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An Unforgettable Journey With These Amazing Places And Hotels In Caldas Novas

Caldas Novas, a mesmerising city in Brazil, is famous for its hot springs and resorts near beaches. This place has been the most busy tourist spot and visitors from all over the world visit here to experience the natural landscapes with full greenery and lively culture. To make the most of your stay memorable, there are many hotels in Caldas Novas, where you can book your accommodation for a week. In this blog, you get to know about the best stays, resorts, and Caldas Novas hotels and what are the places and sights to visit. 

Quero Passagem is a platform that provides resorts and hotels for the location you have decided to visit and are on your wishlist to travel. 

Let’s delve into the dynamic and vigorous places where you can visit and stay in Caldas Novas-

Alluring hotels in Caldas Novas where you can pay your visit-

  1. Marina Flat & Nautical-

Marina Flat & Nautical-
Marina Flat & Nautical- | celebzero

With elegance and nautical touch, Marina Flat & Nautical is situated in the waterfront location of the city. One of the most mystical hotels in Caldas Novas, this stay has serene views of lakes, greenery, and sea views. The spacious and well-organised flat-like rooms will blow your mind with the amenities they provide. They have a pool, restaurant, and bar facilities so that you can chill and relax with full patience.

  2. Atrium Thermas Residence And Service

Atrium Thermas Residence is a family-friendly hotel in Caldas Novas that you can book from Quero Passagem. This hotel is located in the heart of the city and equipped with all the modern facilities and an amusing stay for your visit to Caldas Novas. If you want to chill and relax after all the sightseeing, then you can sit beside the pool which is a major attraction for every visitor. Atrium Thermas Residence is famous for its all-rounder amenities experience and a family gateway in Caldas Novas.

  3. Lake Resort 

Lake Resort 
Lake Resort | celebzero

Come with your family and kids and want to book one of the best hotels in Caldas Novas, then you can book this Lake Resort. This place is full of water activities for kids and adults and other adventurous theme amenities to enjoy and relax. The pool and the slides are the major attractions of this hotel. If you are looking for someplace from where you can get the best cheap Caldas Novas hotels, then Quero Passagem is the best place you have opted for. This hotel has a luxury apartment that you can book for your family and is enriched with all the amenities.

  4. Hotel Morada do Sol 

Hotel Morada do Sol 
Hotel Morada do Sol | celebzero

With the charming oasis, this hotel in Caldas Novas named às Hotel Morada do Sol, can give you a rejuvenating and holistic experience. This hotel boasts an array of thermal technology pools for the cooler season. They also have indoor and outdoor pool facilities that have healing mineral-rich waters that Caldas Novas is famous for. It is famous for both family retreats and a romantic escape for couples. It is surrounded by a serene atmosphere, a great dining area, exotic restaurants, and bars.

Capture the beauty of these scenic places near hotels in Caldas Novas

Being a popular tourist destination, Caldas Novas has an appealing and magnetic natural beauty that attracts people to it. Some of the famous places are given below section-

  1. Water parks-

There are several water parks in Caldas Novas that you can experience while visiting the place. Some of them are diRoma Acqua Park, Náutico Praia Clube, and Lagoa Parques. These are some of the tourist attractions and are located near many Caldas Novas hotels. 

 2. Natural Hot Springs-

If you are someone who wants to relax and soak their feet in mineral-rich water, then there are many hot springs in Caldas Novas. This place is famous for its hot springs which are naturally formed. Some of them are Lagoa Quente de Pirapitinga and Monumento as Aguas. 

 3. Japanese Garden-

All away from the Asian country Japan, you can experience the Japanese art and culture here in Caldas Novas. This place has major elements of Japan like koi ponds, pagodas, and stone bridges. You can experience peace and silence as it is good for people to relax in a quiet environment. 


Caldas Novas is the coolest destination for everyone with the best resorts to stay in. Now wrapping up with the conclusion that you can easily book your stays with Quero Passagem at the best and luxurious hotels in Caldas Novas. They are serene, peaceful, tranquil, and mesmerised to experience when you go to book any of these mentioned hotels. You get the best all-inclusive facilities, amenities, and a wide range of options that you wish for. These accommodations are near to any other sightseeing location where you can go and capture the scenic view. 

For more information, you can go to CelebZero.


What are the best hotels in Caldas Novas?
There are many best hotels in Caldas Novas that offer accommodations and top-class amenities for their visitors. Some of them are Western Suites Le Jardin, Morada Do Sol, Acqua Bella Thermas Hotel, etc. 
Are there any all-inclusive hotels in Caldas Novas?
Yes, there are many all-inclusive Caldas Novas hotels that offer amenities like meals, room service, pool, bar and restaurant, etc. You can check for the amenities while proceeding with any booking of hotel rooms. 
Can I find budget-friendly hotels in Caldas Novas?
Yes, you can easily find a budget-friendly hotel in Caldas Novas. With Quero Passagem, you can check out the best and most affordable prices for hotels that fit your pockets. 

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