Boston To London Flights

Tips For Booking The Cheapest Boston To London Flights

If you are planning a trip from Boston to London, you will be pleased to know that there are several airlines that offer flights between these two cities. Booking your Boston To London Flights with Lastminute can be a great way to save money and secure a convenient itinerary. 

Lastminute is a travel website that offers a wide range of travel products and services, including flights, hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages. The website is user-friendly, and it allows you to search for flights based on your preferences, such as travel dates, departure and arrival times, and airlines.

Booking flights on Lastminute is a straightforward process. To start, go to the website and enter your travel details in the search bar. Select Boston as your departure city and London as your destination. Choose your travel dates, and indicate the number of passengers traveling with you. Click on the “Search” button, and Lastminute will display a list of available flights.

Ways to book cheap flights from Boston to London

Traveling from Boston to London can be an exciting adventure, but it’s important to keep your budget in mind. One way to save money on your trip is by booking cheap flights. Lastminute is a popular online travel website that offers a variety of options for travelers looking for affordable flights.

1. Take advantage of last-minute deals

As the name suggests, Lastminute specializes in offering last-minute travel deals. If you are flexible with your travel plans and can book a flight with short notice, you may be able to find great deals on Boston to London flights. Last-minute deals can be found on the website’s homepage or through the “Last Minute” tab. These deals are typically offered when airlines are trying to fill empty seats, and prices may be significantly lower than regular fares. 

2. Compare different airlines and booking options

Lastminute allows you to compare flights from different airlines and booking options, which can help you find the cheapest Boston to London flights. When you search for flights, you will see a list of available options with different airlines, flight durations, layovers, and prices. 

You can use the filters provided by Lastminute to narrow down your search and find the best deals. It’s also a good idea to check the “More Flight Options” tab, as it may show additional flight options with different prices. Comparing different airlines and booking options can help you identify the most affordable flights for your travel needs.

3. Book in advance

Booking your Boston to London flights in advance can also help you save money. Lastminute offers the option to book flights several months in advance, and prices tend to be lower when you book ahead of time. Airlines often offer discounted fares for early bookings as a way to fill seats and secure bookings in advance. If you know your travel dates well in advance, it’s worth checking Lastminute for early bird deals and booking your flights as soon as possible to take advantage of lower prices.

Exploring London in budget

Boston To London Flights
Boston To London Flights

London, the capital of the United Kingdom, is a vibrant city known for its rich history, iconic landmarks, and diverse culture. While it may seem like an expensive destination, it is possible to explore London on a budget with careful planning and smart choices.

1. Accommodation: Budget hotels and hostels

Accommodation in London can be expensive, but there are budget-friendly options available. Hostels are a popular choice for budget travelers, as they offer dormitory-style rooms with shared facilities, which are usually more affordable than hotels. 

Many hostels in London also have private rooms available at a higher cost, which can be a good option for couples or families. Another option is budget hotels, which may offer basic amenities and smaller rooms but can be more affordable compared to luxury hotels. When booking accommodation, consider staying in areas outside of the city center, as prices tend to be lower in these areas.

2. Food and Drinks: Markets and budget eateries

Eating out in London can be expensive, but there are ways to save money on food and drinks. One option is to visit local markets, such as Borough Market or Camden Market, where you can find a variety of affordable street food and fresh produce. 

You can also find budget-friendly eateries, such as cafes or takeaways, which offer cheaper meals compared to restaurants. Another tip is to have your meals during lunchtime or take advantage of early-bird menus, as prices tend to be lower during these times.

3. Attractions: Free and discounted options

London is famous for its iconic landmarks and attractions, but entrance fees can add up quickly. However, there are plenty of free and discounted options available for budget travelers. Many museums and galleries in London offer free admission, such as the British Museum, the National Gallery, and the Tate Modern. You can also explore the city’s beautiful parks, such as Hyde Park and Greenwich Park, which are free to enter. 

4. Transportation: Public transport and walking

Transportation in London can be expensive, but there are ways to save money on getting around the city. London has an extensive public transportation network, including buses, trams, and the famous London Underground, also known as the Tube. Using an Oyster card or contactless payment on public transport is usually cheaper than buying a paper ticket, and you can also save money by using off-peak services. 


Booking Boston to London flights on Lastminute can be a convenient and affordable option for travelers. The website offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to search for flights based on your preferences. When selecting your flight, be sure to consider factors such as price, airlines, flight times, layovers, and baggage allowance. With these tips in mind, you can easily book the perfect Boston to London flight on Lastminute. For more information, visit Lastminute and the official website of CelebZero.


Which airlines fly direct from Boston to London flights?
Several airlines fly direct from BOS to LHR including British Airways, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic.
How many hours are the Boston to London flights?
The flight from BOS to LHR typically takes around 7-8 hours, depending on the airline and specific flight.
What is the cheapest month of Boston to London flights?
The cheapest month to fly from Boston to London can vary, but typically the months of January and February offer the lowest fares. 

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