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Organize Your Entryway With Stylish Coat Stands

A coat stand transcends its practical purpose to become a striking focal point, reflecting your personal style while adding a touch of sophistication to your entryway or living area. With a plethora of designs and materials at your disposal, finding the ideal coat stand might seem overwhelming. Fear not, for we have curated a list of the finest coat stands on the market, accommodating various styles and budgets. In this article, we will walk you through the key aspects to consider when selecting a coat stand, and introduce our top choices that masterfully combine aesthetics, practicality, and durability. Join us as we uncover these fashionable and functional solutions for organizing your coats, jackets, and accessories, all while elevating your home’s visual appeal.

Types of Coat Stands on VidaXL 

VidaXL offers several types of coat stands, including freestanding, wall-mounted, and folding coat stands. Let’s break through the categories and see what we find.

  1. Freestanding Coat Stands

Freestanding coat stands are the most common type of coat stand, and they are designed to stand on their own without any support. They are available in various materials, including wood, metal, and plastic, and they can accommodate multiple coats, hats, and scarves. VidaXL offers a wide range of freestanding coat stands, including those with traditional and modern designs.

 2. Wall-Mounted Coat Stands

Wall-mounted coat stands are ideal for small entryways or narrow hallways where floor space is limited. They are attached to the wall using screws and brackets, and they are available in a range of styles and materials. Wall-mounted coat stands are perfect for those who want a minimalist look, and they are also great for homes with children, as they are out of reach and cannot be knocked over.

  3. Folding Coat Stands 

Folding coat stands are an excellent option for those who have limited space. They can be folded up when not in use, making them ideal for apartments, dorm rooms, or small homes. VidaXL offers coat hanger stand in a range of materials, including wood and metal.

Here is a list of the 5 Best Coat Stands on VidaXL that you never want to miss: 

1. Germania Coat Rack Panel Sanremo Oak

Germania Coat Rack Panel Sanremo Oak
Germania Coat Rack Panel Sanremo Oak | Celebzero


The Germania Coat Rack Panel in Sanremo Oak is a stylish and practical solution for organizing coats and accessories in any home or office. With its modern design and high-quality materials, this coat rack panel provides a functional and attractive addition to any living or working space.

The coat rack panel features a Sanremo Oak finish, which gives it a natural wood look that is both warm and inviting. The panel itself is made from high-quality MDF board, which is known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. This makes the coat rack panel a long-lasting and reliable storage option for coats, hats, scarves, and other accessories.

2. Coat Racks 2 pcs Solid Wood Acacia

One of the standout features of this coat rack is that it is made from solid wood acacia, a durable and beautiful type of wood. This makes it not only a practical addition to any home, but also an aesthetically pleasing one. The natural wood grain of acacia is unique, giving each coat rack its own distinct character.

The Coat Racks 2 pcs Solid Wood Acacia is designed as a set of two coat racks, which is ideal for households or offices where multiple people need to store their coats and accessories. With two coat stands, there is ample space for everyone’s belongings, ensuring that the area around the coat rack remains tidy and clutter-free.

3. Rousseau Coat Rack Alba Metal White

Rousseau Coat Rack Alba Metal White
Rousseau Coat Rack Alba Metal White | Celebzero

The Rousseau Coat Rack Alba Metal White is a practical and stylish solution for keeping your coats, jackets, hats, and bags organized and easily accessible. This coat stand is designed to hold multiple items of clothing at once, making it ideal for use in homes, offices, and other spaces where people need to store their outerwear.

One of the key features of the Rousseau Coat Rack Alba Metal White is its sturdy construction. Made from high-quality metal, this coat stand is built to last and can withstand the weight of multiple coats and jackets without buckling or bending. This makes it a great choice for busy households and workplaces where there is a high volume of traffic and people need to quickly grab their coats and go.

4. KidsDepot Coat Hook Xion 8 cm Wood Off-white 4 pcs

The KidsDepot Coat Hook Xion is a set of four off-white wooden hooks that are designed to provide a stylish and functional storage solution for your home. These coat hooks are perfect for hanging coats, jackets, hats, scarves, and other accessories. With a length of 8 cm, they are compact enough to fit in small spaces, while still offering ample storage space.

One of the main benefits of the KidsDepot Coat Hook Xion is its durability. Made from high-quality wood, these hooks are built to last. They can withstand the weight of heavy coats and bags without bending or breaking. This makes them ideal for use in high-traffic areas such as entryways, mudrooms, and hallways.

5. Wall-mounted Coat Rack 4 Open Compartments Anthracite

Wall-mounted Coat Rack 4 Open Compartments Anthracite
Wall-mounted Coat Rack 4 Open Compartments Anthracite | Celebzero

Coat stands have been a popular furniture item for centuries, providing a convenient and stylish way to organize coats and jackets. However, with modern design trends emphasizing minimalism and space-saving solutions, wall-mounted coat racks have become increasingly popular. One such example is the FMD Wall-mounted Coat Rack with 4 Open Compartments in Anthracite.

The FMD Wall-mounted Coat Rack is a sleek and stylish solution for organizing coats and other outdoor accessories. The anthracite color adds a modern touch to any room, while the 4 open compartments provide ample space for storing hats, scarves, gloves, and other items. The rack is made from high-quality materials and is designed to be durable and long-lasting.


In conclusion, coat stands are a useful and stylish addition to any home. VidaXL offers a wide range of coat stands, including freestanding, wall-mounted, and folding coat stands, in various materials such as wood, metal, and plastic. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to find a coat stand that suits your needs and style preferences. For more information, visit Celebzero


What is a coat stand called?
A coat stand can also be referred to as a hat stand, coat rack, or hall tree.
How to make a coat stand?
To make a coat stand, you will need a long wooden dowel, a wooden base, and hooks. First, drill a hole in the center of the wooden base and insert the dowel. Then, attach the hooks to the dowel at different heights. Finally, sand and finish the wood to your desired look.
How do you use a coat stand?
To use a coat stand, simply place coats, hats, or other clothing items on the hooks or arms of the stand. Make sure to distribute the weight evenly to prevent the stand from tipping over. Coat stands are a convenient and stylish way to store your outerwear and accessories.

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