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Hypervolt 2 Pro: Your Ideal Sleeping Solution 

Eight Sleep, is a renowned retailer and manufacturer of sleep fitness products like Hypervolt 2 Pro, that aims at introducing comfort serving products, ranging right from the mattress bed foundation, metal bed frame, pod cover, and air lite comforter to the hypervolt massage gun. A technology-based company that strives to achieve its mission of strengthening human potential through optimal sleep attained during the night. 

Eight sleep as a brand works best in this field so that a person’s sleep stays unaffected. The health of a human is the topmost priority which needs to be taken into consideration. Work can only be done if a person is healthy enough to bear the workload and stress. 

Eight Sleep, a brand introducing ease in every individual’s life, had come up with Hypervolt 2 Pro, which serves as the strongest percussion device, giving relief to the stiff muscles. This hyperice massage gun works best in the cases of athletes, trainers, and gym people which act as magic to their struggling pain. Hyperice hypervolt targets specifically both the large and small muscle groups, serving the purpose of tissue massage and then further breitling up scar tissue and accelerating the flow of blood to expose off all the stress and pain, raising the range of motion and enhancing the time of recovery.  

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1. Features and usage of Hypervolt 2 Pro 

The hypervolt massage gen is available at the reasonable price range of $399. Hypervolt 2 Pro is a percussion massage device designed to provide relief to the muscles. It acts as a perfect tool which can decrease stress and boredom and make feel instant relief and relaxation. The tool works on removing not only the stiffness but also helps in enhancing the movement of all body parts and encourages blood circulation. 

To add relief to all muscle groups, the hyperice massage gun so intricately designed by the brand, provides you with 5 interchangeable heads to have a variety of massage experience. Making use of the hypervolt massage gun before going to the bed will help you relax and achieve an optimal amount of recovery from the soar and exhausted muscles. 

After getting a massage like therapy, it will help you wake up with a relaxed body and fresh mind. The Hypervolt 2 Pro works on a motor without producing much sound and thus exhibits the characteristics of “Quiet but powerful enough to add relief to sore muscles.” The speed and settings of the device can be controlled and operated through the mobile itself and installed within a new digital speed dial. This competent device can be connected to the mobile with the help of bluetooth for controlling purposes. 

Versatility as a feature added in the product allows the users to have a customied massage experience according to the needs and preferences. Hypervolt 2 Pro is powered by rechargeable batteries, offering cordless convenience for one go use. It is because of the ergonomic shape of the device that it adds much comfort to hold and use for the extended periods. The device of hyperice hypervolt adds much to the convenience for its usage at home, gym, or on the go and has the cordless operation. 

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Hypervolt 2 pro introduced by Eight Sleep has been developed to add much convenience and relaxation to your life. Now, you wouldn’t remain exposed to pain, soreness and stress anymore this sleeping essential works on adding relief to your daily life. Hypervolt massage gun comes with 5 head attachments to target each muscle group in particular. 

Grab your ideal sleep gear at Eight Sleep today at the best prices! For more information, visit CelebZero.  


What is a Hypervolt 2 Pro used for?
Answer- Hypervolt 2 Pro is used to add comfort and relaxation to one’s stiff, sore and strained muscles. A percussion massage device which gives customers a customized massage experience as per the needs and requirements. There are 5 different head attachments so that each muscle group is targeted and much relaxation is added in an individual’s life.
Is Theragun more powerful than Hypervolt?

Answer- The power of a massage gun like Theragun compared to the Hypervolt keeps on varying depending on the specific model and version.

Theragun devices are well known for their powerful motors and deep percussion. They typically offer models with a high amplitude and fast motor speeds, delivering strong and percussive massage therapy.

The Hypervolt series, including the Hypervolt 2 Pro, offers powerful percussion massage as well. They are designed to provide effective muscle relief and recovery. The power of Hypervolt devices may not always match the highest-end Theragun models but is still sufficient for most users’ needs.

Why is the Hypervolt so good?
Answer- The device of Hypervolt 2 Pro is considered good for many reasons including: providing instant and effective muscle relief, promoting muscle recovery, option to alter customized speed settings and provided with interchangeable 5 head attachments to tailor massage needs. The device is user-friendly to use with ergonomic design and lightweight construction makes it easier to handle. Portability and professional grade performance too adds much reliability to the product.

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