Cheap Flights And Hotel To Amsterdam

A Guide To Budget Traveling: Cheap Flights And Hotel To Amsterdam

There are a lot of websites and companies today that offer great Amsterdam flight and hotel deals. eDreams is one of them. However, its good user interface makes eDreams a more favorable option. It shortlists many hotels as per the flight and airports you choose. With a convenient process of booking flights and hotels, eDreams attracts millions of customers every day. While providing access to cheap flights and hotel to Amsterdam, eDreams makes your planning a lot easier. Amsterdam is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Famous for its archaic beauty from the Golden Age, this commercial town in the Netherlands is more than just its exquisite town planning. Consequently, it has become one of the favorite destinations for art enthusiasts. This article provides you with cheap flights and hotel to Amsterdam so you can plan your trip to the city with the best lodging and flying experience. 

A guide to booking cheap flights and hotel to Amsterdam

Here are the best deals on cheap hotels and flights to Amsterdam!

Book your flight tickets to Amsterdam

  1. Visit the eDreams website.
  2. You’ll notice the fill-in boxes for Origin and Destination.
  3. Enter the location from where you’ll be leaving in the Origin box.
  4. In the Destination box, you’ll have to fill in Amsterdam. You can choose the airport that is convenient for you. 
  5. You’ll find next to it the date of departure. Fill in the date that you’ve planned to leave for your vacation.
  6. If you plan to book a round-trip, head to the Return date next to it. Fill in the date you’ve planned to get back from Amsterdam. 
  7. Next, you can see the option for mentioning the number of passengers travelling. If there are two of you, you can fill in two. There are options for adults and children. If there is a child with you, you can fill in for 2 adults and one child. 
  8. By clicking on the search option, you’ll see all the flights leaving your city on the date of your departure with seats for the number of passengers you mentioned. You’ll also get a list of all the flights returning from Amsterdam on the date of your return. 
  9. Choose the flights which give you the best prices for your journey. 
  10. You’ll get a series of rules and restrictions on the things that you can carry with you on the flight. Ensure you abide by the rules and shortlist what you carry on the trip. 
  11. After ensuring you are informed about all the restrictions, you are taken to the payment portal, where you have many payment options to choose from. Pay as per your convenience, and your flight tickets are booked.

Book your hotels in Amsterdam

After you are done booking your flights, you can move ahead with booking your hotels. As promised, eDreams provides cheap flights and hotel to Amsterdam. From a good number of hotels, this article shortlists the affordable ones that don’t make you feel the burn in your pockets. 

1. Olympic Hotel

Olympic Hotel
Olympic Hotel | celebzero

The Olympic Hotel comes under the best cheap flights and hotel to Amsterdam package for the great deals on its premises. The four-starred hotel is one of the best in town. It comes at an affordable price with spacious rooms equipped with a good kitchenette, a minibar, free toiletries, and a TV. It also boasts a fitness centre, stationary bikes, and an open-air bath. The huge garden is filled with guests having a good time socialising. It has a restaurant inside with a complimentary breakfast buffet to start your day with. The hotel is a good choice with a 24/7 front desk service and well-trained cooperative staff. Situated at a 2 km distance from the city centre, it is also easily accessible.

2. Hotel Casa Amsterdam

Hotel Casa Amsterdam
Hotel Casa Amsterdam | celebzero

In the cheap flights and hotel to Amsterdam package, we can include the Hotel Casa for the impressive amenities that it provides. It is situated at a 1 km distance from the city centre. It has a restaurant for breakfast and exquisite bars for entertainment. With a well-maintained gym and laundry service, it also has spacious air-conditioned rooms for comfort. With many in-room amenities like a TV, free toiletries, and a kitchenette, it is one of the most visited hotels in Amsterdam. It has a 24/7 front desk and cooperative staff to cater to all your needs throughout your stay.

3. YOTEL Amsterdam

YOTEL Amsterdam
YOTEL Amsterdam | celebzero

The YOTEL Amsterdam is one of the best in the cheap flights and hotel to Amsterdam package for many reasons. It never fails to impress the guests with a warm welcome. The hotel offers spacious air-conditioned rooms well-equipped with a TV, seating area and a good kitchenette. The 24/7 front desk and trained staff never fail to cater to all your needs. There has never been a time when any of the guests go home unsatisfied with the services.


Amsterdam is one of the best tourist destinations. With many archaic buildings and rich history, the city is always buzzing with tourists and lovers. When you plan for a trip to Amsterdam, it is imperative that you try to make an economic itinerary. eDreams finds cheap flights and hotel to Amsterdam for you. For more information, visit Celebzero


What month is the cheapest to fly to Amsterdam?
The cheapest flights to Amsterdam are available between the months of November and March. This is the coldest season in Amsterdam, and there are few tourists in town.
What are the cheapest dates for Amsterdam?
Usually, the cheapest dates for going to Amsterdam are Tuesdays and Thursdays. The busiest time is on Saturdays. For a hassle-free trip, Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best options.
What do airlines fly to Amsterdam?
Virgin Atlantic, Air France, Delta, Lufthansa, and Air Canada are some of the direct flights flying to Amsterdam every day. However, KLM has the highest number of flights leaving and landing at Amsterdam Airport.

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