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A Comprehensive Guide To Flights To New York And Save Money

New York is a city of grandeur. Everything seems large and majestic. Nothing is average, from the height of its massive skyscrapers to the expanse of its vast parks. The city has a vibrant history and heritage; you can experience it as you walk through its bustling and lively streets. You can taste it by eating the many cuisines you can find here, from humble street vendors to the most exclusive restaurants. You can see it by visiting the city’s various theatres, museums and art galleries. You can hear it by listening to music performed by street musicians and in the concert halls. From a distance, the sun shining off the skyscrapers makes the city glint like a jewel nestled by the ocean. Many globally influential locations call the city home, including Wall Street, Broadway and the United Nations headquarters. The city is also covered in greenery. Almost 27% of the city area is reserved for publicly open green spaces like gardens and parks. Experiencing the city for yourself should be on the bucket list of all avid travellers.

Book your flights to New York with EasyJet and get the cheapest deals.

Book your flights to New York with EasyJet and get the cheapest deals
Book your flights to New York with EasyJet and get the cheapest deals | Celebzero

Do you want to visit New York but are worried about high flight prices? You do not have to worry anymore, as EasyJet provides cheap flights to New York. Reserve your flights to New York on the EasyJet online website from the convenience of your house at very affordable rates and make your dream vacation come true. Do not delay anymore, and visit EasyJet to find the cheapest flights to New York now. 

Things to know before booking your flights to New York

Things to know before booking your flights to New York
Things to know before booking your flights to New York | Celebzero
  • Currency- The official currency used in the city is the American Dollar. International credit and debit cards are widely accepted, but some shops on the street might accept only cash.
  • Tipping- Giving tips for being serviced, especially in restaurants, is a big part of the local culture. The accepted norm for tips is usually 15-20% of the total billed amount. Some restaurants might include the tip in the billed amount, which will be mentioned in the bill. Tips are typically only provided in cash.
  • Hand Sanitizer- Always carry hand sanitisers and clean your hands whenever possible. New York is a big city, and knowing what you picked up along the way is impossible.
  • Scams- If you find any item selling on the street for a price too cheap to be true, it is likely to be a scam. Such scams include concert or movie tickets, designer bags and clothing or taking your picture without your consent and then asking for money.
  • ATMs- When withdrawing cash, always use ATMs from authentic bank outlets. Many street shops have unlicensed ATMs that copy your card data and empty your bank accounts.

Famous spots to visit after taking your flights to New York

Famous spots to visit after taking your flights to New York
Famous spots to visit after taking your flights to New York | Celebzero

1. Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a colossal copper statue on Liberty Island in the New York harbour. The French people gave it to the Americans to commemorate their historic partnership. Today, the structure still stands in the sea, welcoming newcomers to New York. Taking a quick ferry ride from the mainland will let you experience the glory of this structure for yourself.

2. Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the largest art museum in America. The collection includes multiple historical pieces from ancient Egypt to modern contemporary art. Along with having one of the largest permanent art collections in the world, the museum also hosts various travelling art exhibitions throughout the year. You can find art from almost all global cultures and locations here.

3. Empire State Building- 

The Empire State Build was the tallest building in the world from 1931 to 1970. The building has 102 floors, and its antenna reaches 443.2 metres into the air. Tourists can climb the tower to look out from it and enjoy the aerial view of New York. For those interested in the tower’s history, the second floor has a museum that displays the timeline from construction to the modern day. Additionally, the facility provides free Wi-Fi to all visitors for easy picture uploads.

4. Broadway

Located in the middle of Manhattan, Broadway has over 40 theatres that perform live theatrical performances daily. Considered one of the world’s top places for theatre professionals, the plays and musicals here draw over 14 million viewers annually. The first theatre here was started in 1750, and since then, Broadway has become the centre of the English-speaking theatrical world.

5. High Line

The High Line is a garden and park elevated from ground level. It is 2.33 km long and was built on a former abandoned railway spur. The park was renovated and opened in 2009 to great fanfare. It stands as a symbol of creating greenery and beauty from old abandoned human structures. Along with the many plants and flowers growing here, many artists also use the location to display murals and art installations.


Visit New York and experience the glamour of walking through the Big Apple. The London to New York flight time is usually around 8 hours. Expensive flights to New York are a thing of the past, as EasyJet is offering the cheapest flights to New York. Go to the EasyJet website and discover all the affordable flights to New York waiting for you. CelebZero is dedicated to bringing the latest travel news to you, so continue reading for more.


What you need to know before going to New York?
Ensure you have a valid American tourist VISA or ESTA and medical insurance before taking your flights to New York.
How do I prepare for a trip to New York?
Prepare for your flights to New York by applying for an American tourist VISA or ESTA, medical insurance and carrying some American Dollars in cash.
Do you need to be vaccinated to go to New York?
No, the United States of America currently does not require any COVID-19 vaccination certificates from British travellers.


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