal. With its fast, easy setup and lightweight design, the MSR Elixir 2 is an excellent choice for campers and backpackers.

4. Vango Scafell 200

The Vango Scafell 200 is perfect for camping, backpacking and trekking. It’s a great option for those who need a lightweight shelter that can be easily packed up and carried with them. The tent is constructed with a high quality, lightweight and waterproof flysheet fabric and a breathable inner tent that provides excellent protection from the elements. 

It comes with a handy storage pocket and is designed to be easy to erect and dismantle. It’s ideal for those who are looking for a lightweight and reliable shelter that can be used in various conditions and environments.

5. OLPro POP Tent

OLPro POP Tent
OLPro POP Tent | Celebzero

The OLPro POP Tent is a lightweight and easy to set up tent from Idealo. This tent is perfect for camping trips and festivals, as it only takes minutes to assemble and is lightweight enough for easy transportation. The tent is made from high quality waterproof and breathable fabric, so you can be sure that you’ll stay dry and comfortable in all weather conditions. 

The tent also offers plenty of space for two people, with internal pockets, mesh windows, and a large porch area for gear storage. With its bright and vibrant design and lightweight construction, the OLPro POP Tent is sure to be a hit with campers and festival goers alike.


Lightweight tents from Idealo provide a great balance of weight, performance and affordability, making them an excellent choice for campers and hikers looking for a reliable and comfortable shelter for their outdoor adventures. They are easy to set up and take down, and with their lightweight design, they are ideal for those who are looking to save on both packing space and weight. With a wide variety of options to choose from, there is sure to be a lightweight tent that meets the needs of any outdoor enthusiast. For more information, visit Idealo and Celebzero.


What is the lightest possible tent?
The lightest possible tent on Idealo is the Vango Helium 100 Ultralight 1 Person Tent, weighing just 1.4 kg.
What are the 4 types of tents?
Dome tents
A-frame tents
Cabin tents
Pop-up tents
How heavy is a lightweight tent?
Lightweight tents typically weigh between 3 and 10 pounds.
What should I look for in a lightweight tent?
When looking for a lightweight tent, you should look for one that is made with high-quality, lightweight materials. Look for tents that use lightweight poles and fabrics, and that have a minimal number of seams. Additionally, look for tents with features such as a lightweight rainfly, mesh panels for ventilation, and a floor that is waterproof.

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