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Cargo Pants For Men: Creating Chic Streetstyle Looks

Cargo pants for men, including skinny cargo pants and cargo work pants, are a versatile and stylish option for those seeking chic street-style looks. With their functional design and urban aesthetic, cargo pants strike a perfect balance between fashion and utility. This article explores the top five outfit ideas for men featuring cargo pants, providing inspiration on how to elevate your street style game and create fashionable ensembles. Cargo pants for men offer a wide range of versatility, allowing you to create various looks, from casual and laid-back to edgy and urban. Pairing skinny cargo pants with graphic tees and sneakers can create a relaxed and comfortable ensemble, while combining cargo work pants with a denim jacket and boots can give you a rugged and urban appearance. Each outfit idea presents a unique twist, maintaining a stylish and fashion-forward edge. For more outfit inspiration and to explore a diverse selection of cargo pants, including skinny cargo pants and cargo work pants for men, visit the Celebzero website. They offer a range of cargo pants for men with different fits, colours, and styles, catering to individual tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for classic cargo pants or a more contemporary take, you’ll find options to suit your style on their website.

List of top 5 cargo pants for men to buy from G-Straw Raw

1. 3D Regular Tapered Cargo Pants

3D Regular Tapered Cargo Pants
3D Regular Tapered Cargo Pants | Celebzero

The G-Star 3D Regular Tapered Cargo Pants for men are a versatile and contemporary option for men’s fashion. With a regular fit through the waist and thighs and a tapered leg, these pants offer a modern silhouette. The 3D construction adds depth and dimension, making them eye-catching. They can be paired with casual streetwear, elevated urban ensembles, or utilitarian-inspired outfits. To create different proportions and aesthetics, experiment with tucking in your shirt or leaving it untucked. Cargo pockets can store small essentials, and personalization with accessories like a statement watch or beanie can enhance the overall look.

2. Bearing 3D Cargo Pants

The Bearing 3D Cargo Pants for men from G-Star are a modern twist on classic cargo pants, offering a comfortable and contemporary silhouette. With a regular fit and tapered legs, these pants provide depth and texture, making them a standout piece in any outfit. Pair them with a plain white or black t-shirt, lightweight bomber jacket, or denim jacket for a clean and minimalist aesthetic. For an edgy street-style ensemble, layer graphic or printed t-shirts, black leather jackets, or denim jackets with distressed details. For a refined utility style, dress the cargo pants with a tailored button-down shirt, structured blazer, or camel coat.

3. Unisex Combat Cargo Trainer

Unisex Combat Cargo Trainer
Unisex Combat Cargo Trainer | Celebzero

The Unisex Combat Cargo Trainer from G-Star is a versatile and fashionable blend of cargo pants and sporty influences. Its relaxed fit and tapered legs provide comfort and freedom of movement. The cargo details and sporty accents make it a standout piece in any wardrobe. Pair the cargo pants with a fitted hoodie or sweatshirt for a casual outfit, street style edge with a graphic t-shirt, denim or leather jacket, combat boots, or high-top sneakers for a trendy and gender-neutral look. For a more urban and contemporary look, roll up the cuffs, use cargo pockets for functional storage, and incorporate accessories like a beanie, backpack, or crossbody bag. Play with contrasting colours and textures to create chic and on-trend looks that reflect personal style.

4. Combat Cargo Trainer

The Combat Cargo Trainer from G-Star is a versatile and functional option for men who appreciate a blend of military-inspired design and contemporary fashion. It features cargo detailing, multiple pockets, and utility-inspired elements. Pair the cargo pants with a crewneck t-shirt or fitted henley, a field jacket, or a bomber jacket for a military aesthetic. Enhance the rugged and utilitarian vibe with classic sneakers or combat boots. For urban streetwear, combine with graphic hoodies, sweatshirts, denim jackets, high-top sneakers, or chunky trainers.

For elevated utilitarian outfits, dress the Combat Cargo Trainer with a crisp button-down shirt, tailored blazer, or structured coat. Experiment with cuffing techniques and contrasting textures to create a fashion-forward and versatile wardrobe.

5. Zip Pocket 3D Skinny Cargo Pants

Zip Pocket 3D Skinny Cargo Pants
Zip Pocket 3D Skinny Cargo | Celebzero

The Zip Pocket 3D Skinny Cargo Pants for men from G-Star are sleek, contemporary cargo pants with a skinny fit and tapered legs. The zip pocket detailing adds a stylish touch. Pair them with a fitted t-shirt or longline hoodie for a relaxed urban aesthetic, layer a denim or leather jacket for added style, and complete the outfit with sneakers or high-top shoes for a street-ready look. For monochromatic minimalist ensembles, pair with a button-down shirt, longline coat, tailored blazer, and black leather shoes or boots. For elevated street style, combine with a printed shirt, bomber jacket, or utility-inspired parka.

Experiment with rolling or cuffing the hem, using zip pockets for functionality, and incorporating contrasting textures like denim, suede, or leather. Overall, the Zip Pocket 3D Skinny Cargo Pants offer a versatile and stylish option for men’s fashion.


Cargo pants for men have become a popular and practical fashion choice, with G-Star offering a range of stylish and functional options. These pants provide ample storage space, multiple pockets, and compartments for essentials like phones, wallets, and keys. They have evolved from utilitarian origins to become fashionable, featuring modern cuts, quality fabrics, and stylish details. They are appropriate for outdoor activities, work, and other circumstances since they are made of robust materials such as cotton twill or ripstop cloth. They offer a relaxed, casual aesthetic suitable for informal settings, making them versatile and versatile. Visit Celebzero for more information on cargo pants for men


Should guys wear cargo pants?
Cargo pants are a practical choice for men, offering ample storage space and multiple pockets for outdoor activities. However, opinions on style can vary, with some appreciating the rugged and casual aesthetic while others find it utilitarian or outdated. Fashion trends are constantly evolving, and it’s essential for individuals to feel comfortable and confident in their clothing. Experimenting with different styles allows individuals to express their unique personalities and fashion sense.
Which brand has the best cargo pants?
The “best” brand for cargo pants varies based on individual preferences, style, and budget. Popular brands include G-Star Raw, Carhartt, Dickies, Columbia, and Rothco. G-Star Raw offers innovative designs, Carhartt is known for durable workwear, Dickies offers sturdy construction, Columbia focuses on outdoor clothing, and Rothco caters to military-inspired clothing. The “best” brand can be subjective, so it’s recommended to explore different brands, try on styles, and consider factors like fit, quality, functionality, and personal style when choosing the best brand.
Do men still wear cargo pants?
Cargo pants are popular among men for their practicality, versatility, and casual aesthetic. With multiple pockets, they offer ample storage for essentials and are suitable for outdoor activities, work, travel, and everyday wear. Adapted to contemporary fashion trends, they have slimmer fits and modern details. However, personal style influences men’s choices.

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