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Frosty Fun: The Coolest Kids’ Ice Skates For Winter Delight

Embracing the winter wonderland, kids’ ice skates are not merely tools for recreation but magical companions that usher in the joy of gliding across frozen landscapes. As children eagerly anticipate the arrival of frosty days, the choice of the right pair of ice skates becomes paramount in ensuring a delightful and safe experience. Whether your child is embarking on their initial unsteady strides on the ice or envisioning the mastery of spins and jumps, the realm of children’s ice skates provides a varied selection tailored to different skill levels and aesthetic preferences. Choose Decathlon for the absolute best selection of kids’ ice skates, ensuring that every time your little ones hit the ice, it’s a magical and unforgettable experience.

Features to consider when buying kids’ ice skates: 

i) Adjustability

Look for kids’ ice skates with an adjustable design that can accommodate growing feet. This ensures a proper fit and extends the usability of the skates as your child grows.

ii) Safety Features

Prioritize safety by choosing skates with robust ankle support, secure fastening systems (such as buckles, straps, or laces), and options for attaching protective gear, including helmets, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads.

iii) Blade Quality

Consider the type and quality of the blades. Figure skating blades are different from hockey blades, and the choice depends on your child’s preferred skating activity. Additionally, ensure the blades are well-maintained to prevent rusting and ensure smooth gliding.

iv) Comfort Elements

Check for features that enhance comfort, such as padded liners, ankle support, and a design that minimizes friction and pressure points. Comfortable skates can contribute to a positive and enjoyable skating experience for kids.

Top Picks for Kids’ Ice Skates

1. Kids’ Ice Skates – FIT 500 Blue/Pink

Kids' Ice Skates - FIT 500 BluePink
Kids’ Ice Skates – FIT 500 BluePink | celebzero

The Kids’ Ice Skates – FIT 500 Blue/Pink are perfect for young skaters, ensuring warmth, support, and comfort. With a triple fastening system, anatomically shaped foam padding, and adjustable sizing for up to four sizes, these skates accommodate growing feet. The skates come with either a figure skating or hockey blade, and the semi-soft boot provides comfort and ankle support. Easy to put on with a micrometric buckle, velcro strap, and laces, these skates prioritize both ease of use and a secure fit. Safety features include regular blade sharpening, recommended before the first use, and the use of rigid blade protectors off the ice. Overall, these skates offer an enjoyable and safe skating experience for kids.

2. Ice skates – Kids

The Kids’ Ice Skates are designed with safety and convenience in mind, ensuring a worry-free skating experience for young enthusiasts. To promote safety, your child needs to wear protective gear, including a helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads while on the ice. The adjustable design accommodates kids’ shoe sizes from 6.5C to 12C, offering a versatile fit as they grow. The micrometric buckles make adjustments easy, allowing you to customize the skates to your child’s shoe size with a simple twist of a dial. Featuring dual steel blades for stability, it is crucial to protect the skate blades from rust by wiping them dry with a clean cloth after each use. These kids’ adjustable ice skates prioritise both safety and care, making them an ideal choice for young skaters.

3. Kids’ Ice Skates – Play 3 Black

Kids' Ice Skates - Play 3 Black
Kids’ Ice Skates – Play 3 Black | celebzero

The Kids’ Ice Skates – Play 3 Black are an excellent choice for young skaters, combining stability, adjustability, and safety. Equipped with a figure skating blade for enhanced stability, it’s essential to dry the blades with a cloth after each use to prevent rust. These kids’ ice skates are adjustable to three different sizes, thanks to an easy-to-use, multi-size liner that ensures they grow with your child. The intuitive hook & loop system allows for a quick and reliable adjustment in just one motion. Safety is emphasized with the recommendation to always wear protective equipment. Additionally, these skates are lightweight, making it easy for beginners to grasp the basics, and the machine-washable liner adds a practical touch, allowing for convenient cleaning after use.

4. Kids’ Ice Skates – FIT 100 Black/Orange

The Kids’ Ice Skates – FIT 100 Black/Orange offer a secure and comfortable skating experience for young skaters. With a hockey skating blade, these adjustable skates grow with your child, accommodating four different sizes. The semi-soft boot ensures comfort, and the micrometric buckle, velcro strap, and laces make them easy to put on and secure. Regular blade sharpening is recommended, along with the use of rigid blade protectors off the ice to maintain sharpness. Safety is emphasized, with a reminder to always wear protective equipment. Overall, these ice skates for kids prioritize comfort, adjustability, and safety for an enjoyable and secure skating experience.

5. Ice Skates – Fit 500 Grey

Ice Skates – Fit 500 Grey
Ice Skates – Fit 500 Grey | celebzero

The Kids’ Ice Skates – Fit 500 Grey prioritize comfort and support for an enjoyable skating experience. The sock design, featuring both a flexible component around the foot and a rigid part around the ankle, ensures secure gliding. With 5-eyelet lacing, a micrometric buckle, and a fastening strap, these skates offer three-way foot security. Regular blade sharpening is recommended, along with the use of skate guards for off-ice walks. Safety is paramount, and users are advised to wear protective equipment, including a helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads. Rigorously tested in real recreational skating conditions, these kids’ ice skates are designed for durability and performance.

Choosing the Right Size of Kids’ Ice Skates 

1. Measure Twice, Buy Once

Utilize a foot-measuring device or a ruler to measure your child’s foot accurately. Consider both length and width for a comprehensive size assessment.

2. Check the Manufacturer’s Sizing Chart

Different brands of kids’ ice skates may have slight variations in sizing. Always refer to the manufacturer’s sizing chart for the most accurate guidance.

3. Room to Grow

While a snug fit is essential, ensure there’s a little room for growth, especially for younger children who may experience rapid foot growth.


In conclusion, the enchanting world of kids’ ice skates brings forth an opportunity for children to create cherished memories and foster a love for winter sports. As families embark on this frosty adventure, it’s essential to equip young skaters with the finest gear. Decathlon, a trailblazer in sporting equipment, stands out with its commitment to quality and innovation. With a comprehensive collection that combines safety, comfort, and style, Decathlon emerges as the go-to destination, ensuring that each child’s ice-skating journey is not just enjoyable but also marked by the best in equipment and gear. Choose Decathlon for an unparalleled selection that promises to make every glide on the ice a magical and unforgettable experience for your little ones.

For more information on kids’ ice skates, visit Celebzero


How should kids' skates fit?
Kids’ skates should fit snugly but not too tight, with toes lightly touching the front of the skate, proper ankle support, and the ability to wiggle toes to ensure comfort and stability on the ice.
How do kids' ice skates run?
Kids’ ice skates typically run true to shoe size, but it’s advisable to refer to the manufacturer’s sizing chart for accurate fitting guidance.
How do you adjust kids' ice skates?
To adjust kids’ ice skates, loosen the laces, place the child’s foot comfortably inside, ensure a snug fit by tightening the laces gradually, and secure the ankle strap if applicable, followed by checking for proper support and comfort.

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