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Geneva, the second largest city in the nation, is a wealthy location that is home to many international organizations and embassies, as well as the United Nations and is well worth seeing for its abundance of attractions. Discover the many wonderful activities available in Geneva, both locally and internationally, by getting to know the city and booking your cheap flights to Geneva. The city is teeming with entrepreneurs and young professionals, those who look hard enough will discover its alternative side, including live music in eccentric clubs like L’Usine, the vintage shops and flea market of Plainpalais, the city’s burgeoning cocktail scene, and the artisan master classes of Carouge.

In addition to all of Geneva’s historical and cultural tourism destinations, the city also borders Lake Geneva and is traversed by the River Rhone. As a result, there is a lot of natural beauty for tourists to appreciate, and majestic mountains provide a breathtaking background for Geneva. You’ll have your work cut out for you attempting to fit it all into your visit to this great city with so many tourist attractions. You can plan your trip to Geneva and book cheap flights to Geneva by knowing the city with the help of the article below. 


Best Places in Geneva

Are you excited to visit these places? Then we highly recommend that you book cheap flights to Geneva from British Airways.

1. Museum of History and Art

Museum of History and Art
Museum of History and Art | Celebzero

The Museum of Art and History is a terrific location to visit, and its wide galleries will keep you fascinated for hours. It is full of fascinating ancient items and artifacts. It is the largest art museum in Switzerland and is housed in a beautiful edifice in the city center. Among its numerous highlights are the fine arts and archaeology divisions.

You may view a large variety of artwork at the exhibitions, and there is even a 3000-year-old Egyptian mummy for you to admire. The collection features Genevan artists, and you may view pieces by Rembrandt and Rodin, among other well-known artists.

2. View the Carouge side of Geneva.

It feels like you’ve entered another world after just a short tram journey eneva’s center, and in a way, you have. Italian architecture can be seen throughout this district, which was built in the 18th century by Turin-born Italians. It features stone arches, colored shutters, and red roofs. A stroll through its streets will reveal second-hand booksellers, marketplaces, antique conservators, glass blowers, timepieces, and independent clothing designers. Its outcast status draws artisans and bohemians in droves.

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3. Parc de La Grange and Parc des Eaux

Parc de La Grange and Parc des Eaux
Parc de La Grange and Parc des Eaux | Celebzero

Parc de La Grange and Parc des Eaux-Vives are two of Geneva’s best-known tourist destinations. These two public parks in Geneva are exquisitely kept up and are great for picnics with the family. Both have unique appeals of their own. A rose garden, the Théâtres de l’Orangerie, and de Verdure, as well as the remains of an old Roman house, may all be found in the Parc de La Grange.

The Hotel des Eaux-Vives, which serves delectable dinners at the Parc des Eaux-Vives, is well-known for its manicured flower beds, which have a tiny waterfall and small wooden bridges that add to the area’s beauty. You can plan your trip to this beautiful place by booking cheap flights to Geneva in advance. 

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4. Lake Geneva

One of the largest lakes in Western Europe, Lake Geneva is shared by France and Switzerland. A well-known tourist destination on the north side of the Alps, the lake and its environs are exquisite for sightseeing in Geneva. Depending on where you are, the crescent-shaped Lake Geneva is home to a diversity of landscapes. You could see the Alps in all their glory coming from the east. There are vine-covered hills with towns and castles on the northern side. A variety of wildlife can be found living around the lake. There are numerous common buzzards and red kites.

5. Baths of the Paquis

Baths of the Paquis
Baths of the Paquis | Celebzero

The Bains des Paquis, a well-liked destination for both visitors and residents, is found on the western bank of Lake Geneva and is close to the Jet d’Eau. Many people visit this location for exercise or to unwind on the pier or beach since the public baths are pleasant to soak in.

Hardy divers can still appreciate the baths in the winter because there is a sauna and hammam available, even if it is usually used in the summer. However, the peak season for Bains des Paquis is the summer, when visitors swarm the area to take advantage of the warm weather. Numerous cultural activities, such as local festivals and concerts of classical music, only heighten the entrancing ambiance.

6. The International Museum of the Reformation

The International Museum of the Reformation, which is situated in the center of Geneva’s old town, is widely regarded by history buffs as one of the top Geneva attractions to see in a single day. This museum, which is well-known for being highly famous due to its visual appeal, contains a large collection of several old items that date back to the 1800s. In addition to these, there are a ton of audiovisuals and documents here that tell the history of the Protestant Reformation’s ideas.

The Bottom Line

The delightful city of Geneva boasts a wealth of attractions and amazing natural beauty that will enthrall any traveler. The United Nations, among other international institutions and embassies, are located in this flourishing city. The breathtaking attractions in Geneva, the second-largest city in the nation, make a trip there unquestionably worthwhile. Beautiful historical structures, museums, parks, and other attractions are all over the place. With enough to see and do, it’s an excellent place to explore. You can book cheap flights to Geneva in advance and plan your trip in a budgeted manner. For more information on cheap flights from London to Geneva or cheap flights from Geneva to Rome, you can also follow the Celebzero website. 


Can I fly from Southampton to Geneva?
Yes, you can fly to Geneva airport from Southampton in under two hours with EasyJet. Other companies, such as British Airways and Eastern Airways, also offer cheap flights to Geneva from Southampton Airport. 
Who flies to Geneva from Birmingham?
Yes, it takes an hour and a half to fly from Birmingham to Geneva on average. Seasonal cheap flights to Geneva from Birmingham are offered by EasyJet, and there are also direct flights from Birmingham to Geneva offered by Swiss and Emirates.
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